AMA Recap Crypto Library with GreenTrust


On 28th April 2021, GreenTrust conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is BaneonUK and Team.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about GreenTrust progress. The GreenTrust team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into GreenTrust.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team :
But before we start, could you please introduce your self to our community?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : Hello everyone! I'm baneonUK from GreenTrust Token! I'm one of the confounders of the venture. I've been working on this project since start 2021 and before have been an investor in crypto and crypto-related project. I'm the finance guy.

Funz (GreenTrust) : Hi everyone I'm Funz, confounder and marketing lead at GreenTrust! In the crypto industry since early 2012!.
Crypto Library Team : What is the simple definition of GreenTrust?

Funz (GreenTrust) GreenTrust is a decentralized finance application capable of allowing users to exchange tokens, participate into pools and earn transaction and staking fees. Greentrust is conceived as an upgraded version of a cryptocurrency, providing advanced features such as eco-marketplaces via a highly generalized programming language based on BSC.

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : Greentrust token is a project created on the Binance Smart Chain. 
What generates interest about GreenTrust, is that it moves far beyond just cryptocurrency, having also the potential to contribute to substantially reduce the environmental impact and the carbon footprint. We define ourself as the first SDeFi application , sustainable decentralised finance.

Crypto Library Team : What is the background and/or the motivation of starting GreenTrust project?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : One of the founding members of the team is a Senior Energy Engineer who has extensive experience in renewables. Sitting down together we jointly assessed the rise of many meme coins and thought that we could create something real, that crypto investors could rely on
See the fruits of their holdings and uktimately contribute to a better planet, as the more holders will mean a stronger firepower to decrease emissions. Through several initiatives run by us or in partnership with no profit organisations. Nonetheless its hard to work across regions as we are based out 4 different Europe countries.

Funz (GreenTrust) Also, adding to what BaneonUK stated, at the basis of our motivation lies a strong willingness to contribute to reduce the carbon emission of the blockchain technology, and we believe this is our strong point!.

Crypto Library Team : Could you provide some information about your Roadmap, How GreenTrust is progressing so far? And what GreenTrust is currently focused on?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : After a period of extensive research and development, partner and site selection, we launched our token on Pancakeswap on April 16th. We didn't do any presale, we opened it to market directly and pursued public trading and organic growth. In the 12 days to now, we focused our efforts on 3 areas:
  • 1. Expand our community and marketing effort - get people to know us
  • 2. Being available in more markets - we are pursuing a first exchange listing tomorrow and more listings will follow over the coming 2 weeks
  • 3. Fix technical and compliance aspects: corp structure, lock tokens, security audit.
These would summarise our immediate next steps. Over the long term we envisage to become a reference entity in the sustainable DeFi arena, by leading initiatives, build renewables, land, forest, as a phisical warranty for all of our holders and community. Last but not least, we are planning a big event in June for the doxxing of the whole development team.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about GreenTrust token $GNT! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : The token is built capable of staking, means that we are implementing staking capability and rewards for holders. Initially supported by Pancakeswap. We envisage to be able to offer staking service with no intermediation in the near term. Additionally, the token is conceived as being capable of governance management use cases as well as capable of generating transaction fees. This grants our tokenholders returns. That become sustainable over the long term because part of the liquidity is invested in real assets that remain attached to the community are basically owned by the holders pro-rate based on their stake of the total GNT amount. That gives sustainability because price cannot fall below the real net asset value of the GreenTrust. More importantly, GreenTrust profits (for now it's 0,17% transaction fees) and donations are fully invested in initiatives enabling our green mission.

Crypto Library Team : What are the future Goals of GreenTrust?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : Our goal in the coming month is to build solid reputation, community engagement, and trading availability. We want to become a mainstream token and the only way to do that is to have more tokenholders who believe in our mission and aspirations. And of course that want to invest with someone who has a strong financial expertise. Being invested myself in. In essence a real project for concrete goals.
Crypto Library Team : GreenTrust is conceived as an upgraded version of a cryptocurrency, providing advanced features such as eco-marketplaces. What  are  the  advanced  features Green Trust  has  introduced to DeFi? What  is  the  new  introduced  feature  Eco marketplace ?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : We briefly described our staking and governance capabilities above. I have to say, What generates most interest about GNT os that it goes beyond crypto, being a project enshrined in achieving a carbon-neutral impact. This we define as SDeFi and we envisage will become the standard in the crypto market as the planet migrates to a neutral emission goal.

Crypto Library Team : How many wallets that can support your token until now? And do you have any plan to build your own wallet?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : Now we are supported by Metamask and Trustwallet, software-based wallets that run custom BEP-20 tokens. We plan to be fully integrated with Binance standards so that future integration with new technology can be really smooth. An example of this is CoinTiger wallet compatibility. Second  part: we don't plan to build our own wallet.

Crypto Library Team : On your website says that people can get rewards by engaging in diverse reward-based programs. Can you share more information about this? What programs will those be and how can people get involved? Also, what rewards will users get from them?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : We are offering 30M GNT in rewards on CoinTiger during the 1st week of launch 3 contests available to new holders, that can be found on CoinTiger. Plus we run a number of reward initiatives for free GNT that are for our holders and community only. So they are not advertised publicly, but you can find them on our TG community or Twitter!!. For next week, we are planning a new initiative that will reward holders, stay tuned on our community for more details!.

Crypto Library Team : Binance smart Chain blockchain is having high transaction speed and cheap gas fees, Are you planning to launch your mainet or switch to other blockchains in the future?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : We chose BSC for its low fees and pollution impact, in line with our mission. We would like to focus on developing BSC and focus on jinitiatives reducing to negative its carbon impact.

Crypto Library Team : The crypto industry is one of the most polluting industries on our planet, from mining to NFTs. Apart from a native token with the aim of puting a band-aid on the planet, what other methods do they have to promote the use of eco-markets?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : The first, concrete initiative we launched in this space is called 'Tree Trust'. Basically we have identifies tree species with hi CO2 retention  capability, and planting 1 tree of them every 600 GNT transactions executed. We have a partnership with a charity called One Tree Planted in executing this concrete step towards making crypto a greener industry. Which is a must - if we want to keep this sustainable and long term, and ultimately substitute cash all together with greentrust. 
Crypto Library Team : Does your project also provide a platform for STAKING or Farming in future plans? To increase profits for token holders?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : Yes, we will soon be featured on Pancake- next will come our own staking platform onto

Crypto Library Team : The eco-market is not as pronounced within the crypto industry as such, developers are not aware of how much damage they do to the planet with a click of the mouse. How does GreenTrust reach those who want to get started and embrace this healthy market? Any possibility of strike or awareness events?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : We need our voice to be heard. We will do everything in our chords to make sure the crypto industry reduces its footprint with tree trust like initiatives!.

Crypto Library Team : If I invest my money in $GNT tokens, will I get other benefits besides increasing the tokens? can I withdraw my token at any time? Or does it have to be in a certain time agreement?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : We have a preference for long term community- to avoid speculation- of course you can withdraw at any time!.

Crypto Library Team : Do you currently collaborate with a foundation or project for the welfare of plants?

BaneonUK (GreenTrust) : One Tree Planted, Oikos, Earth Day Org, just to name a few. We want to keep increasing our partnership reach, especially with no profit org!.