AMA Recap Crypto Library with Bakumatsu


On 21st September 2021, Bakumatsu conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Yamaguchi Yu. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Bakumatsu progress. The Bakumatsu team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Bakumatsu.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : Hello! I’m Yamaguchi Yu . I was an e-sports enthusiast at the beginning and later joined the e-sports team. The Pro E-sports Team 野良連合. I led performed well in a lot of major international e-sports competitions, and eventually became one of the best esports team in Asia. Then I created PACkage, the company with the largest traffic within Japan’s game field, leading more friends to join the e-sports industry.
Crypto Library Team : What is Bakumatsu Finance? and how does it work?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : Inspired by some of our good friends, we have participated in the production and maintenance of the Bakumatsu (Ryoma) project. Now I’m the CEO of Ryoma.

Bakumatsu Finance is an aggregated gaming, game launching, and asset-transaction platform, so-called GameFi DAO. Within Bakumatsu Finance, you can enjoy games with the Game Center, trade game tokens with BakumatsuSwap, trade game props, mint and sell personalized NFT in the virtual store. Through NFTs, RYMA token, and Token X-, Bakumatsu Finance has provided a one-for-all solution for gaming tokens, serving the entire gaming ecosystem and enabling each of this ecosystem’s participants. Bakumatsu Finance is a blockchain game application exploration that combines NFT and DeFi .

Crypto Library Team : What makes Bakumatsu Finance different from all other project out there?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : Supplement: Bakumatsu Finance is a blockchain game application exploration that combines NFT and DeFi ,

1) Bakumatsu Finance’s economic system consists of homogenization Token X and NFTs(weapons, props, and other non-homogeneity assets). Interactions can be freely achieved through BakumatsuSwap and the virtual store. Users can participate in asset liquidity mining in BakumatsuSwap to obtain RYMA tokens.

2) The NFTs we will launch will not only be for collection and transferring properties. Their practical-use values will be reflected through the game. We will also develop a series of different types of games around these NFTs to increase the varieties of Bakumatsu Finance and amplify the concepts of metaverse or Gamefi. As a result, the playability and profitability will reach a balance and the players will also have more Play-to-Earn options.

3) In order to increase the liquidity of NFTs, we’ve also set up an automatic blind box auction system and a lending system.

4) Ethereum network’s congestion problem makes its gas costs remain at a high level ,which has become an important reason restricting its development. Before it completes its ETH2.0 upgrade, we will provide solutions based on ZK-Rollup Layer2, providing users with a low-loss, high-performance experience. 
Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $RYMA token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can buy it?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) :  
45% for BakumatsuSwap liquidity mining, to reward long-term holders of Ryoma Token.        

8% is used for traffic mining to encourage players’ contributions to the platform        

15% is used for team incentives, to be released in four years, locked in the first year, and 5% released every year since the second year.        

8% is used for ecosystem construction, locked through smart contracts, and the way of use can be decided by community voting.        

22% will be sold in the primary and secondary markets, and the unsold tokens will be automatically destroyed after the sale period.

1% will provide initial liquidity for RYOMA and be used for decentralized trading platforms such as BakumatsuSwap and Uniswap.        

1% will be allocated to consultants

The Ryoma token ($RYMA) has been listed on Uniswap, people can purchase $RYMA on

Smart Contract address: 
Crypto Library Team :   
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : 
Roadmap :
 2021. Q2, Team formation, fundraising, project development
2021. Q3, Bakumatsu Finance 1.0 release (Swap function realization)
2021. Q4 ~ 2.0 2022.Q2 Bakumatsu Finance 2.0 release (release of specific token economic models, three or more games and NFT’s minting function, opening for public offering, realization of L2 functions)
2022.Q3 Bakumatsu Finance 3.0 (community governance, ecological expansion, integration of other mainstream public chain protocols)

Future Plans :
Over the  next several weeks or months, we will widely collect feedback from our community, launch Bakumatsu Finance 2.0, and launch three games (RPG, card, and business). We will try our best to provide an excellent user experience while at the same time we will also introduce more of Japan’s broadly influencing IPs and empower Bakumatsu Finance.

Let me tell you some more good news. Ryoma will officially work together with the popular Japanese actress 桃乃木かな (Kana Momonogi, Twitter @Kana_Momonogi). Soon we will launch a big campaign with her, and give a great bonus to our users. Stay tuned!😁 
Crypto Library Team : There are some promising DEFI/GAMEFI projects out there, like Axie, sushiswap, Gala. Could you tell us what’s the differences and relative advantages between them and what's your uniqueness and advantages?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : Axie is an interesting NFT turn-based strategy game. Its biggest advantage lies in its design of the token economic model, allowing the player and users to fully experience and strengthen Play-to-Earn.

