AMA Recap Crypto Library with MoonXBT


On 16th June 2021, MoonXBT conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Max. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about MoonXBT progress. The MoonXBT team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into MoonXBT.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Max (MoonXBT) : Thx for inviting. I am Max , the Project manager from MoonXBT, will give you guys a short brief of platform.
Crypto Library Team : What is MoonXBT?

Max (MoonXBT) :  MoonXBT appeared in the first half-year of 2021 as one of a fast-going encrypted digital platform that offers not traditional contracts, but instead, we focus on Light contracts to offer you guys efficient execute trading strategies. For you guys who interested in contract trading, I think there is no doubt that contract transactions with a two-way trading mechanism and high leverage are like adrenaline, hedge against the risk of spot price declines and high-risk investments is the best choice of mainstream traders!

Excellent liquidity, a light trading process, high leverage, and low fees are the main advantages of MoonXBT, making us popular recently. You can just start to trade after successfully one-step registered. In the process of trading, you may mainly use margin, leverage, buy, and sell positions, which three key operations can help you guys to complete the order transaction.

We now have offices in different countries to offer one of the most advanced trading systems currently available in the market. Making contract trading fairer, easier, better, faster is the feature what we focus on. So, no matter the new novices or advanced traders, we believe you could be pleasantly surprised when trading here!

Crypto Library Team : What makes a price fair on MoonXBT?

Max (MoonXBT) :  Yeah, as you can see from the pic, every trading platform has a trading view.
The trading view is part of the exchange’s website, where you can see the price chart of a specific cryptocurrency and its current price. Compared with others, we provide two types of candle lines, respectively. Ask and Bid k lines in the trading screen, making it easier for you guys to read the price trends and make trades at the best time. Those two lines using a weighted average reached the final price by anchoring the trading price of the global head spot market in real-time calculates. In this way, the price becomes very accurate and avoids possible manipulation in specific markets. So, it means you trade in the global market on MoonXBT platform.

Crypto Library Team : What is the maximum leverage available on MoonXBT?

Max (MoonXBT) :  
Well, when you open the app via iOS, Android or web somehow, clink to the Market bottom, you can see a bunch of trading pairs here, sum up to 17. For some hot coins like EOS, DOGE, SHIB ,ADA ,BNB, and etc, you are able trade with 100x leverage on MoonXBT, for the Bitcoin and ETH we provide 150x and 125x leverage ,respectively .You may make 150 times profit from reasonable leverage settings. So expert traders can enjoy trading with a larger size of cryptocurrencies, even if this can be very risky. You guys are able to open 150x trades. What does that mean? That means that if you have 100U, you would be able to handle 15,000U in funds. If you open a profitable trade and you close it, then you will get the profits on the 15,000U rather than on the 100U. So you guys can flexibly adjust when opening a position, even if the price changing smaller, just use leverage to raise investment, like throwing a sprat to catch a herring, accelerating capital growth! 

Crypto Library Team : What trading pairs does MoonXBT offer?

Max (MoonXBT) : As I mentioned before, we strive to be a reliable and efficient marketplace providing access and trading across a healthy variety of digital assets. So far, 17 trading pairs have been offered on MoonXBT , and we’ll constantly put more in the future. Please keep watching, guys. Below is a list of our current trading pairs on MoonXBT. Hot coins for 100x leverage! BTC is up to 150x.

Crypto Library Team : How much time does it take for an order to get executed?

Max (MoonXBT) : Good question, MoonXBT works with an execution speed of milliseconds. 
You may wonder why and how? It’s MoonTech, a low-latency and high-concurrency trading system launched out by our Research and Innovation technology team. Like you take the subway in central terminal, New York City. The number of tracks determines the passenger throughput capacity of a transportation hub station; similarly, the number of transaction channels determines the processing capacity of a contract trading platform. In this way, you guys do not need to wait on MoonXBT. Instead, just with a fingertip and a blink of an eye, and the order will be completed within milliseconds, helping you guys seize market opportunities and achieve profitability.

Crypto Library Team : What is the minimum margin requirement?

Max (MoonXBT) : It is worth noting that the minimum single threshold of light contract on MoonXBT is 1U, In doing so, you guys could pay out 1U to open a position somehow. Lol It is a very low margin, right?

Crypto Library Team : How are funding fees calculated?

Max (MoonXBT) :  
When doing a trading, I thought what you guys all concern about is transaction fee, interest, and other expenses, especially facing a huge market fluctuations and frequent operations. Years of trading volume or adding leverage, these cases can be a huge expense for high-frequency quant traders. Lots of contract trading platform either set up the higher funding rate or predicted rate with a complex component like Interest Rate or Premium Index, calculated with every 8-Hour (Since funding occurs every 8 hours, 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00)

MoonXBT works without funding rate, delivery fee costs or any other hidden fees.You only need to focus on the trading fee and overnight fee when opening a position. Compared with other contract trading platforms, MoonXBT’s. The opening fee is as low as 0.05%. That makes the fees of MoonXBT one of the lowest in the crypto industry. Invite friends get 5% discount and you can also use MP to deduct 5% of the procedure Fee, which is equivalent to a rate of only 0.0475%. After the invited friend registered, the transaction fee is 30% off within 5 days. Trading Fee (Open/Close a position) = Margin * leverage * 0.05% Overnight Fee = Margin * leverage * 0.05%. 

MoonXBT will charge 0.05% overnight funding at 0:00UTC - 0:05 UTC.
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Crypto Library Team : How do I become an affiliate?

