AMA Recap Crypto Library with GrachyiLand


On 01st October 2021, GachyiLand conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is May Wong. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about GachyiLand progress. The GachyiLand team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into GachyiLand.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Hi everyone, my name is May  I'm from Malaysia and am now a practising lawyer in Australia. I am one of the 3 founders of Gachyi Land and I lead the whole concept design and NFT launchpad for Gachyi Land. I got involved in crypto a few years ago when I worked on the legal side of blockchain and NFT projects. And the Gachyi Land idea struck me when I was thinking about creating Gachapon products, but instead we'll do it via NFTs!
Crypto Library Team : What is Gachyi Land? and how is the story/reason behind the Gachyi Land project creation?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Gachyi Land is building a whole new ecosystem that consists of an NFT issuance platform through Gachapon Machines (a.k.a Gacha-platform), as well as a Play2Earn MMORPG. The theme of our project was formulated around the concept of Japanese Gachapon Machines. If you read our lore, the Gachapon machines are created by the Gachyi Goddess that has captured creatures from different universes and relocates them into the Gachyi Land universe. Her final wish was to create a place where creatures from other universes can interact and live together happily in Gachyi Land. We want to build a community where everyone enjoys playing our game and NFTs, and make money at the same time.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason why should we choose Gachyi Land?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Gachyi Land breathes by the rule where every NFT has a purpose in our ecosystem. Our NFTs minted will have utility within our Play2Earn MMORPG game. This includes other project' NFTs too! Choosing Gachyi Land, means you get exposure to a range of NFTs that will be incorporated into our mini games or RPG in some ways. I love the positive impact Axie has on a few communities, and we want to replicate that effect by in MMORPG based! Another unique aspect of our NFTs is our breeding feature, which is one of the most exciting part of our roadmap. Through breeding, we will introduce the concept of dual classing for our baby slimes, which has rarely been done in the NFT space. One other cool concept that I look forward to introduce is the resource generation feature , that generates our users passive tokens just by holding the land.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about the NFT products of Gachyi Land!

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Well the first release will be our Goo Goo line   limited to 500 ever will be minted! Our pre-sale 150 Goo Goos is set in late October. so make sure you follow us on our social channels for announcements! The remaining 350 can then be minted after pre-sale. So make sure you follow us on our social channels for announcements! The remaining 350 can then be minted after pre-sale. Remember this. If you own a Goo Goo NFT, you are basically the VIP in the Gachyi Land. After Goo Goos, we will be releasing our second NFT product line, called the Slime Tales. Unlike other games where you fight slimes, in Gachyi Land, you will be fighting as an OP slime. We have developed some extraordinary slime classes and we cannot wait for our community to see them! Gachyi Land will also release a whole line of other NFTs that are unique, cool, and kawaii! Later down our roadmap, we will also onboard other artists/projects to issue their NFTs via our Gacha mechanism.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : We have an incredibly nutritious and rich roadmap, and the Gachyi team is all in to make this happen! NFTs aside, we will be developing mini games and Play2Earn MMORPG with the minted NFTs, including land sales. We want our users/players to enjoy our game, adore our NFTs, interact with community from different countries, and make money via breeding, airdrops, and resources trading! in the long run, we will have our gacha-platform fully functional to issue other projects' NFTs.
Crypto Library Team : GACHYI LAND will be an NFT issuance platform where multiple NFTs that fit the Gachyi Land theme will be minted. So what are the options for minting within Gachyi Land? Will there be any advantages specific to the Gachyi Land ecosystem for the minting process?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Our first NFT product line is called Goo Goo  they will be minted on our website on Polygon. Because it's gaming related, we needed to use a layer 2 solution. After the first NFT line issuance, the rest of our NFTs including Slime Tales will also be mintable on our website. We are blessed with incredibly talented dev and designer team that will make the minting process extremely fun, interactive and hopefully nostalgic to some gachapon fans. This launchpad is where we will provide the best and most interactive experiences for our users. Imagine playing gachapon machines and winning capsules but through blockchain and NFTs. Now imagine, the NFTs from your capsules now belong to you and can be playable in a game!. Advantage of minting is that you'll hopefully get the NFT at a much cheaper price than what you would buy it on the secondary market. For example, our GooGoos are highly limited 500 to be exact. However we will be minting in the 0.06 to 0.07 eth range, so lots of potential there. Like i mentioned earlier, all NFTs minted on Gachyi Land have a purpose and will form part of our mini games/MMORPG in some ways. This is what makes Gachyi Land special.

