AMA Recap Crypto Library with NASDEX


On 18th September 2021, NASDEX conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Josh Du and Belinda Zhou. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about NASDEX progress. The NASDEX team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into NASDEX.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : Sure. So my background is actually in traditional finance. I've been a investitutional investor for the past 15 years. Worked at morgan stanely, deustche bank and a lot of major wall street firms. This is actually why I'm super excited about NASDEX and in general how DEFI will take over Tradfi. And I think that NASDEX will make that reality one step closer to actuality.

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : Hi all, this is Belinda, CMO at NASDEX! I went down the rabbit hole of blockchain in 2018. Ever since then, I have helped quite a number of projects, tokens funds and exchanges with marketing and community efforts. Here in NASDEX, I will also be mainly working on PR, marketing and community. Our product lead Henry is not here but I will quickly say he got decade long dev experience with 5 year dev experience in crypto. He is familiar with smart contracts and building on multiple chains including Ethereum, Solana, Heco, BSC and Polygon. We are all full time on this project and very much committed.

Crypto Library Team : What is NasDex? and how does it work?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : So for me - NASDEX is a decentralized exchange for tokenized equity. The general idea is that we want to bring the equity asset class onto blockchain in the form of trading through a decentralized exchange. We are quite unique in the market given that we are bridging two major asset classes in the world. We want to introduce house hold equity names to our users but with the additional functions and features that we know and love in crypto and defi. Personally, I've been an institutional equity investor all my life but I've seen the power of crypto and the rich features of defi. I want to help create a bridge between these two wonderful asset classes and offer this product in the most user friendly way possible. I'm interested in this product personally and I believe that many others will be interested in this product.

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : NASDEX is a user-friendly platform where investors could buy and sell tokenized equity as easily as crypto with 24/7 trading, fractionalized share buying, and yield farming. It is designed to serve as a bridge between the crypto world and the equity world.

Crypto Library Team : What makes NasDex different from all other Exchange out there?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : So the main feature is of course the tokenization of equity onchain. You can buy your favorite stocks through our dex without the need of KYC. Then you can stake these tokenized stocks to earn even more yield. The dex is decentralized meaning everyone have access and trading is 24/7.

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : So some of you know, our DEX is focused on Asian investor. NASDEX is introducing Asian stocks for the first time ever, such as Tencent, Meituan, TSMC, Samsung, etc. Since theoretically all assets can be tokenized, our platform will gradually increase the offerings by giving customers exposure to ETFs, indices, and additional asset classes and derivatives as well. So basically NASDEX is an ideal place for existing crypto users to diversify their portfolio and traditional investors getting to invest in DeFi.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $NSDX token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can buy it?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : The main function of NSDX is to serve to share in the profit of the DEX. Once the exchange is running, our community will share in the upside by holding $NSDX tokens. NSDX holders will be able to share in the revenues of NASDEX through buy-and-distribute, buy-and-burn, or direct profit share mechanism. Actual mechanics will be voted through the DAO by the community. Another function of NSDX is to serve as collateral in the minting of tokenized stocks. And finally there are additional governance features like the ability to vote on new stocks to list on the exchange.

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : Josh covered it well. I will mention a few highlights:

  • Total supply: 100,000,000 $NSDX
  • Liquidity Mining over 4 years: 40% (40,000,000)
  • Initial market cap: Around 500k market cap
  • Deflationary model: block rewards reduction every 2 weeks for 4 years
  • Fair launch: no pre-mine for team or advisors
  • High liquidity: 1% allocation for liquidity at AMM at launch

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : Most importantly, our IDO is happening on Sept 28. Here are some important notes:

In terms of product, we are releasing our MVP in 2 months. Here is a sneak peek:
Our fundraising is very successful. See here: 
And our IDO details can be found here too: 
So next week, we will a series of AMAs ahead. Quite some exciting partnerships have been confirmed. We will reveal them one by one when we are ready. Stay tuned everyone!

