dClimate Overview By Crypto Library


dClimate is a decentralized network for climate data. The aim is to build an ecosystem where participants provide realized and forecasted data for various climatic variables in exchange for monetary rewards -- or, if they do not wish to monetize, to simply make their data available via a modern architecture that supports data immutability and is easy to use. Our mission is to democratize the data and models that describe Earth’s climate.

Why dClimate Data Matters

Climate data refers to a vast corpus of records representing the entire terrestrial biome. This includes weather, crop output, forest biomass, soil health, carbon emissions, disease transmission -- essentially any timescaled record which describes nature or the human species’ relationship with nature. Within these broad record ategories, datasets are expressed in terms of specific climatic variables. Some typical weather variables are temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and soil moisture. 

Climate Data: A Fragmented Space

Raw climate data is largely produced by academic research projects and government partnerships. Weather stations in airports, government facilities, and academic institutions record observations for variables such as rainfall, temperature, snowfall, and wind speed, and submit these observations to an international aggregation pipeline.