Max (MoonXBT) : Let ‘s talk about lucrative affiliate program at MoonXBT. To expand the group of platform traders, MoonXBT has launched a U-based bonus return incentive mechanism. You guys have a permanent commission return of up to 50% ! It’s very attractive, isn’t it? 
The picture below explains more clearly how it works:
Being a MoonXBT partner, apart from getting a permanent commission of up to 50%, You can also participate in exclusive activities customized just for you, enjoy top-notch traffic support and a better service experience as well. We will conduct partner events from time to time and grant more incentives to high-quality partners, including but not limited to promotional activities such as:
  • Global head media market announcements 
  • Exclusive poster design
  • A dedicated translation team is appropriate for localization.
  • Dedicated customer service to offer you with one-to-one service
Better services experience, and more favorable support for the promotion of all of you!

Crypto Library Team : How does the invite program work?

Max (MoonXBT) : 
From now on, we have an invite friend event, you can receive up to 30% commissions, permanently when invite friend to sign up on MoonXBT. When each friend's cumulative real-time trading volume reaches 100000 USDT, you and your friend will receive 10 USDT of Trading Bonus. We are also offering a reward system that is known as MoonXBT points. This system works with 3 different types of earning methods. For example, you guys can complete some tasks and earn rewards afterwards.
Use MP to get discount (5% off)'' is open, MoonXBT Points can pay 5%. The transaction fee rate is now 0.05% and users can deduct 5% of the fee with MP. In this way, fees become even lower (0.0475%). 

Crypto Library Team : Is demo trading useful? And do you have other feature for mature traders?

Max (MoonXBT) : MoonXBT has also launched a “Demo Trading Mode”, which opens to all traders after registering a MoonXBT account with 10,000U as a bonus for each user to help you get started quickly. Making it possible to you guys to securely trade with bonus money, so you can test your strategies and get used to the platform. I think most of the crypto platforms are not offering this possibility to you guys, even if this seems a standard feature.

For some advanced traders, we are offering you the possibility to display multiple charts to improve your strategies with light contracts trading. That providing trading in real-time and with several virtual currencies can have the information in all the screens you use to trade. You can adjust the screen pattern by your preference!

We are glad to have you join us with the light contract trading on MoonXBT! 

To celebrate the launch of MoonXBT light contract trading platform, ''MoonXBT Welcome Campaign, Rewards Up for Grabs" for new users is now available. You can not only enjoy easier trading experience, but also you can receive a grand prize in the process of registration, deposit, friend invitation etc.

Why don’t you grab a market share, try first! Come to MoonXBT and enjoy a " light, efficient and convenient " millisecond-level contract trading! 
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Crypto Library Team : Can you indicate a feature that you like best about the MoonXBT platform so that it can compete with other competitors? What are you most confident about for this platform? Do you have plans to get users to choose your platform?

Max (MoonXBT) : Lighten up the trading is our Mission. Making contract trading fairer, easier, better, faster is the feature that we focus on. You can start to trade after successfully one-step registered. In the process of trading, you may mainly use margin, leverage, buy, and sell positions, which three key operations can help you guys to complete the order transaction. Just install and give it a try; I believe you’ll get a pleasant experience on it.

Crypto Library Team : Market volatility is a very serious problem. Now, can you give a brief explanation of the limitations this causes? What methods would you employ to reduce this to a minimum?

Max (MoonXBT) : Market volatility is typical for contract traders, but how can we reduce the loss from volatility? For novice users, the basic concepts or knowledge of contact trading should be familiar. Here is our official community
  • We’ll share not only the contract trading information to help you guys learn more here but also the latest crypto news.
  • Secondly, the platform choosing is also essential; such us is safe enough for the funds and data? Dose is like MoonXBT having a greater liquidly to let you make trading within a millisecond; how about their transcranial fee? And etc.
  • Thirdly, to avoid market volatility and minimize the loss, you guys can try Demo mode, as we mentioned before.
Open a position with low margin and low leverage to have a try. In addition, we suggest that you could trade with a mainstream coin like BTC at. First, some other hot coins may have huge fluctuations. Copy Trading is supposed to be a good choice for you guys; we’ll launch this function soon after. You can track the transaction from advanced traders. For the advanced traders, MoonXBT points lower trading fee and a fully functional you may more consider about, like P&L open a position through Kline and multiple screens transaction

Crypto Library Team : I think security is very important, especially with regard to data and funds, very sensitive for us. My question How do you ensure the safety of our funds and data, many projects even though they promise maximum security, are still hacked and rugpull, how do you prevent it?

Max (MoonXBT) : Well, for the security problems, we do have serval methods to ensure that. The 2FA, which is Two-factor authentication, can improve security; it requires you guys to verify through two different authentication factors. Generally speaking, there are three different types of factors that can prove a person's identity. Secondly, it’s MoonTECH; this is from our R&D and Risk Control dept. The core of risk control team members on MoonXBT are all bank-level senior professionals. From their history projects that we’ve done with zero error rate. Wallet security, most of MoonXBT's storage is kept offline. Only a small part of digital assets are stored in hot wallets, which is for users to withdraw coins more quickly. All transfers of funds from cold storage to hot wallets are processed manually and require multiple employees to coordinate and cooperate. The platform uses multi-signature access, which can not only resist attacks but also prevent the loss of keys or access to facilities, thereby eliminating single points of failure. Even if the system is completely hacked by hackers, including web servers, transaction engines and databases, hackers do not have enough keys to steal funds.
Crypto Library Team : Defi at the meeting?

Max (MoonXBT) : We’ll launch out a variety of different stock indices including the NASDAQ, SP500, Nikkei and more. and a variety of different global Forex currencies like the USD, GBP, EUR, and more

Crypto Library Team : What are the strengths of your community that I can't find in other projects?

Max (MoonXBT) : At present we have Free to get 40U and share 1BTC and invitation event, In the future we'll launch out a variety of events like Self-built competition,branding campaign and etc. pls keep watching guys.