AMA Recap Crypto Library with Criptoro


On 25th May 2021, Criptoro conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Jesus Sanchez Bermejo. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Criptoro progress. The Criptoro team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Criptoro.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : What is Criptoro? and how your team can create this project?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : Criptoro is a Fintech 360 multi-services and multi-products company, whose purpose is to provide consumers and companies with the products and services necessary to see allthe potential that the decentralized digitale conomy offers today but, above all, will offer in the years to come. Criptoro came before anyone else with a mission, that both companies and individuals can understand that decentralized digital economy makes people responsible for finance, without brokers. More importantly, it gives them the possibility to find alternative financing sources, at the same time they find refuge in stable and deflationary assets that before they were not accessible to the wide public.The project was created starting in 2018, thinking about the creation of a fintech company, offering two verticals, one for B2C and the other for B2B.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason Why we have to choose Criptoro than other projects out there?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : Choose Criptoro over other projects? We think that the choice about Criptoro is simple: The products and services B2B that we offer are becoming more and more in demand and our token benefits from it. As it is a utility token, in addition to being able to acquire 
products and services from Criptoro, we are also beginning to make our token used for third-party companies. We already have success stories, for example the best futsal team in the world MOVISTAR INTER FS, through the partner agreement with CRIPTORO, will offer all their tickets with Criptoro technology (we are doing a DAPP for them), and CTRO, will will be used to purchase tickets. Through Criptoro Ticketing, any team in the world of basketball, handball, futsal, and even other sports such as tennis, are invited to get to know CRIPTORO and also have this Criptoro blockchain technology at their disposal. Other use cases are, for example, that we are already working with apartment + restaurant complexes in Spain, where they accept CTRO as a means of payment, converting CTRO into their native currency as well. Companies from other sectors, such as real estate or marketing, also already accept CTRO as a means of payment. And we continue working to reach many more companies internationally, tokenizing them via CTRO.
For B2C we also have reasons, at the moment directly in Criptoro, it is possible to perform staking, offering a profitability of 5% semester, or if two semesters are made, to achieve an annual APY of at least 10.25%, since by also having Career Plan directly in CRIPTORO, and market our products and services for people, as you go up through the Career Plan, the APY will be even higher. One of our star products is Criptoro BITCAPP, which is CRIPTORO's own DEX wallet, where you can have your wallet for bitcoin at no cost and, what is more innovative, offer as pioneers worldwide, an Inheritance Plan for Bitcoiners. Yes, you read that correctly, you can if you die or your memory fails, bequeath your bitcoins to your relatives, hiring at a very low cost, the Inheritance Plan, so as not to lose your bitcoins and that your relatives (before they must also open a free account in BITCAPP de Criptoro) receive your bitcoin if something happens to you. Crypto Transfer? Send under the blockchain XDAI, BSC, Ethereum, any document that cannot be forged, including audios or videos, to whoever you want. Of course CTRO is the currency to pay for this type of service. There are therefore many reasons why we already own CTRO, since our currency, honestly, has a great future, because the company is creating products and services, really usable, and many are already beginning to be commercialized. It is not a project without a project, but we are creating an ecosystem around our CTRO token, which will give it a lot of use and it is also scarce, since after the burning program, only 350,000,000 CTRO will remain with a circulating supply of only 50,000 .000 CTRO.
"By the way, May we know what the meaning of Criptoro's logo??"
Yes. CRIPT ORO: CRIPTORO are two words in Spanish lenguage, CRIPT for cryptocurrency and ORO, which in Spanish is the word for gold. The logo is a golden bridge with a support pillar in the middle, giving security to CTRO token holders, since our products and services, many of them are based on giving security to Criptoro customers.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $CTRO token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : In question 2, we have already answered enough about the token, but we expanded it: All our products and services that we offer in our own Criptoro online store, can be purchased for EUR and of course by CTRO, offering the crypto world, direct use cases , for CRIPTORO's own products. Also and among them, as we have a tax advisory department (CRIPTORO FISCAL), people who want to make the income declaration, normal or for cryptocurrencies, can use CTRO to pay it. There are many reasons for its use. We have, for example, within B2B, a platform that we commercialize, for meat food traceability, and CTRO is also the currency of use on this platform. Any company on the planet that requests this platform from us, and that in a white label way, we can put into operation in just three months worldwide, for each company, will have CTRO incorporated among the allowed cryptocurrencies, since the platform is also tokenized and uses blockchain (ethereum) for the company, save time and money, and control the entire process from farms to the final consumer.
On the distribution, we will comment on the following: There are 500 M of CTRO tokens, of which Criptoro will allocate 100% of the money raised in the ICO of the Criptoro Coin, as follows: ● 40% Continue with business growth ● 20% Marketing ● 20% Precious metals physical (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) ● 10% shareholders of the company ● 5% Bitcoin (stored in cold wallets at third-party companies) ● 3% from advisors / sponsors ● 2% from others. The distribution of the Criptoro Coin tokens (CTRO) has been designed based on a strictly business approach, with the objective of making the company grow exponentially, using both its own resources and the economic injection from the sale of the crypto-asset. The remaining 450,000,000 Criptoro Coin tokens (CTRO), will be distributed as follows: ●75% Token sale ●7% Criptoro Contributors ●5% Airdrop ●5% Criptoro team ●4% Administrative Expenses ●4% Bounty Program/Sponsorship.After the end of the Criptoro ICO, and the IEOs that we have had in place in a couple of CEX exchanges, a burn program has been launched that is currently underway and will conclude with an initial total burn of 150M of CTRO tokens in the month of July 2021. 