Crypto Library Team : In the #Nasdex ecosystem, what is the role and function of the $NSDX token?In introducing $NSDX and attracting investors, does #Nasdex have other plans besides presale and IDO?

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : The main function of NSDX is to serve to share in the profit of the DEX. Once the exchange is running, our community will share in the upside by holding $NSDX tokens. The bigger TVL we have, the more token holders can benefit. Another function of NSDX is to serve as collateral in the minting of tokenized stocks. And finally there are additional governance features like the ability to vote on new stocks to list on the exchange. NASDEX has a very good narrative. We have quite a number of media and KOLs supporting us. We will consider conducting similar airdrops like Uniswap or 1inch to reward early adopters. We are talking with crypto and traditional funds too about NASDEX. Persuading them to park a small % of their money with NASDEX. If it is successful, we will have a lot of traction. Apart from that, we will carry out quite some educational sessions to inform the users how to trade tokenized stocks on-chain. We believe once the traditional investors get the hang of it, they will never get out.

Crypto Library Team : Transparency is the most important part for investors who will be a part of this. In this case, what can #Nasdex assure to the investor? And what kind of treatment will #Nasdex do to the community so that a mutually supportive relationship is established?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : Well, as you can see. We are all real name founders on this project. So, you know who we are. You can find us in real life. So trust that we will not do anything funny. At the same time, we will have multiple audits on our code to ensure that we are using the most safe and battle-tested mechanics on the market. We are all real-name, so we are truly very much accountable for this with our reputation as well as our money; we are on the same side here. All codes will be audited and be opensource so the community can check through every line of code. NASDEX will also be managed by a DAO so everyone in the community will have a say in the future.
Crypto Library Team : What is the reason #NASDEX using the Polygon network? Will it consider migrating to the new popuIar public chain in the future, like Binance Smart Chain?

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : Polygon network is very cost-efficient, super-low gas fees and fast transaction! Polygon team are great friends and partners and have been supportive. We will have quite some AMAs with Polygon and Quickswap community next week. NASDEX is a winner of one of the highly competitive Polygon Grants too!

Crypto Library Team : I read that the NASDEX MVP pilot phase is starting soon, could you give us some sneak peek on the cool features it will have? Also, when do you plan to officially release it?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : Yes this is correct our MVP will soon be ready and will be fully featured. Our users will be able to mint, trade and farm tokenized equities directly. Here are some previews of the UI

Crypto Library Team : NASDEX is designed to serve as a bridge between the world of cryptocurrencies and the world of equities, but will NASDEX really allow you to trade assets from the traditional stock market on its platform? Can you explain?

Josh Du (NASDEX) : Yes NASDEX will allow users to trade assets from traditional stock market on its platform. Please see this for a short summery of how that is done. 
Crypto Library Team : Could you give a brief spoiler of what NASDEX is going to offer in 2022? What would be the three main characteristics of the partnership that NASDEX will have? What could you say is the most anticipated release of your roap map both for you as a project and for users and investors?

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : Since theoretically all assets can be tokenized, NASDEX will gradually increase the offerings by giving customers exposure to ETFs, indices, and additional asset classes and derivatives as well. So 2022 is gonna be exciting. We will mainly have partnerships with price oracles to feed us real-time data from off-chain stock exchanges as well as liquidity partners such as funds or institutions who park their money with NASDEX as a way to expose themselves to DeFi. So far most exciting is the IDO on Sept 28  and MVP in November.

Crypto Library Team : You partnered with PLUTUSVC to introduce a Staking program, how many staking pools have you introduced and what APYs will you be offering, and how to do I take advantage of this, any detailed tutorials?

Belinda Zhou (NASDEX) : The staking will be live upon IDO on Sept 28. APY will be high especially if you enter early! Plutus VC is our lead investor. They wrote a very good commentary to support NASDEX. Please see here: