AMA Recap Crypto Library with PRüF


On 18th May 2021, PRüF conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Clifford Smith. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about PRüF progress. The PRüF team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into PRüF.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give an introduction of yourself?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : Hello everyone, my name is Clifford Smyth, and I am CEO and a lead dev at I've been building software for most of my life, and my work at PRüF is what I’m here to talk about today. I've followed blockchain technology since bitcoin was still theoretical - the idea of Merkel tree ledgers is actually pretty old, but it was “Satoshi Nakamoto” that brought the incentives into line to make it happen. Watching bitcoin develop changed my thinking on distributed systems because it showed that the alignment of incentives is the key. Since then, I have incorporated that insight into much of my work, and it is a fundamental basis for everything we engineer at PRüF.
Crypto Library Team : What is PRüF? And how the story/reason behind the PRüF project creation?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : At its core, PRüF is a privacy-first, chain agnostic, NFT based protocol for managing and verifying physical and digital items. New or existing platforms can utilize PRüF without writing any blockchain code or complex WEB3 programming. PRüF assets are designed to be what NFTs should have been from the start - durable, platform independent, functional, and self-contained.
Crypto Library Team : What's the reason why we have to choose PRüF than other project out there?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : The key to our successwith PRUF  is that we are a protocol, not a platform.  PRüF is multi-chain and is used to BUILD NFT Platforms for brands, creators, businesses, and organizations. So, We don’t compete with NFT platforms in the same way that a concrete block company isn’t competing with companies that build with blocks. We strive to become the way that NFT's and assets are managed across the new decentralized web, and can be used by new or existing platforms. It's a win-win proposition. In the asset management and authentication space, PRüF offers a wide variety of built in features, allowing platform operators to monetize the use and sale of their products, protect their customers against fakes and copies, and to aid in discovery and customer onboarding. Using PRüF instead of legacy token solutions makes platforms more powerful, secure, and durable.

Crypto Library Team : Could you provide some information about your Roadmap, How PRüF is progressing so far? And what PRüF is currently focused on?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : Looking back, we’ve actually accomplished an amazing amount of progress. We've got all of the core contracts written and the first generation audited. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on the secong generation, and preparing them for another independent audit. We have built an amazing application experience, designed both as a default interface to the protocol and an example for developers to use as a whitebox template for their own sites (remember, PRüF is a protocol, not a platform!). We have an easy to use, well documented, and  powerful library to facilitate developer integrations, and we have an amazing and vibrant community, growing every day. Our partnerships give us strong PR outreach, and we have projects underway with influential launch partners that will help to position PRüF as the premier solution for serious curation of digital art. So far, we are on track with our roadmap, with our IDO coming up in just a few weeks, and we are making incredible progress every day.  Coming up further out in 2021, we have the mainnet launcch on ethereum, ans the public availability of nodes - which is when the real progress in building the ecosystem begins!

Crypto Library Team : I saw on your whitepaper, that PRüF contract infrastructure uses a variety of tokens.. called $PRUF, $PRND, $PRAT, and $PRID. So, Can you tell us what the token difference, use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : Ok, so this gets a little bit technical.
"PRUF" or the PRüF utility token,  is used to pay for network (layer 2) operation costs in the PRüF infrastructure. So when an operation in the ecosystem has a cost, it is paid in PRUF. It can also be used by node operators to collect revenue to pay for layer 1 network (gas) fees. PRUF is burned to mint Nodes (PRND), and is used in staking on nodes for DEFI revenue sharing. PRüF staked on nodes is also used in governance of the PRüF DAO. In addition to all of these functions, PRüF is also used as a medium of payment for the built in marketplace function of PRüF, so PRüF really is used all over the place in the ecosystem. The best way to get PRUF tokens is to follow our announcements and participate in our upcoming IDO. Should be at the end of June!

"Nodes" (PRND)
PRND or Node tokens are NFT “keys” which act as asset minting authorities and administration keys for creators, brands, and artists. Because of Nodes, its easy to verify authenticity with PRüF. Companies or artists using PRüF can be assured of a consistent, brand focused customer experience, since their items will be accessed through their own web infrastructure.... instead of being lumped alongside offerings form other sources like on legacy platforms. Each item made with PRüF can be traced back to the Node that made it, making verifying authenticty really simple! PRND tokens, or PRüF nodes, are minted by burning PRüF in the administration dashboard, and will be publicly available in late 2021. Until then, if you have a project to build with PRüF, contact the team. Qualified projects can get free PRüF nodes, PRüF, and developer support. The PRAT and PRID tokens perform internal functions in the PRüF ecosystem or represent PRüF assets.  Both are generated in the normal usage of PRüF.