Therefore, the total supply will be reduced, from 500 M of tokens, to 350 M of CTRO tokens, in this first burning program, but after it, others will come, because the objective is to make the CTRO currency deflationary. Increasing its scarcity, really, and generating more demand every day, due to the large number of uses of our token, in the present and especially in the future, will make CTRO a token to take into account, from now on. Acquiring therefore CTRO is acquiring a great future. We are also working to have our own blockchain in 2022, in addition to more technological projects, positioning CTRO as a usable token, every day more.
At the moment, CTRO can be acquired on the BigONE exchanges, which is an Asian exchange, headquartered in Singapore, and on Emirex, which is a European exchange (Latvia) but with a very important focus on the Arab world. We are also about to list on the Canadian exchange called Biconomy and we have plans to also have DEX exchanges, such as Uniswap and Emiswap, as well as being on the BSC blockchain, with a BEP20 token for CTRO.In addition, in a few days, we will also allow to acquire CTRO directly in Criptoro, for and at the same time, interested parties, who can make staking with the commented annual APY (if you do two consecutive semesters) of from +10.25%.

Crypto Library Team : Please share some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and your future plans?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : The roadmap is clearly defined, but it will be included expanded, since we are going to incorporate new products and services under the blockchain, which will be really in demand and where CTRO will of course be the native token. In addition and as previously mentioned, our own blockchain that will be in 2022, will support the CRIPTORO project and will give even more use to our CTRO token. Regarding the milestones, in addition to creating our token, we currently offer not one, but 2 DEX wallets directly at CRIPTORO. Criptoro Wallet, is an ERC20 wallet, where you can save DEX, CTRO, BTC and ETH tokens, although we will incorporate more in the future. Right now it is free, we do not charge any commission, but in the future obviously yes, and if it is on CTRO, it will have a discount making the native token of Criptoro more usable. The other wallet, CRIPTORO BITCAPP, is a DEX wallet, prepare for what you are going to read next, because Criptoro is already offering worldwide, in Spanish and English, the following services for bitcoiners, which can be paid with CTRO. What services will you be able to try and acquire with Criptoro Bitcapp? 
  1. “Non-custodial” bitcoin wallet. Get your bitcoin wallet, one or more, totally free. Your capital will always be safe thanks to Criptoro Bitcapp's non-custodial wallet. But be careful, don´t lose your keys, since Criptoro doesn´t have access to them! Save your 24 words / seed phrase in a safe place.l 
  2. After Message Send encrypted messages from person to person with absolute security. This service is especially useful for transmitting the seed phrase of a wallet, where to find the keys or keys to a safe, or any other relevant information for the preservation of your Inheritage, preventing the cases of death, Alzheimer's, etc., but also birthday congratulations or any private message that you want to send on the Bitcoin blockchain. 
  3. Recurring Payment Choose the day, the amount, and the destination. With Criptoro Bitcapp, you can schedule the payment in bitcoin of your frequent services. Whether you are a consumer, professional, or company, the applications that this service opens are very wide, since it allows us to do with bitcoin what until now, we only thought could be done with Fiat money. The world as a whole will benefit from this service, which will bring all kinds of companies closer to each other and their customers. New forms of payments for new relationships. 