Sushiswap, focusing on DEFI, was originally based on the fork of AMM Uniswap of the mainstream ETH. Now it has formed a solid product matrix. Its main advantage is the fast growth and innovative capabilities of the core team.

The Gala, positioning itself as the Steam of chain game, also has a Play2Earn mode, that is, collecting and minting NFT, and earning token rewards through the rarity ranking. Its advantage is the team's game development capabilities and the token economic model.

The field Bakumatsu Finance focusing on is close to Gala’s, while there are no top performers within game distribution platform areas. As a Japanese team, we have greater advantages for the design of the business model comparing with other GameFi teams. Our products support C- end and B- end users to obtain the resources or benefits they need on the platform simultaneously. In the future, we will open the Gamefi mining pool, through which game producers can release the game through Ryoma and open their game tokens mining pool at the same time. Users can earn game producers’ tokens(Token X) through playing the game.

Once hold $RYMA and game producers’ tokens(Token X), participation in liquidity mining will be allowed. Such a model can guide users to play games, quickly bring a large number of players, and at the same time enable players to make profits through the P2E model. This win-win model will be the most popular business model in the future.

Our second big advantage is rooted in Japan’s rich IP and game manufacturing resources. Base on this, we will first launch simple but interesting games, lowering down traditional users’ barriers to entry. At the same time, we can also cooperate with popular Japanese IPs to launch new games or related activities within a short time.

Ryoma will gain customers tremendously through its unique token design- game tokens (Token X), governance tokens(RYMA token), NFTs, and Play2Earn model. As the ecosystem grows, there will be games that exceed Axie and Alice, which will also attract other head games’ access. The outbreak of the chain game will be an important event that witnesses the beginning of the metaverse era. Let’s look forward to it together!

Crypto Library Team : Has Ryoma received any investments from famous funds? Could you tell us more about Ryoma’s current financing status?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : As a well-known project in Japan, Ryoma has received investment from Japan's large real estate fund " Inbest Invest “. So far, we have raised $20million worth of crypto.
Crypto Library Team : To attract investors in this project, does Bakumatsu have Staking and Yield Farming features? And are there any plans to roll out token burning and buyback event?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : Liquidity mining is including Staking and Yield Farming while the rate of releasing is correlated positively with game user activity and the number of TokenX’s pools. The fee proceeds will be used to buyback $RYMA. And people can vote on whether to buyback or destroy $RYMA.
Crypto Library Team : Can you explain about native stacking program in more detail, how strong is your staking network? Is there a time rule in staking? And if we unstake our #RYMA at any time, are there any fees and penalties?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : About that, we’ll make an announcement to explain more details and rules before we launch the staking program. If users unstake $RYMA it’ll cost some fees, but it won't be too much.
Crypto Library Team : NFT is really a hot topic in the cryptocurrency market now.  So how is your project planning to develop NFT then how is your proj
ect planning to integrate it with DeFi
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : NFT is important in Ryoma project. We call it the Ryoma traffic passcard and it’ll determine the efficiency of Ryoma mining. More details in the whitepaper which you’ll find on our web :
Crypto Library Team : Many projects have started but may not be long lasting. Can you tell me if you plan to stay active and provide projects and opportunities to the community in the long run?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : I’m the TOP 1 e-sport guy in Asia and I determined to join Ryoma as the CEO. I have bet on all my reputation. So the answer is YES, this is going to be a LONG TERM STAR project. 
Crypto Library Team : Sir we want to buy  tokens for your project. How do we buy tokens? And how do I sell it ?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : The Ryoma token ($RYMA) has been listed on Uniswap, people can purchase $RYMA on

Smart Contract address: 
Crypto Library Team : Your platform already has a WHITEPAPER or other DOCUMENT that you can pass me please? I like to read and study a project in depth, plus some links that you can share with the community to keep up to date with their news?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : Yeah, of course. Whitepaper, basi info, social media etc , you’ll find the info that you need on the web >>>
And welcome to follow us Twitter @RyomaCrypto. Good news is that we're going to have a campaign with Twitter@Kana_Momonogi. And it'll be big rewards at that time.
Crypto Library Team : Southeast Asia is a very vibrant market and many project developed here so with your project what do you think about Southeast Asia and do you have any plan to here?
Yamaguchi Yu (Bakumatsu) : We’ll have more marketing plans and promotions on Southeast Asia, and we’ll bring more best Japan’s games to Southeast Asia.