PRüF Overview By Crypto Library


Feature-rich, tokenized, real-world and virtual assets

Acting as a “title” to everyday goods or virtual property, PRüF tokenized assets allow the protections of title to extend to all your valuables. PRüF Private-Provenance allows rights holders to securely hold, transfer, sell and collateralize their possessions without opening their lives to scrutiny. PRüF as a platform enables non-technical individuals and teams to issue media-rich, customized NFTs for projects involving art, collectibles, and other assets. In addition to everyday items, collectibles, heirlooms, and capital goods under personal ownership, PRüF tokenized assets open up a multitude of options for discreet and protected arms-length control.

Imagine a world where possessions and assets were provably and privately yours, with a title on the blockchain.

Imagine if lost or stolen items - or even cash - would have little resale value unless returned, and where lost items could come home on their own. Imagine effortless commerce, where selling something was as easy as marking it “for sale” in your wallet - Where finding a private or commercial seller for something you saw or liked in the wild was as easy as choosing “for sale near me” from a menu. Imagine purchasing a one-of- a-kind item through the window of a closed local boutique and having the item show up later at your door. Imagine effortlessly and costlessly enabling local and global e- commerce for every “mom-and-pop” store, democratizing front door access to the global marketplace.

Existing systems facilitate the resale of stolen goods. PRüF makes P2P commerce secure and disincentivizes bad actors.

Buyers or resellers of used goods are often put in the awkward and difficult position of trying to decide if an item they wish to buy was legitimately obtained by the person selling it. PRüF Secure-Transfer allows a buyer to be sure that the person in front of them is the actual owner of an item being offered as collateral or for sale. Using Secure-Transfer protects both the buyer and seller by documenting the release of rights to the item, as well as the (optional) immediate transfer of rights on the blockchain to the buyer. PRüF Private-Provenance makes it very difficult to sell a stolen or lost item because a free cursory search on any PRüF portal can indicate that the item was reported as lost stolen by the owner.

Even if found, lost or stolen items are often not be returned to the owner.

Without adequate documentation of ownership, even in cases of theft where the item has been located, the possessor is usually assumed to be the owner unless additional proof is available. PRüF private-provenance allows a rights holder to prove the legitimacy of their claim, tracing the possession of the item back to a specific point in time or the original sale, irrefutably. PRüF trust-enabled assets are difficult to sell if stolen because checking if an item is lost or stolen is easy, fast, and free from any web-enabled device. As PRüF rolls out into more and more markets, it becomes part of reasonable due diligence by dealers, pawnshops, or private buyers to prefer PRüF trust-enabled assets.

PRüF gets your stuff back.

With the planned PRüF-boomerang service, lost or stolen items can be marked with a reward for return, and authorized boomerang agents would be incentivized to get items back into the hands of owners. By aligning incentives across the board, PRüF makes ownership more secure and worry-free.

Imagine a world with PRüF.

Theft, counterfeiting, and fraud levy an illegitimate shadow-tax on society.

It is estimated that by 2022, economic losses from counterfeit goods and cash may reach over a trillion dollars in value extracted from local economies. As with most systemic costs, this burden is carried disproportionately by those who can least afford to bear it. Counterfeit goods confuse buyers, cost sales, and erode brand value. Unfortunately, many sales channels (especially online) are not incentivized to care. PRüF makes it instant, free, and easy for buyers to verify the authenticity of their purchase before they buy. The PRüF verify protocol enables pervasive counterfeit detection and theft prevention by aligning incentives within an economy and reducing friction losses caused by malicious actors. This in turn lowers insurance costs, security infrastructure costs, enforcement costs, and a host of other zero return inefficiencies that result from these malignant expenditures. Using the PRüF verify protocol can improve outcomes in disadvantaged economic sectors by making business safer, more secure, and less costly. Lower costs mean lowering the barrier to entry for entrepreneurs, translating to improved growth, less crime, and healthier economies, benefiting all of us.

Imagine a world where brand piracy and counterfeit goods were a thing of the past.

PRüF provides pre and post-sale verified authenticity with Trust-Enabled assets. With Trust-Enabled, consumers can verify the authenticity of