AMA Recap Crypto Library with REVUTO


On 16th September 2021, REVUTO conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Vedran Vukman. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about REVUTO progress. The REVUTO team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into REVUTO.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : I’m CEO and cofounder of
a service (mobile app) that is helping people manage and pay for their subscription charges.

By doing so, we’re intorducing them with crypto what will allow them to save their money by leveraging crypto and Defi setups to pay less for their subscription charges than they would pay them with their FIAT money.

In short, we’re here to help people save their money when it comes to subscriptions.
Crypto Library Team : What is REVUTO? and how does it work?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : Revuto is a dApp that is allowing people to use Revuto Virtual Debit cards which they can use instead of their own (personal) debit/credit to subscribe with service providers. Those cards, among others, can be topped wit our crypto token built on Cardano which we call REVU.

Revuto allows users to take full control of their Revuto Viurtual Debit Cards to save them from thins like free-trial traps, or any other unwanted subscription charges. So, even if they forget to unsubscribe before fre-trial ends, with Revuto our users won’t be charged.

Additionally, we allow them to easily Block, Snooze, or Approve any subscription charge as it occurs. By blocking, you simply avoid paying for the next month so you can control the seasonality of your services. For instance, why to pay to Netflix for than next month if you’ll be on vacation, travel somewhere and you won’t be using it.
The same as Blocking, at one point you can easily Unblock payments to particualr service and continue using service.

By Snoozing you can actually postpone payment to particular service provider because some of them allow you grace period during which you can still use their service eventhough you didn’t pay them on due date. That alone will help our users to maximize thair cashflow potential.

Crypto Library Team : What are the special features and advantages does REVUTO want to offer?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : We’re the only active subscription management service that can actually control recurring payments towards merchants. We issue Virtual Debit Cards and we allow people, alongside management (Block, Snooze, Approve), ability to leverage their crypto assets and Defi services with subscription charges.
For instance, alongside using REVU to pay for the subscriptions, With REVU people will be able to provide liquidity to other users that don;t neccessery have funds to pay for their subscriptions on a due date. Those who will borrow funds will borrow them from liquidity pools and pay fee to those who will be staking REVU into those pools.

But the main advantage is the whole setup that incentivizes people and their friends to use REVUTO for subscription payments.
We have awesome Referral Program that is allowing users to receive a passive income in REVU whenever their referred friend makes a payment with Revuto. Premium users will be getting 4% cashback in REVU for every payment they make with Revuto Virtual Debit Cards and so on.

all together, many adavntages and unique features.
Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $REVU token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can buy it?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : Revu token is a Cardano native token built into our setup to help people pay for their subscriptions less than they would pay them with FIAT.

We use it to incentivise the whole setup trough chachback, Referral program, staking program, vouchers and other rewrds.

32% of all REVU was reserved for our ICO which went pretty successful in May. We managed to sold out all tokens (10M USD) in minutes.

Also, it was the first public token sale on Cardano network.

Now we’re getting ready to release first tokens to our investors within our Revuto app which is already available for iOS and Android. Still, due to very high demand, to be able to use it, you’d have to use somebodys invite (referral) code. So far 2.5M people signed up to get Revuto app early. From August 1st we let more than 120K users to register with Revuto.

53% of total REVU supply will stay in the company for the next 4 years during which the company we’ll be releasing 20% of that every 9 months or so. After that the whole setup will be fully decentralized.

🚨To learn more about it, check our whitepaper!

oh yes - UNFORTUNATELY >>> REVU can’t be bought before listings on exchanges what shuld happen by the end of this month or early October. We have some great announcements ready regarding exchanges so be ready.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : As explained, now we’re waiting exchanges to list REVU. We did some amazing partnerships and now we’re waiting their green light to start promoting it. It was hard because of tye technical implementation of Cardano native token with exchanges. That’s something new to the crypto ecosystem.
Around the same time, the new app update with the Cardano wallet will be out. The next app update allowing Virtual Debit Cards will follow in November. Defi setups early next year.

Still, among those things, we recently introduced our R Fund for the Cardano projects.

Also, we’re getting ready to integrate support for the Revuto NFTs within our app.