  4. Joint or multi-signature account Now you can have a joint account in cryptocurrencies with multiple signature; perfect for companies, startups or families starting a common investment project in crypto assets. A minimum of two people/users will verify and approve transactions for the account. 
  5. Payment Request It is a “Bizum, Twyp, Verse” type service, which will allow you to send small or large amounts of bitcoin to any user of Criptoro Bitcapp. The growth of bitcoin use is just starting, but with Criptoro Bitcapp, the future is already present. 
  6. Bitcoin Inheritage The 'Bitcoin Inheritage' service without a notary, activates a protocol afer a period of inactivity in your Bitcapp account, whereby your bitcoins are passed on to the person / s you decided at the time you subscribed to the service. It´s therefore possible to send it to one or more Bitcapp users. Create the hereditary tree at your convenience, your bitcoins, your decision.
For Criptoro, they are all important, B2C and B2B, but our main focus is on those that concentrate in each match or even thousands of people face to face or remotely, we talk about the big sports institutions. Criptoro is already negotiating with some of the most important sports entities in Europe, to advise, help and guide them in this transformation process that involves issuing their own Token, meaning, a type of private money that will be used literally by the whole world. CTRO as a native token of Criptoro Ticketing, will allow that and on many sports, it is used, with our technology, to be able to pay tickets worldwide. Of course, Criptoro Ticketing can also be used for concerts of all kinds and any type of stadium or field where the ticket must be numbered, because with QR, anyone who acquires the ticket will carry blockchain technology, security on it, and CTRO will be the native currency of said technology. The future is well thought out and we are working hard to offer products and services for the new era, but starting today.
We are clear about the objectives, and we are clear about our roadmap, which is to work hard and hard, to offer everything we have discussed. Best of all, we are already doing it, because a large number of products and services are already on sale. Others ... are about to see the light too. Initially in Spanish, but in the future also in other languages, Criptoro Escuela by EFID was born.
From the direct hand of our CEO, Jesús Sánchez-Bermejo, who has been deputy director of a German brokerage, for Spain and LATAM, and is an expert in financial derivatives, technical analysis, macro data focused on investment, and especially in cryptocurrencies and precious metals ... (hence the name CRIPT ORO), because CRIPT in Spanish is crypto and ORO means gold, CRIPTORO ESCUELA BY EFID was born. Offering a battery of courses, express courses, master class, direct with live response, on investment products, cryptocurrencies to offer from absolute zero, to those who want to train and learn about markets and cryptocurrencies. CTRO is once again important, since as a native token of Criptoro, our school can be paid with our token, offering direct discount if paid with CTRO.
Therefore, having a CTRO position means having a future, but also having a present, because we live in today and CTRO is already usable and scarce, and it will be more so. We will therefore scale to Criptoro and our token CTRO, globally.
Buy CTRO and buy your future.
Crypto Library Team : Recently there has been a lot of news that concerned the ERC-20 network, the fee is very expensive and $CTRO base on ERC-20 right? Are you also going to the bsc or tron ​​network? 
Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : Ok. Rates are going to drop a lot and very soon, we are convinced. But we are also working to go to BSC very soon, and have a greater capacity to reach more people into CTRO token because the company good job.

