AMA Recap Crypto Library with Project Seed


On 09th June 2021, Project Seed conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Liko Subakti. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Project Seed progress. The Project Seed team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Project Seed.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : I am Liko Subakti, CEO, with over a decade of experience as a traditional entrepreneur and business development, turning a small company into a company worth millions in net income. Worked at Binance as Community Manager and SEA Angel Manager before moving to as Country Manager for Indonesia.  Angel Investor who invests in more than a dozen crypto gems.

Trang is the CMO of Project SEED. I started as a financial journalist and then became SEA PR Manager at Binance and PR Head for Binance Charity Foundation.

Baskoro Hadi is our Chief Studio Officier. He worked at Savage Entertainment in Los Angeles for 6 years as a 3D and SFX artist for games such as Transformers, Scooby Doo, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Then continue working at Vriday Studio in Indonesia as the Creative Director and 3D artist and manage a team of programmers and artists to develop applications and games.

Alex Setiawan is our CTO. He is a seasoned technologist and leader with experience in multiple industries with over 2 decades of experience building softwares at Boeing, TripAdvisor, and Lexus.
Crypto Library Team : What is Project Seed? and how is the story/reason behind the Project Seed creation?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : Project SEED is an A-RPG platform powered by Solana blockchain and integrated with Game Studio, triple layers NFT marketplace, DEX and wallet. It’s an intriguing role-playing game app with solid gameplay and enticing storyline. @ProjectSeed has several goals:
  1. To revolutionize the Blockchain Gaming Industry
  2. To Bring Mass Adoption thru Blockchain Gaming
  3. To create blockchain project and company that our countrymen can be proud of (Indonesian & Vietnamese)
Story behind the name:
even with our humble beginning, there are endless possibility for what we can do and what we can create. just like a seed that can grow from something so small into something that is unmovable. Documentations:
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason why we have to choose Project Seed than other projects out there?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : This is also why we choose to do Gaming project, we believe after the DeFi and NFT wave, the next wave of mass adoption is thru blockchain gaming, why choose @ProjectSeed because we are developing one of the kind blockchain gaming ecosystem:
  1. ARPG game
  2. Native Blockchain Gaming Application (NOT Web3)
  3. Dungeon Creator
  4. Rental Marketplace
Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $SHILL token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : $SHILL token Use cases:
  1. STAKING: By staking you'll be entitled for GOVERNANCE, APR, and DUNGEON CREATION. Being a dungeon creator benefit you because the larger your dungeon (require larger stake), you'll be entitled for a portion of other player's loots if they play in your dungeon.
  2. GOVERNANCE: Users who stake are eligible for Governance proposal and if the proposal is successfully voted by other players, you'll be rewarded.
  3. IN GAME CURRENCY: Every settlement in the game and ecosystem will use $SHILL for its settlement, this includes, marketplace, advertisement, rentals, etc. Our staking use case will be super heavy because your dungeon size will be determined by your staking size. More staking, bigger dungeon, better loots. $SHILL is not yet listed on any exchange, beware of any scam.
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : We are currently hard at work to deliver the product as early as possible, and finalizing our strategic sale, we have also expanded our team from 6 people to almost 30 people globally, we have team in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Spain, USA, Korea, etc. There will be tons of exciting development and news coming out in the near future, stay tuned in our community so you don't miss out.
Crypto Library Team : Like SANDBOX and kittyfight games based on NFT, what makes Projectseed more interesting than the projects I mentioned above? is there a special strategy to attract fans of these games?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : you must look at our core product and features, and we have received very good feedback regarding these products that we're creating

Users who stake our tokens will be able to create dungeons and becoming a dungeon master. By being a dungeon master, players will be entitled for an incentives if other players play in his/her dungeon, so the larger your dungeon, the better incentives you'll get. This incentives will eventually allows you to create NFT, and this translate into $$$.

NFT is very illiquid asset, and you cannot earn if you're not selling it. Here, we make Rental Marketplace, just like AirBnb for NFT, this will allow you to retain ownership of the NFT (especially if it's rare), and still earning from it. We hope to bring dynamic in the NFT space. Looking at the information above, are you not willing to play the game?

