Formation Fi Overview By Crypto Library



  • Form token entitles its holders a right to vote and a portion of future net income generated by the protocol;
  • Form token holders will have exclusive access to the secret Dark Pool’s only accessible to the members of the Formation FI ecosystem; and
  • Economics of Form token has been formulated to reward the long-term interest of the key stakeholders and demotivate short-term speculative behaviors in the ecosystem.


Form token is a governance token with profit sharing. Simply put, it provides a right to vote and future income to its holders. While such functionality of a utility token is nothing new in DeFi, we would like to bring your attention to a few fine details.

On governance, a Form token holder will be able to cast a vote on many issues related to the critical functioning of the ecosystem such as approving budget, proposals on a new partnership, and changing certain parameters of monetary policy. Because Formation FI executes on the idea of Progressive Decentralization, which we will explain later in another Medium post, the deployment of DAO governance structure will take place over time on a step-by-step basis.

On profit sharing, a Form token holder will receive rewards in Form when they provide liquidity to ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, and PARITY indices. Now, the protocol’s revenue model is designed in such a way that 50% of the revenue collected will be distributed proportionally to the Form token holders. The other 50% will go to the Operational Treasury until weekly Maximum Ops Treasury Amount is reached and all excess profit will be burned as a deflationary measure


Total Supply of Form Token is 1,000,000,000 + Annual Inflation of 2% in Perpetuity (variable upon community vote) after 40% of the allocation for initial depositors and liquidity providers has been released. 20% of the total supply will be released to users as a reward when V1 is fully released with cross-chain capabilities in the first 12 months.

The remaining 80% will be released algorithmically over the ensuing 10 years.

After the 250,000,000th Form token is released, an automatic 2% (of the cumulative total supplies released thus far) per annum will be released algorithmically in perpetuity to absorb the growing demand of the Form token and also to build up the Ops Treasury to further fund the growth of the protocol. This could be subject to the community vote.


Formation FI is built to last. We are not going to promise you that the bull cycle will last forever nor will the crypto winter rekt your wallet beyond repair. The chances are such that you will come out somewhere in between. What we can promise you, however, is that we will work our tails off to grow your money no matter what the market condition is. Because the utility and the economics of Form token align the interests of the key stakeholders (that is YOU) with the long-term vision of the ecosystem (that is US). We are here for the long haul. We will grow and make money together through thick and thin.