"PRAT" are PRüF Asset tokens, the NFTs made with PRUF. PRID are ID tokens that can work as extensions to the minting authority of nodes. Whew! if anyone wnats to know more, just ask over in the chat at ! Also the website and whitepaper

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us an insight about the strategy and the future of PRüF?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : The first thing any project has to do is onboard users...With diverse functionality in markets from product authenticity to NFT content and tokenized assets, PRuF onboards from many different sources. Because PRüF is a protocol, not a platform, we anticipate that many brands and creators will see PRüF as the natural choice to build on, since we make platform development simple and inexpensive - while providing platforms with the tools to create their own unique branded experiences. this is really important, because creators dont want their picassos being presented alongside baseball cards. Relating to this, we’ve got an announcement coming up, and I don’t want to spoil that, but The kind of people we are working with for NFTs  have exhibits in the Getty and the Smithsonian and have close ties to international entertainment consortiums. We’re going to blow the doors off the NFT art space, and bring real legitimacy to a market that feels a lot more like a  stamp collection than fine art right now. As for the next big thing, As most people in the space are already aware, we will be announcing our IDO soon.  If you aren’t already, be sure to join or to stay up to date with the latest activities.
Crypto Library Team : I just realized that $PrüF is offering to projects and regular user to launch their NFTs on PrüF platform, so can you tell us which benefits or unique services do you offer than other launching project don't?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : I think the biggest advantage that we offer is that with PRüF everyone has their own private-label platform, but can still share galleries, marketplaces, and more. This means that artists and companies can tailor the customer experience to create the quality feel and exclusivity of their brand. It also means that customers have confidence that the products they are using are genuine. This is really important! 

Crypto Library Team : If developers have an asset authorized with PRüF, they can access your records from anywhere. How are these asset authorization processes? is there any chance that a scam asset will be approved by the PRüF system? How do you handle that situation?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : All pruf assets have their origin in their node, which is their minting authority. A node links back to the node owners online presence and unuiqe registered name, similar to domain names. Before a verified node is created, it will go through a KYC type process. There will also be unverified, private nodes, byt they will be clearly designated as unverified. If somehow a fraudulent node is created, it can be dealt with in community governance. That is one of the purposes of the PRUF DAO.  Assets made by a fraudulent node would then be clearly marked as such. This is one of the core strengths of PRUF over legacy protocols. Even so, PRUF can be used even to extend existing ERC721 systems, so there is no big barrier to entry for existing platforms to migrate.
Crypto Library Team : Team members is an Internal part of a project. So, tell us how many team members do you have and how many developers are working for this project?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : Our core deveopment team is 3 protocol and app devs, and 1 web / social developer.  Aside from that, we have 4 more in core support roles, and many more partners and advisors, including, White whale capital, and more. Combined, we have over 50 years of development experience, and have been working in blochain development since 2017!

Crypto Library Team : I see that most of the PRüF targets are projects / institutions. Are the PRüF services suitable for personal use? Can you please provide some personal use cases?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : YES! Definitely! On unverified nodes, anyone can mint assets for their personal items. By tokenizing your personal stuff, you will be able to prove ownership, offer rewards if an item is lost or stolen, and even transfer ownership to someone else in the future. At its core, PRüF was built precisely for this, and as the ecosystem grows, we expect to see more of this kind of use!

Crypto Library Team : Is your project a local project or a global project? Can anyone use your services from anywhere in the world? Are there any restrictions of using your service?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : PRüF is global in scope and can be used by everyone!

It is part of our planned oputreach that we will incentivise people finding local artisans and artists the world over and bringing them to the platform. This will help to make pruf a diverse source for small business to expand into global markets. PRüF is designed to create local-first, global markets!

Crypto Library Team : Do you or should I say will you at any time provide educational videos, templates or forum for newbies to gain more knowledge about Blockchain technology?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : We already have a video on the website at showing the use of the application, and we have many more informational and instructional videos planned. We also have a weekly community update where we talk about new features and developments ( ), and we offer developer support and sample applications, as well as a generous grant program, for developers building with PRüF.

Crypto Library Team : There are many NFT concept projects, but they do not contribute to NFT technology. Is $Pruf really working to improve and develop NFT projects and technologies? Or just following the trend?

Clifford Smith (PRüF) : THe core value proposition of the PRüF protocol is the features and capability we add to NFTs. PRüF enabled NFTs feature:
  • Permenant blockchain media storage
  • Programmable business logic and monetization for creators
  • Blockchain context presentation - assets continue to work even far into the future as standards evolve!
  • no-code deployment
  • Much more!
Check out the docs and developer page on the site at for more info!