Altogether, many cool things are coming.

Crypto Library Team : What types of subscriptions can we get with the Revuto Virtual Debit Card? Does this main feature more profitable for users than using VISA?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : Revuto Virtual Debit Cards will be VISA/Mastercards. We partnered with card issuing providers offering both. In the case of the Revuto user experience, the main difference will be the ability to fully control payments when those cards are preauthorized with the service providers and the ability to top-up those cards with crypto. For the merchants, Revuto VDC will be seen as any other VISA/MC debit card.
Crypto Library Team : How can #Revuto convince users to trust this project in the long term? Are there features that users can use to earn revenue through #Revuto?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : Yes, there’s a 4% cashback in REVU for every payment people make with Revuto VDCs.
Crypto Library Team : Revuto's main vision is to be the biggest builder/creator of the Cardano ecosystem with the aim being to build the best service to manage subscription fees. But why did Revuto choose Cardano as its ecosystem? and what after completion of the $ADA hard fork for Revuto ? 
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : There are several reasons why. First, Cardano is an awesome blockchain, it’s a 3rd geenration blockchain which successfuly implemnted POS so it doesnt have problems with scalability, transactions will always stay fast and cheap, especially comapred to the Etehrum blockchain. I’m sure nobody would love to pay for their Netflix 10 eur/usd while paying double that for the transaction fee.

Cardano is very secure network, offering governance by the default. Than, being among the first ones on the comletely new and evoplving ecosystem is always a good thing and lastly, Cardano has one of the biggest supporters within the crypto community. Taht’s an awesome force.
Crypto Library Team : How can the COMMUNITY help and support the success of your project?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : Awesome question. Our goal is to offert the service which will become the synonyme when we talk about how to control and pay for your subscriptions. Why? Because of all the benefits. The whole setuo is built to actually work better if more people are involved so we’d like to onboard as much people as possible. In that regard, we have an awesome referral program so I’d advise to all to try and get referral link from somebody who already has Revuto app or is part of the Revuto Referral program. Lasty, you can always try to be fast and get your hands on REVU very early. For that you’ll need to wait for the exchanges to list REVU. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you on what date exactly REVu will be listed because we don’t know it either. Even Cardano was not allowed to know when exactly ADA will be listed on Coinbase. 
Crypto Library Team : Revuto wallet supports native tokens based on Cardano but I would like to know which tokens can be used as payment method besides REVU token and EURR stable coin? In the future the wallet could accept other cryptocurrencies that are not coming from the cardano network?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : For the beginning, people will be able to top-up (use) REVU to pay for their subscriptions. Later, with allowing defi setups, will add stable coin and, at one point, if it will make sense, we may add ADA and/or other Cardano native token(s). Our goal is to help Cardano ecosystem grow but we need to do it wisely. Alowing top-ups with other tokens too early may hurt REVU token holders lose profits. Creating constant buying pressure on REVU is something we’ll try to keep.
Crypto Library Team : Do you think you will apply NFT technology to your products in the future?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : We already did that, but patially. Our wallet will allow NFTs becasue we already created 1826 unique Revuto NFTs for our early bird T1 investors. Later we plan to introduce NFT platform to all Revuto users.
Crypto Library Team : The Revuto project has microloans for users to pay subscriptions on a regular basis but could you explain me how will the fees and payment time limits be? What happens when a user does not pay a month of a microloan?
Vedran Vukman (REVUTO) : Awesome question. We plan to offer micro-lending without any colateral. To make it happen, we’ll look into users past behaviour and use machine learning to determine if the user is eligable for the micr-loan and up to what limit. New users with no transactiuon history with Revuto won’t be able to get a loan. Also, the percantage of not returned funds will be calculated into the lending fee because, yes, it may happen that somebody someday won’t return what he borrowed. In a way, we’ll build a credit score system to work with the setup. Obviously, those who will have many subscriptions setuo with Revuto, succesful payment history will probably return what they borrowed because if not, they’ll loose all the benefits of Revuto (referall rewards, cashback, Virtual debit cards, staking rewards…). In short, they’ll will have a lot to loose.