Crypto Library Team : What is your development plan in October, any new products to be launched? Is the project currently having an airdrop campaign or event for community?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : We have planned so many exciting activities to engage and reward our community members in the month of October through to December. There will be contests for invites, stickers, memes, as well as giveaways on all our social channels. You might get a chance to score a belly rub too if you level up in our discord channel. Actually, right after this AMA sesh, we will be starting a discord invite contest. Make sure you subscribe to our channels to read the rules. Our first product GOO GOO pre-sale will be launched by the end of October. If you hold a GOO GOO, you are basically the VIP of Gachyi Land, as it gives you privileges for our airdrop and pre-sale activities in our upcoming releases.

Crypto Library Team : I saw the latest releases of your project and I read that you published the whitepaper, this gives me to understand that the project is just being born, what will the interface of the website be like and what objectives do you have in mind for the construction of the roadmap?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Our Gachyi Land website platform is all about the user experience. All of our gachapon machines on the platform are uniquely designed. This platform is where we will provide the best and most interactive experiences for our users. Our official website will be launched very very soon, watch this space. In terms of roadmap, we have an incredibly nutritious and rich plans for short and long term, and the Gachyi team is all in to make this happen. 

Crypto Library Team : Many of the current games based on NFTs have very similar aesthetics and art to Pokemon, some are hard to distinguish from each other. In this scenario, what is the main attraction that differentiates you from the others and with which you plan to hook users?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : It is perfectly understandable everyone loves Pokemon. The current NFT games are basically monster based, e.g. axie and chainmonsters etc. However, GACHYI LAND will be MMORPG based, not with monsters, but with SLIMES. Our inspiration comes from Baldurs Gate 1 and 2 with stat rerolls. It will be a PLAY2EARN RPG, pretty cool right! Our NFTs inspiration came from many games but also animes. Instead of fighting slimes like any other games, you will be fighting with your exclusive genesis slime or baby slime with dual class in our game.

Crypto Library Team : You comment that Gachyi Land was created by industry experts in crypto and blockchain. Can you tell us a bit about the curriculum vitae of the team of experts behind Gachyi Land? What other blockchain projects have you helped to create?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : My team is one of the best NFT team anyone could ever dream of. Our partnership consists of Blockchain Australia and Neo Legal. They are the best of the best from Australia and potentially international. We are here to stay. Harly owns one of the few genuine crypto specialist law firms in the world. He lead and facilitated the first IPO in the world to raise funds via crypto. He has also set up a wide range of crypto and blockchain projects. Some you might already know! Ralph owns Blockchain Australia. I can confidently say his company is one of the top 3 tech and consulting businesses in Australia. You can find further information on their respective websites or their linkedin.
Crypto Library Team : Where do you get the name of the project? What does this mean to you? And why did you choose this name for your project? What do you want to achieve in the future?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Our project name Gachyi Land comes from a few elements:

Element 1: Gachyi is a twist of the term Gachapon  Growing up I have always been a fan of gachapon machines and would use all the tokens in my mini pouch just to try to get the special edition capsules that I want. Hence the name 'Ga'

Element 2: Chyi is actually my second first name. We came up with many names for our project that are somewhat relatable to Gacha, and in the end, the team went with Gachyi 

Our mission is to build a community where everyone have fun and share our journey together with our Gachyi NFTs creatures.

Crypto Library Team : Did you have inspired one of the character in this project from "naruto anime"?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Yes absolutely yes. Our first line Goo Goos actually has one of the Naruto eye feature. It makes me happy that someone in the community picks this up! 

Crypto Library Team : Is your Project a local and a global project. How many People do you have for non english user? Can anyone uses your services from anywhere in the world.Is there are any restrictions of using your service?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Gachyi Land is a global project for sure. In fact Gachyi Land is founded by three individuals from different cultural backgrounds. Our community managers, architects, designers are from all over the countries. So yes, we definitely plan to cater our platform to community from the whole world including non-english speaking users. I am also very blessed to have a solid filipino community that has shown so much love and support for us.

Crypto Library Team : Gachyi Land will partner with an animation studio that has helped produce some well-known films for WarnerBros, Disney, among others. Exactly what aspects of your business are you going to improve with this partnership? Can you give us a preview?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : We are blessed to have partnered with a reputable studio that has helped produce some well-known films across the world. This studio will be the creator of our creatives and we have very exciting official announcements to be announced VERY VERY SOON.

Crypto Library Team : Gachyi seeks to ensure that its NFT holders always make a profit while playing. What are the functions that allow the holder to obtain profits either actively or passively?

May Wong (GachyiLand) : Gachyi Land project embraces the value where all NFTs serve a purpose, whether it be giving benefits or privileges to the holders or playable in our games! As part of our roadmap, our second line NFTs Slime Tales will be playable characters in our MMORPG . There will be Play2Earn and breeding features in place that allow holders to generate profit. Don't forget our land sales that generates resources passively, which can be traded or used for weapon enhancements.