AMA Recap Crypto Library with Star Atlas


On 01 May 2021, Star Atlas conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Santi.

Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Star Atlas progress. The Star Atlas team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Star Atlas.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team :
So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Hello Everyone, my name is Santi, I'm Community Lead at Star Atlas.I will be answering your questions today :). I’ve been in crypto since 2019 and managing communities since 2017. When I got to know crypto, it wasn't a hard decision for me to turn 100% into it, and now, with Star Atlas we are trying to completely change the gaming industry using blockchain technology. 
Crypto Library Team : What is Star Atlas? And how the story/reason behind the Star Atlas project creation?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer online game and metaverse centered around space exploration, territorial conquest, and political domination! You, the player, will have the opportunity to enter a stunningly realistic alternative digital reality to live out your dreams, whether that be through thrilling gameplay of piloting ships, navigating the stars, evading lasers, and capturing planets, or limitless possibilities of social connection with others.
There is considerable depth to the naming of Star Atlas. 

Star Atlas first takes inspiration from the Titan Atlas, who was tasked with carrying the weight of the universe (heavens) on his shoulders, with a subtle nod to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Atlas is also defined as a combination or collection of maps. And one of the primary goals within Star Atlas is to explore, navigate, and discover the stars, and capture that data for fellow explorers.

So the complete meaning of the name represents both the emergence of a new Universe (metaverse), and the spirit of exploration of the stars.

Crypto Library Team : What is so exciting about Star Atlas, which make Star Atlas different from all other projects out there?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Star Atlas is an ideal product to emerge from the confluence of state of the art blockchain, real-time graphics, multiplayer video game, and decentralized financial technologies. Basing the Star Atlas universe in a Grand Strategy multiplayer genre creates engaging, long-term gameplay as factions battle it out in a universal spacescape under a constant state of flux. Players stake assets with real-world value to grow their ingame corporate empires, discover unique and distant alien worlds, battle in high stakes combat, and shape the game’s features and future with earned political influence. Star Atlas’ cinema-quality graphical technology utilizing Unreal Engine 5 is beginning at a state that no other competitors in this space have yet had the luxury to adopt. To bring all these enabling technologies together presents a unique opportunity for the future of finance, video games, entertainment, real-world professions and blockchain where people can make money and have a lot of fun doing it. All in the familiar frontier of outer space, where exploration is both terrifyingly cold and simultaneously full of unrelenting optimism. Of note, every asset that can be owned within the game is done so entirely on chain. Ships, crew, components, modules, permits, licenses, land, buildings, etc. are all held individually by the player as a non-fungible token. The result is that players truly own the assets they have purchased or earned through gameplay. We believe this transformative model of Play-to-Earn is the future of gaming.

Crypto Library Team : Could you provide some information about your Roadmap, How Star Atlas is progressing so far? And what Star Atlas is currently focused on?

Santi (Star Atlas) : One of our major upcoming milestones is the launch of our very first NFT Collection titled ReBirth. This series of ‘meta-posters’ consists of 14 unique collectibles, released over the period of 14 weeks, and kicks off on April 24th. You can find all information on the ReBirth series here: 
Following ReBirth, we will be launching a web-application based minigame, delivered in-browser. Our projected date for launch is July 24th. Gamers and asset holders will be able to engage in gameplay and start generating real earnings off of their assets.

And finally, as we move forward with full production of our fully immersive 3D and VR enabled version of Star Atlas, our marketing efforts will start to refocus on a broader audience, including mainstream gamers, and a global audience seeking the countless opportunities present in the Metaverse.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $ATLAS and $POLIS token! what are the token difference, utilities, price, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Atlas operates a dual token economy, with the two crypto-native assets being ATLAS and Star POLIS.

ATLAS is the transactional currency of the game. Effectively the in-game gold, and the lubricant of the digital economy. It is used for virtually every transaction within the Metaverse, and will also be one of the primary financial reward mechanisms for gamers. ATLAS also provides a 33% discount on certain asset purchases from us, the developer, such as Ships and Components.

POLIS is a dual-purposed governance token. Within the game, POLIS provides the holder with strategic benefits of political domination. Controlling a region of space opens up mechanics of taxation of other players, and the ability to define rules, laws, fines and fees within the micro-metropolis. Externally, POLIS provides holders with true governance rights over long-term development decision making. Opening up the potential for pure decentralization of game development in the years to follow. And naturally, POLIS provides a 33% discount on Land and Crew when purchased from us . The governance token, POLIS, will also play a pivotal role in the decentralized corporations. We anticipate these micro-metropolises to be largely guided by voting abilities of the underlying players. The extent to which a guild wants to utilize that functionality in their decision making is subjective, but the tools are present.

Crypto Library Team : What are the future Goals of Star Atlas?

Santi (Star Atlas) : We have several core objectives ahead of us. First and foremost, it is critical for us to deliver an entertaining and enjoyable gaming experience. To accomplish this, we are building the title to the highest quality standards across development, design, storyline, and product - a true AAA title. We also re-introduce the concept of hardcore gaming with our high-risk, high-reward Deep Space gameplay, with permanent death and destruction of assets.

