AMA Recap Crypto Library with BITSPAWN


On 15th July 2021, BITSPAWN conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Eric Godwin. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about BITSPAWN progress. The BITSPAWN team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into BITSPAWN.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : I am Eric Godwin the Founder of Bitspawn. I have been involved in the crypto space working on projects since 2015. I have a background as a amateur competitve gamer back in the late 2000s early 2010s with games Call of Duty and Halo.
Crypto Library Team : What is Bitspawn? and how is the story/reason behind the Bitspawn project creation?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Bitspawn is a gaming protocol built with the goal of creating a global decentralized gaming economy and enabling the 2 billion plus gamers around the world to gain access to new streams of revenue and income outside the traditional areas of streaming and content creation. We want to focus on untapped areas for gamers to make money. We are the first gaming infrastructure solution on solana. We have a first-mover advantage. We chose Solana because unlike Ethereum, it does not have scaling issues and we don't have to waste time building or integrating layer-2 scaling solution. We can focus on building blockchain gaming assets. Bitspawn is an infrastructure protocol so we allow users to create their own gaming apps and tools.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason why we have to choose Bitspawn than other projects out there?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Bitspawn puts value and power back into gamers hands. The video game economy is very predatory and extracts the most amount of money from players without providing them a positive feedback loop for their abilities and creativity. Bitspawn solves this by introducing new routes of monetization for players to earn money. Streaming and content creation are very time consuming things for gamers to do to make money, and the majority of gamers dont want to stream, they want to focus on playing games and competing. Bitspawn solves this with allowing talent to be discovered by brands and teams outside of streaming and social media. Bitspawn creates player profiles built into smart contracts that show each players true abilities. Bitspawn provides innovation in DeFi as well as NFTs for gamers. Bitspawn has created a system for players to be rewarded for the liquidity they provide in competitive marketplaces. Yes, so for Bitspawn, you don't have to be a gamer to earn money. You can use our DeFi tools to lend liquidity to gaming events and earn interest. We are creating intrinsic value for NFTs on Bitspawn. In large events with high prize pools, brands can give away NFTs that have physical or digital goods associated with them for redemption by players. If a player wins one of these NFTs, and doesn't want to redeem its goods, they can sell it on the marketplace to another player. There are also NFTs with bonuses for progression and rewards for players on Bitspawn. For Example, an NFT might grant a player a lifetime 10% experience boost on the platform, gain access to premium events, receive a % boost for SPWN rewards in staking, etc. Players who earn these NFTs will have the ability to lend them out to other players who want to use those perks and benefits. You can lend your experience boosts out to other players who can then pay you in SPWN for using it for example.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about Bitspawn token $SPWN! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : 

Our network token ($SPWN) has multi level functionality. Medium of exchange on gaming marketplace, wallet staking, gaming rewards and progression, community governance, entry fee and prize pool payment are the main utility functions. We ensure payout for all events is trustless and players always receive their winnings. Organizers cannot hoard prizepools or take more than they deserve. In the long term Bitspawn will be running its own leagues from the amateur to professional level. Bitspawn is currently available on Uniswap: 
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Some milestones so far is we have integrated with the top esports titles: Call of Duty, CSGO, DOTA2, LoL, FIFA, etc. we have over 10,000 registered users for our beta platform. For roadmap: 

Q2 2021:
  • BrandingUpdate
  • Token Launch Phase
  • Advance Payment Management
  • Challenge Enhancements
  • Manual Tournament Enablement
  • SPWN Wallet Implementation
Q3 2021:
  • Tier 1 Exchange Listing(s)
  • Solana Augmentation
  • Token Staking
  • Design Update
  • Dual Token System (ERC20/SPL)
  • Decentralized Wallet
Q4 2021:
  • NFT Launch Phase
  • Player Analytics
  • Solana Migration
  • Bitspawn Protocol Testnet
  • Game Data Oracle
  • Bitspawn DevTools
Crypto Library Team : Bitspawn is a gaming blockchain protocol created for eSports and social gamers. What are the advantages and benefits it can provide? What is your current catalog of esports available? What others would you like to add?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Tournaments, Challenges, and Community Events. With bitspawn, you don't have to be a pro gamer to earn revenue. We provide a number of ways for users to earn money outside of playing directly for prize pools. For example you can earn money by: hosting tournaments and events, growing your gaming communities, managing teams, providing prize pool liquidity to events and earn interest, and creating NFTs.
  • Game Integrations
Bitspawn is a Steamworks partner and is fully integrated into titles such as CSGO and DOTA2 and working on partnerships with Riot Games, Activision, EA, and Ubisoft. Bitspawn is focused on PC and consoles for now but will be aggressively expanding into the mobile market.
  • Ranking & Matchmaking
We are instituting a ranking and matchmaking methodology so that new gamers or casual players won't get matched up against pros, unless they want to. We will have leagues and tiered ranking systems for events so players know which are in their skill bracket.
  • Anti Cheat
We will build our own anti cheat software in the long term that anyone can use, but in the short term we will utilize the anti cheat games currently have. If games don't have anti-cheat, such as warzone, we have a way to incentivize users to earn money to observe gaming events and monitor cheating on platforms. We call it a decentralized dispute resolution system.
  • Vs. Competition
Bitspawn is an open source infrastructure protocol so we allow users to create their own apps and communities on our chain. They do not have to use our main webapp to earn money or see benefits. When it comes to the competition; on the blockchain side there is Exceedme, Chaingames and Ultra. On the traditional side there are platforms like FaceIt and battlefy. ChainGames and others are central DApp where you have to use their platform to compete.