Crypto Library Team : Speaking of the criptoro ecosystem, can u share a brief overview of your token economy?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : The Cryptocurrency token economy is a positive reinforcement system for the "Criptoro universe" that offers products and services in demand by requesting CTRO tokens to be able to pay them in our online store, always with a discount compared to other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. The token economy is used as a method to strengthen Criptoro as a company, but giving utility to our currency. In addition and as we have our own Career Plan for affiliates, and anyone in the world can have their own Criptoro online commercial office, at no cost, the distribution of Criptoro products and services, on commission, is paid to our affiliates, with the our CTRO token, and themselves, can use it to acquire new products and services from Criptoro. But we don't stop there: as also a B2B company, Criptoro also offers "blockchain tokenization" and also food traceability, which means that our token is the native token of other companies. We already have CTRO use cases outside of Criptoro, for example in Valencia, Spain, where an apartment complex + restaurant has incorporated CTRO as its native token and it is now possible to pay with it, to sleep or eat. Another success story? We are as a partner, developing a DAPP for the best futsal team in the world, MOVISTAR INTER FS, and all tickets in their stadium, soon, will be able to be purchased to watch a MOVISTAR INTER FS against, for example, FC BARCELONA, with. .. CTRO.
Crypto Library Team : To stabilize the Cryptoro price, what is the strategy of the cryptoro team? How does the Team protect user assets when there are major fluctuations in the market and collapse? and Can you tell us why you created the cryptoro project?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : The Criptoro project was born when I was working in a German brokerage, as deputy director for Spain and LATAM that only had one successful product. As an expert in investment risk management that I am (I personally invest in financial derivatives, barrier options, forex, indices, etc.), I thought about creating a company that had more than one product in demand, both for B2C and B2B. Products for investment, but above all for savings and for blockchain security. B2B ? go to english lenguage:

Crypto Library Team : Average AMA inquiries center on your product as well as your service. May I ask, what hope do you really want from the community? How can we help you with your current project?
Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : Obviously, the acquisition of the CTRO token helps to give it greater visibility. We are currently listed on MYTOKENCAP and will also appear on COINMARKETCAP and COINGECKO shortly. But what I hope from the community above all is that you become affiliates of Criptoro, because that way you will really get to know the project, which is very serious and with a large number of products and services for B2C as well. In addition, if you upload delegates in our CAREER PLAN, you will have direct links to promote some of Criptoro's products and services, and therefore, also generate passive income from new people who see that Criptoro has products already for sale, very interesting in acquire. 
Crypto Library Team : Does your team have a good enough license?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) : If you mean that the company is fully legalized, the answer is yes. To comply with the law, our token passed in Spain, direct verification by the CNMV regulator, in addition and therefore, we will comply with MICA, which is about to reach Europe, because we want to have all our products and services, in favor of the law. About the team, we honestly have a super team, very hard-working and who row for and for Criptoro. In addition, we have dozens of collaborators in various countries of the world. Currently, there are collaboration and / or work teams in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Cyprus, India, Indonesia, United Kingdom, and there have been others that have also collaborated in Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Sweden.
We have currently had two rounds of capital increase, to incorporate new partners to the project and add more money. Right now there are therefore between companies and individuals, 21 shareholders in Criptoro, giving solidity to the project, economically, but on the other hand, we have to say that there are ALREADY products and services that are being commercialized. One of them is the intermediation of metals, of maximum purity. Criptoro has the capacity to offer you gold and silver, physical, 999.9 acquired directly in the largest metals market in the world, in London. Interested parties, we will also be able to safeguard said metals, for example gold, in maximum security cameras, in Brinks and audited by the German Ministry of Finance, because we work with a German company for said commercialization. We have security cameras in Zurich, Vienna, Frankfurt and even for Asia, in Singapore. Interested? info@criptoro.comThis service is already open and today you can hire and purchase physical gold. On the other hand, we also have more products already focused on technology and blockchain, also available, and many others that will come, because we do not stop. We have been working for 18 months, which seems like 50 because of the work beatings, because we have a goal, and that is to be and be present all over the world, and really offer products for people, for companies, for your investment and your security in blockchain.

Crypto Library Team : Is your platform suitable for Crypto beginners? Or does it only appeal to professional users?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) :BOTH. CRIPTORO SCHOOL BY EFID will open soon too. But talking about Criptoro Bitcapp , we like to say that is easy:
Crypto Library Team : I wanted to follow your project for the long term. Where i can get all the latest news about your project? Do you have Twitter/Telegram/Discord community? If yes can you share the link here because there is a lot of fake telegram/twitter groups?

Jesus Sanchez (Criptoro) :