We are enhancing that gaming experience by delivering a true Play-to-Earn model supported by blockchain mechanics. This means giving players real ownership over their in-game assets as NFTs, creating liquid marketplaces to exchange these assets, and the ability to monetize time spent through rewards in crypto-native assets such as ATLAS and POLIS.

In the future, with the continuous development of the Metaverse, we intend to provide artists, creators, gamers, and individuals from all of the world with a virtual playground within which they can be industrious and entrepreneurial, and enable independent creation of value for themselves. We have an opportunity to develop a whole new model for society, politics, and economics, within the Verse.
Crypto Library Team : What are the difficulties you have been faced during the development of Star Atlas ? How many product have build on your platform? Can you tell some highlights from them?

Santi (Star Atlas) : I must say this has been a nice ride, all things that we had on our roadmap were delivered on time so far! Our first public release is the ReBirth campaign, which you can find here, our key highlights from this sale is the high quality art and that it also comes with in game rewards! Tier 0 already gives you everything you need to start playing the game. We had to make some hotfixes on the page if this is considered difficulties lol. But everything is going nice and smooth so far

Crypto Library Team : What is the most recommendable games that can be played in Star Atlas? How can we earn through playing? Can you explain the mechanics of the games? Thank you

Santi (Star Atlas) : You will be able to live your life inside the metaverse the way you like most! We are planning to develop some arcade games inside Star Atlas, and also we really like ESports, so if you are a good gamer, be prepared to play Star Atlas. The play to earn method is achieved by blockchain technology together with gaming, there will be lots of ways of earning income inside the meetaverse, it's simply up to you on which career you want to specialize, maybe pirate, engineer, trader, and lots more! Our tokens and NFTs will be free to trade so you will be able to exchange what you earn for fiat or any other crypto!

Crypto Library Team : How do you deal with pump and dump investors who just buy and sell regardless of the technology behind it? In other words: how do you plan to gain the trust of all kinds of investors?

Santi (Star Atlas) : This is a very good question. We really trust  our potential and we believe people too, our tokens will be free to trade so people really can do whatever they want. This is not formally announced yet, but we are actually working on an insurance platform integration that will provide insurance for a variety of claims on your assets. This is a question that maybe a dev can answer better than me, so i invite you to join our discord and participate of our weekly Townhalls, where you can ask your questions directly to the devs!

Crypto Library Team : Although blockchain technology has opened up a gaming environment, it still faces huge challenges that must be overcome. One of them is "little interest", how #StarAtlas deal with that? is there any other way besides promotion?

Santi (Star Atlas) : It's a great question, and one of the primary reasons we selected Solana as our base protocol is that they are well prepared for web-scale applications on blockchain. Our priority, and responsibility, is first and foremost to deliver the most entertaining and engaging gaming experience possible. Something attractive to a mainstream audience. Secondarily, we need to reduce the friction and barriers to entry to the lowest point possible. It should be easy for everyone to onboard into the game and learn how to navigate crypto wallets and NFTs. And finally, we will be assisting with educating the world on the functionality and benefits of blockchain. Blockchain really gives us unlimited possibilities as a game! This has been never made before!

Blockchain opens a number of benefits for the player. First and foremost, all assets are verifiably owned by the player on chain. Truly owned. This means that while an initial investment is required, those assets become something of value that the player can later extract by selling on the in-game NFT marketplaces. It also enables a true Play-to-Earn experience, wherein the player can earn revenue and yield by participating in gameplay and defi mechanisms. I'm also quite optimistic about the ability for game assets to move laterally across various game environments. So other developers using Star Atlas assets/NFTs, and Star Atlas pulling in NFTs from other games.

Crypto Library Team : Star Atlas is partnering with Yield Guild Game which is utilized in the real world by using NFT, will Star Atlas plan to use its project again in the real world, besides partnering with Yield Guild Game?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Star Atlas and Yield Guild Gaming have partnered because we truly complement each other’s strengths. YGG will provide access to burgeoning gaming communities based in the Philippines and throughout Asia, while Star Atlas will build the metaverse in which YGG guild members earn yield. Further, with plans to onboard tens of millions of players into their guild, YGG is playing a part in helping us scale on a massive, global scale and welcome gamers of all types into our metaverse.

Like i said before, Star Atlas is directly connected with the real world, as all of our assets will be tradeable. We also are implementing a model where you get compensated for the time you spend playing the game. We aim to change the world of gaming by giving people the possibility of generating real world income just for playing Star Atlas! Power to the people!
Crypto Library Team : Tell me its 3 unique features that your competitor doesn't have? How will people attract toward Your project?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Easy one! Dual token economy. Unreal Engine 5. Our great community!

Crypto Library Team : Is Star Atlas only focused on games? Or also provide FARMING, STAKING and MINING?

Santi (Star Atlas) : Yes! Financial incentives like staking, mining, LPs, DeFi, etc and the NFT marketplace will all exist in the minigame client, so you must be ready! In order to mine, you will simply need to own a parcel of land with mining equipment placed on it.

Crypto Library Team : How will Star Atlas generate profits / income to sustain and what is the revenue model? How will it benefit Star Atlas and your investors?

Santi (Star Atlas) : We generate revenue through asset sales. But we balance those sales requirements against inflation estimates. It's important to support the digital economy through strategic release. So as the userbase grows, we will be releasing new assets over time, but it will be controlled such that existing assets do not lose value as a result