AMA Recap Crypto Library with SuperMom


On 03h June 2021, SuperMom conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Mathew. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about SuperMom progress. The SuperMom team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into SuperMom.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Mathew (SuperMom) : I am a computer science student from Europe and I'm very interested in solidity programming. I have made many contracts before and I have also analyzed a lot of contracts so that I understand everything as much as I can. I started with c++ and javascript 5 years ago, but in the last year I also became highly interested in solidity so this is why I am now making this project together with our amazing team!
Crypto Library Team : What is SuperMom? and How is the story/reason behind the SuperMom project creation?

Mathew (SuperMom) : Super Mom is a token on the Binance smart chain devoted to our mothers. My mother has always been very helpful to me, she raised me and cooked food for  me and my brothers, so I wanted to devote this token to her and too all our beloved mothers! The token has a redistribution function (passive token farming protocol) but in addition it also has an add to liquidity function so the total liquidity increases over time (all liquidity locked!) and we also implemented a 2% marketing fee in the contract so as the project goes we will have enough funds to cover all marketing. We want to be all about marketing!

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason Why we have to choose SuperMom than other projects out there?

Mathew (SuperMom) : Yes! Our team has found out that projects usually put to little effort into marketing projects and we wanted to make a project that would take marketing more seriously because without marketing a project can't moon. So if investors want a project that takes marketing seriously and know what taking marketing seriously means for a project, they should choose our project.

Crypto Library Team :  Please tell us about SuperMom token $SM ! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Mathew (SuperMom) : The token has a passive farming function (redistribution of tokens) and a liquidity function, but we are looking to add this token to some great farms like the farm  so you would stake SM tokens to get FLUFLY tokens or maybe other tokens like BUSD, we would use some marketing funds for this (we would provide BUSD for the farm). A total of 5 bilion token were created, and we already burned 80% of the supply! In addition, a 1% burn fee will be applied to each transaction so we will be decreasing the supply and therefore increasing the scarcity and therefore the price! We will have a presale on DxSale tomorrow at 5 PM UTC! (1 PM EST for our USA and Canada buddies), after we finalize the presale, trading on pancakeswap will start! Where people who didn't get a chance to buy on presale will be able to buy!

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your recent progress, and also your future plans?

Mathew (SuperMom) : Yes! We are really focusing on marketing here haha! We have already started the poocoin ads campaign which we will continue, we will also have a campaign on BORE and twitter promotional campaigns, we are looking to also advertise with some tiktok and instagram influencers, that should be great for our project! We would like to gain many new real members in the first and second day of the project and then steadily increase the number of holders! We are also looking to launch on a farm ASAP!
Crypto Library Team : New coins become the target of investors to take advantage of the presale and then just leave it when they get the profits they get. it always happens like that, is there any strategy from you for investors hold ur coin? 

Mathew (SuperMom) : The main strategy is this: it's much wiser for people to hold because we will do heavy marketing and the price will go up, as it stands, if people hold, the price can increase heavily, but some selling off from presale is also healthy for the price movement.

Crypto Library Team : As we know, SuperMom presale on Friday. Can you explain how many slots are available at the presale? What is the minimum transaction to participate in the $SM token sale?

Mathew (SuperMom) : We will see from the engagement of the community how big of a presale to make, if there are a lot of people who want to buy presale, we think it's better to make it bigger, there will be a minimum of 70 slots for the presale, and we also set the minimum BNB 0.05 BNB so everyone gets a chance to participate, so if a lot of people buy smaller amount on presale, we might get as much as 200 slots.
Crypto Library Team : Can you explain what are the specialty feature the Your project have? What is the different with other similar project/ your competitor?

Mathew (SuperMom) : In addition to other features we will be implementing a marketing fee so we never run out of marketing funds, we are taking marketing very seriously!

Crypto Library Team : How would you describe your project to new users in 1 sentence?

Mathew (SuperMom) : Community and marketing focused tokens with a marketing fee for continual marketing!

Crypto Library Team : What Which do you think is more important: Community Investors or Token Price?

Mathew (SuperMom) : I would say that investors and community are the same people but I would say both are equally important, there is no point in having a great community if the price only dumps, we want to have a strong community with good and heathy price action that will fly this!

Crypto Library Team : For project development, the main priority is to have sufficient funds. Is your team financially able to carry out this project? Do you have a partnership with a venture capital company or an investment company?

Mathew (SuperMom) : Yes we will be very much capable of this, as we have a marketing fee that will sustain us, the biggest partnerships we have will be with farms, but we will also try to list on exchanges like apeswap etc.

Crypto Library Team : She can we safely buy the token of Supermom Finance, are there any partnerships coming to increase its gateways?

Mathew (SuperMom) : Yes you can safely buy, like we say on our website, the only rug here is the one your mom vacuums in the living room! This will be a great investment for anyone new to presales and DxSale, we will help people with buying and explain all the steps to them!