Crypto Library Team : Is your game entirely the work of your developer / do you also consider the suggestions & wishes of your community?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : We are designing the game with decentralization in mind, with total decentralization on the world progression..The first step towards this is the DAO, governance of the project..We want our players who stake our tokens to propose good game updates and next progression. Normal users can vote on that. The stake won't be too much and just to avoid spams and irresponsible proposers and voters. There won't be any preferential treatments for the whales for this governance.

Proposal Flow:
  1. User stake x amount of token (to avoid spams and leave out non players)
  2. Users who staked are eligible for proposing world updates and product development
  3. Projects vet the idea and proposal whether it is good for the game and ecosystem or not, if yes, it will be approved and opened for voting
  4. Players vote
  • Users who successfully receive a big amount of vote (over 50%) will have their product suggestions made by the team, and REWARDED.
  • Players who voted and have their votes won, will be REWARDED.
Eventually we will have our users govern and we are here only to develop. I am all for the community side. The community can and will bright ideas that we might never think about.

Crypto Library Team : What was #ProjectSeed's main reason for building the SOLANA ecosystem? Do you think SOLANA is the perfect chain for your project? How does SOLANA help your Ecosystem?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : We benefit from Solana scalability. Obviously Solana gas fee is very low compared to other network. It’s transactions per second go up to 50,000+. Solana community is incredibly active and vocal within cryptocurrency space also. With their support, we will spread our game to millions of users.

Crypto Library Team : Many projects try to exploit the full potential of non-exchangeable tokens, but in the end you never succeed, is it possible with #ProjectSeed users can enjoy the full potential of NFT? or do they still have to explore this token?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : Yes please learn about our Marketplaces, especially the rental marketplace. RENTAL MARKETPLACE, NFT is very illiquid asset, and you cannot earn if you're not selling it. Here, we make Rental Marketplace, just like AirBnb for NFT, this will allow you to retain ownership of the NFT (especially if it's rare), and still earning from it. We hope to bring dynamic in the NFT space. More info, join us! Documentations:
Crypto Library Team : There are currently a lot of blockchain-based game projects One of them is #SEED. but in fact, there are still many gamers who don't understand the world of blockchain and crypto. How do you introduce SEED game to non-crypto gamers? do you have the education for this?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : ProjectSeed is trying to bridge the gap between blockchain gamers and traditional gamers. The reason we are doing Native blockchain gaming Application, is so that we can build a user friendly game ecosystem and to erase the problem with the current blockchain gaming space. Right now blockchain gaming are Web3 based, and this poses several problems: 
  1. Laggy
  2. Slow
  3. Limited
  4. Inflexible gameplay
  5. Not muggle friendly (non blockchainers)
Crypto Library Team : $SHILL is the utility token of the game Ecosystem, how can players earn $SHILL by gaming, and once earned, what are the uses and programs for it?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : You can earn $SHILL in the game by Selling your NFT, Renting out your NFT, and actively participate in the Governance, etc.

Crypto Library Team : NFT will be an integral part of the SEED experience. All the objects that we find, for example armor or equipment, will they be NFT targets? These can be customized or improved?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : Yes your weapons, armors, zeds NFT can all be upgraded to enhance your playability.

Crypto Library Team : I think the idea of RPG on the chain is very interesting, can you explain a little what game Seed in terms of gameplay, are you inspired by certain production games? What is the advantages of your RPG game compared to other projects? And when did the game Start?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : There are 3 games that will be close to us in terms of the experience:
  • Diablo III
  • Genshin Impact
  • Path of Exile
Crypto Library Team : Although the entire SEED ecosystem focuses its development on Solana, they comment that SHILL will have a presence in multiple networks. What would those networks be? Will it be a gradual process to integrate each one of them?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : We will have our tokens in multiple chain to give our users and players the flexibility of withdrawing, depositing, and safekeeping the tokens in their most favorite chain. But the game itself will be on Solana blockchain

Crypto Library Team : Salah satu tujuan ProjedSeed adalah mengharumkan nama Indonesia di tingkat internasional melalui dunia Blockchain. Saya juga dari Indonesia dan saya pasti mendukung proyek Anda. bagaimana saya dapat berkontribusi untuk mendukung kesuksesan internasional ProjectSeed?

Liko Subakti (Project Seed) : You can contribute by sharing about our presence to your community and sphere of influence. In time, We are going to be one of the best blockchain game in the world.