AMA Recap Crypto Library with PRIVI


On 04th August 2021, PRIVI conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Zach Badger. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about PRIVI progress. The PRIVI team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into PRIVI.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : My name is Zach and I'm from the US. My partners are from all over the world. we are building Privi, yes THE Privi that will take over the crypto world.
Crypto Library Team : What is PRIVI? and how your team can create this project?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : Privi is a decentralized app store. and the first app to launch on Privi is Privi Trax - a decentralized Spotify + Axie infinity + bitclout + defi ---- all into one app that launches this September. Testnet is out now and you can get on the whitelist here in our app store Best yet the $TRAX token that launches only has a $17.5k mcap with no presales.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason why we have to choose PRIVI than other project out there?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : Yes we are launching an app store. think APPLE but we are decentralized, so this will be an app store for the people, by the people. where all apps are owned by the community. Privi has built 8 dapps and they are all launching this year -- how cool is that ? no whitepaper, no roadmap... just products. breath of fresh air for crypto if you ask me! But why choose Privi Trax? how many of us use Spotify or Apple Music everyday?. Now, can you invest in the artists? can you listen (ad free) for free? Can you earn while you listen? can you connect with the artists directly?. Privi Trax is exactly like Spotify but wayyy better and it comes out on web and mobile. and this is just one app we are launching - and the first token that is available to buy on August 10. 

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about PRIVI $TRAX token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : So many omg. Stake your $TRAX and earn from the apps taxation pool. every stream, every transaction, has a tax that is paid to $TRAX holders. So earn high APYs with your $TRAX. But that is standard, you can stake your $TRAX into your favorite songs. And earn whenever those songs are played. So you can basically invest in the songs and artists you like with your $TRAX tokens. Of course governance of the app as well. better yet? $17.5k initial mcap and no presales. Launching on August 10th with our partners:
  • @paid_network
  • @BSCPad
  • @Safelaunch1
Then shortly after Pancake Swap. Here is the token economics for $TRAX
the web and mobile app comes out just weeks after the token launches. So imagine a low mcap token with an actual product an amazing product at that. I dont think the crypto world is ready for this.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : No plans. just products. all +8 apps will be out by the end of the year. check out all our apps, and sign up for testnet to win $200 and a NFT if you report a bug:
Crypto Library Team : I read With Privi Trax, Artists earn 3x what they earn on other major platforms and reward the fans who support them the most. Can you explain about this mechanism? and How can artists earn 3x more on your platform and how will they reward their fans?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : All songs are priced at a minimum 3x of what spotify gives thier artists. Songs can even be priced higher by artists and their fans. Listeners stake popular tokens and receive x amount of listening hours for free each month based on their staked amount, the yields generated are then streamed to the artists. the revenue that is given to artists is locked for them to come claim, at which point they can reward their fans, pay thier labels, and ofcourse pay themeselves. The key difference is that artists are in control, not the labels and the streaming platforms. Did you know that labels own the relationship with spotify? not the artists. Artists get very very little. i will attach a payment chart on how spotify pays its artists, which is super small.

Crypto Library Team : How I can buy your tokens? And how to invest in your projects??

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : August 10 on Pancake Swap!

Crypto Library Team : I want to support your project, Tell us more about the Ambassador Program and in what ways can we participate?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : We have a creator program where you can sign up to gain exclusive access in apps before they launch so you can get your content set up, these will come with creator rewards! Sign up here if you are a creator

Crypto Library Team : They mention that with the $TRAX token you can receive taxes for every transaction and transmission in the app, which will help to earn high APYs. So, can you give details about this process? How attractive will the APYs be?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : These are APYs that are effectively unlimited. Imagine attaching you $TRAX tokens to a song you love and the artist is just starting out (<10k streams) but you and the community help share it and grow the artist and his music then all of a sudden he/she hits 1M stream, 1B streams.... I can't even begin to imagine how high your APYs will be...... long story short, $TRAX tokens can be staked in your favorite songs to earn whenever it is streamed. Sky is the limit.

Crypto Library Team : Do you offer any way to contribute your project like bug bounty for a community driven project?

Zach Badger (PRIVI) : Yea definitely testnet is out so get on the whitelist and you have a chance to earn up to $200 and a NFT for bugs reported --> sign up here for the apps that interest you -->