Crypto Library Team : How does Bitspawn compare to many blockchain gaming project offering a very much advantages for gamers, and why would gamers & investors choose it over other blockchain gaming project?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Our main advantage is Proof-of-Respawn it is the engine that drives all reward mechanisms on the protocol. Proof-of-respawn (PoR) is a smart contract algorithm Bitspawn will utilize as part of its blockchain structure alongside its native Solana architecture. It is not a consensus protocol, it merely compliments Solana function on the network to enhance user experience. PoR can be defined as the required mechanisms that establish and evaluate the token systems that reward players as they contribute to Bitspawn’s token-based community. Proof-of-Respawn ensures that player and event data are synced at all times. PoR performance will scale as the platform grows and will harness the power of scalable autonomous smart contracts. PoR is a type of token algorithm that encourages players to compete and build their own competitions and maintains the reward systems on the platform. It enables tokens to be distributed by “skill”-based algorithms and can be integrated with existing gaming APIs to align incentives between players, developers, and brands to spur growth. PoR will be developed by Bitspawn as a core platform mechanism. PoR will secure and verify data on the platform through smart contracts. For example, Bitspawn’s bounty program will use smart contracts to provide rewards, in the form of SPAWN tokens, to community members and users that complete different challenges and platform troubleshooting such as finding or fixing bugs. PoR will be used to power DEFI and NFTs on the Bitspawn network. Gamers and Investors should choose Bitspawn because we are the first gaming protocol on Solana, a blockchain that is heavily geared toward gaming. We allow users to create their own apps, tools, and marketplaces so they can maximize their earnings. Bitspawn is a protocol built with the intention of connecting 2 billion gamers in a global economic network.
Crypto Library Team : According to your website,Bitpawn enables all gamers to make money but we know gaming is either losing or winning. So how does your platform give assurance to all gamers to win some money?What games are most played and most recommendablein your platform especially to newbies?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : We allow users to earn money outside of winning prizepools. Users can earn commissions from running events, managing teams, creating apps and tools, building marketplaces, and selling NFTs.

Crypto Library Team : From what I understand there is a big difference between Bitspawn and Theta, which is an infrastructure for decentralized video streaming, but it's a bit confusing to me. So, could you explain this big difference between Bitspawn and Theta? Are they really that different platforms?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Theta does a great job at solving blockchain based streaming, especially for gaming. For Bitspawn we are looking at the untapped areas to make a positive difference for gamers and give them ways to earn money. Streaming is very large market, but the majority of gamers do not want to have to stream to make money.

Crypto Library Team : From what I understand the team is currently focused on PC and consoles, but can you give details on whether they will aggressively expand into the mobile market since that's where a lot of users are located?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Bitspawn will be focusing on the mobile gaming aggressively in 2022. It is something we want to tackle head on, but right now we are focusing on PC and Console, as well as migrating to Solana.

Crypto Library Team : I saw on website that $SPWN token holders have the right to participate in governance? Which types of vote they can join and what is the requirement for joining? What incentives do you offer for $SPWN token holder? Can you expand our knowledge on $SPWN tokenomics?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : Bitspawn Governance will be built under the Solana DAO. Stakeholders will be able to vote on grants for community projects, features to be added to the protocol, and voting on integrations with games and developers.

Crypto Library Team : According to your website #Bitspawn based on SOLANA? Why did you choose to build Bitspawn on SOLANA, why not others? The Binance Smart Chain(BSC) is currently under development. Are you interested in your project or have plans to enter the BSC field?Why choose SOLANA?

Eric Godwin (BITSPAWN) : We chose Solana for 3 reasons: the speed and scalability of Solana is perfect for gaming projects, we have good integration into the Solana ecosystem, and we have first mover advantage as being the first gaming protocol built on Solana.