Project Seed Overview By Crypto Library


Project SEED is one of the first gaming ecosystems built on the Solana blockchain that includes a Game Studio, DEX, NFT Marketplace, and Wallet.

SEED seeks for mass adoptions by bringing one of the world's first Blockchain RPGs to players’ mobile phones and portable devices.


Each player is represented by an in-game avatar, and players interact with others through the avatar. Players could modify the avatar by crafting and wearing armors from defeated beasts.


Discover the different types of Zeds and even mythical ones. When you encounter Zeds:
  • Capture the Zeds and subdue them and let them fight alongside you in your quest, or
  • Defeat the Zeds for loot drops for other benefits such as crafting armors, weapons, or sell them.


Enhance your avatar’s might with the different zeds’ special ability.


SHILL Token is a utility token that is used in Project SEED Game Ecosystem which includes in-game currency, staking, and game rewards. The SHILL token use cases will be explained in the diagram below:

Users who stake their SHILL Token will be rewarded with various benefits within the game.
  • Random “Supplies” distribution
  • DAO Proposal
  • Dungeon Creator Capability
  • Increase players’ level to keep active Zeds
  • APR for staking rewards
Stake your SHILL Token to participate in Seed World Governance.
  • Participate in the Project’s Governance and Decision Making Process (DAO)
  • Suggests Game Development, World Progression, Zeds and Weapons
  • Rewards for active players who actively participate in the governance, tiered by level High, Medium, and Low
SHILL Token will be the only currency used within the game for every transaction.
  • Buy / Sell NFT (Collectibles and Assets) in the in-app Marketplace
  • Project SEED Ecosystem token
  • In-Game Rewards System
  • In-Game Advertisement


Unlike normal games where one company holds all the power to decide upon things and has “limited” brainpower to work on a project, we are creating a decentralized mobile app game where players can participate in the advancement of the game.

Project: SEED believes that Decentralization is the future, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this movement in the Gaming Industry.


The beast is the sole of this game. There are multiple types of beasts and even mythical ones. When you encounter a beast, there are two options of action you can perform:

The benefit of joining a guild is that player is able to see and join guild members for a coop session easily.
  • Player can create a coop session that are exclusive to guild members only.
  • Player can leave messages to other guild members even if they are not online, they will be able to see when they are online.
Guild members can enter Guild Tournaments for rewards.
  • There will also be monthly rewards for guilds who earn the most point every month.
  • There will be special coop quests that have special beasts that are only beatable with friends.
  • The winning guild will earn token or item rewards at the end of the events.