AMA Recap Crypto Library with SIONIX


On 22nd September 2021, SIONIX conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Daryl Tirajoh. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about SIONIX progress. The SIONIX team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into SIONIX.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : I'm Daryl, 29 years old and CEO of SIONIX. Have been in crypto for 5 years now and we just launched our own which has been exciting times.
Crypto Library Team : What is SIONIX? and how your team can create this project?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : With SIONIX we are building a bridge between the world of crypto and charity. We want to create new opportunities for people who needs our help so they can start building their own future. The initial idea came from my wife actually. I’m from Indonesia by the way and every year we try to visit Indonesia when we’re able too. And what she saw is the messed up health care system and huge gap between the poor and the rich. We wanted to do something about that. Her first idea was to start by building our own hospital and create our own system. A system which allows people who can’t afford a lot to be helped too when they would need health care. SIONIX is from SION, which means a safe haven/ safe place. So that's how the idea for SIONIX actually started. A lot of money is being made in crypto. Why not use it to help others.

Crypto Library Team : Why should we choose SIONIX than other projects out there?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : We choose to go for the long run. Not the fast easy x10 money making. If people want to look for a quick x10 then go invest in memecoins. We want our holders to still enjoy their BNB rewards in 10 years, creating a passive income for years. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not only to create new opportunities for the poor, but we want to help and guide them to make a living also by supporting them in creating their own business or go into crypto also. This is part of our core value, Impact and Empower. This way we will create a sustainable ecosystem that will run for years. Who doesnt want to support charity while earning a passive income by just holding a token, right?

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $SIONX token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : You can actually buy $SIONX on PancakeSwap right now. Our use case is that we want $SIONX to be the main valuta for charity being used within their projects. We will develop a SIONIX platform which will be used by investors an charitable organizations. Think of a platform where you can stake $SIONX and play games 2 earn tokens. But while doing so you are supporting charities. As a charitable organizatoion on the otherhand you are able to create pools and run project with SIONIX to raise funds for your organization. Our 2nd plan is expand to festivals. Create a central payment method. Imagine having a SIONIX which you can top up at home before going to a festival and buy your drinks/foods there. Not only 1 festival but every festival throughout Europe.
  • Distribution is as follow:
  • 63% Launch on pcs
  • 30% Redistribution
  • 5% Marketing and Dev wallet
  • 2% reserves for events and giveaways
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : HASE 1 | BUILD
  •  Token Development
  •  Website Development
  •  Token Deployment
  •  Verify Contract
  •  Marketing Deployment
  •  Whitepaper V1
  •  Assembling Core Team
  •  PancakeSwap Listing
  •  Charity Donations
  •  Expanded Marketing Strategy
  •  Influencers Partnerships
  •  Launch of SIONIX Merchandise
  •  Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  •  Begin Development NFT Projects
  •  Creating concept of an Unique Innovative Wallet
  • Corporate Partnership
  • Add SIONIX to multiple CEX
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Building Charity Platform
  • Massive Giveaway
  • $300K Donation at 500M MC
  • Host Massive Event for Community
  • Start Building SIONIX Foundation
This is our roadmap. We will publish a more detailed one soon on our website. As you can see we are in Phase 2 now. We just launched a week ago and it has been amazing since day 1. We broke ATH after ATH (thanks to my lovely community, who are the best out there!) We're busy with marketing every single day and using influencers to promote us. Actually in 48 hours a big YT channel will drop a video about SIONIX! In terms of the future we are planning on to launch the platform which I mentioned earlier, it will come with our own unique wallet too. Phase 3 is going to be massive! Community events to show appreciation towards the ones who are supporting us an ofcourse charitable events. At this moment we are developing our NFT Marketplace which will have our first NFT collection, 10.000 NFT's will be minted + an extra Limited Collection.
Crypto Library Team : 13% tax for transaction fee is quite high, can you explain why the SIONIX project charges this high? and how and where will this 13% fee be distributed? Are there any cost reduction plans in the future?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : Well actually it's not that high if you count the 6% BNB Rewards that is being distributed to Holders every hour. Like I said we're here for the long run. So creating a sustainable tokenomics is part of that. 3% goes to charity. 2% for marketing to keep the engine running and 1% to LP for a solid foundation. As for now we are not planning on to lower the taxes because we really believe this works. Our community has been praising the fact that they can have a passive income now through BNB rewards by just holding their tokens.

Crypto Library Team : How much transaction fee will go into the charity wallet? Are there other ways to fund a charity wallet apart from transaction fees?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : 3% is going into the charity wallet. So the more people buy the more projects we can support. And eventually even run our own projects. SIONIX is about charity so yeah we also have other plans to raise funds for charity. The NFT's collection I was talking about will also contribute to the donations. We decided that a fixed % of each sold NFT will go to the charity wallet. Not to mention our platform which focusses entirely to support charities.
Crypto Library Team : Being one of them is Which do you think is more important:
  • Community
  • Investors
  • Token Price
If all of the above is important to you, which should come first? 

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : Okaay the first question I've picked. It may be a simple question but I just want to point this out because I feel a lot of projects forget about this one particular thing. Their Community. Since the beginning I have been open and transparant towards the community. Why? Because they are the solid foundation of a project. Like I said, it's easy to create a hype and make a easy fast money token which will get you x10 after launch. But try to create a project who will achieve x10 every single month or year for about 10 years. Impossible if you don't have a community. The community is what drives a project to be a success or failure. And our community is the BEST! They became family. The ones who will walk this journey with team SIONIX for the next 10, 20, 30 years who knows how long. And don't forget that your community are also your investors  SO to the SIONIX Family.

Crypto Library Team : There are a lot of shitcoins in the market with charity in mind, how do you think sionix will stand tall out of all other shitcoins?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : Our core values are Connect, Impact and Empower. Donating sums of money is great and probably will make a difference in some sort of ways, but we want to do more than that. Besides donating we are saving up to eventually build our own foundation. Starting our own projects and involve the community in it. Run projects all over the world with the community members. The thing is we want to lead by example and like I said we dont only want to help people in need but also helping them to get back on their feet and work on their own future. By doing so we believe that those people will in turn help others. This creating a chain reaction of people showing the right example which is impacting people lives and empowering them. We will start by connecting these people to the world of crypto and set the first step for them to follow. -> Building the the 'bridge'.

Crypto Library Team : Nearly 80% of investors only focus on short-term token price instead of understanding the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your tokens in the long term?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : This is entirely true and we understand that people are in crypto to make money. But why would you invest in a token that can give you a one time x10 profit if you can receive profits throughout the year by doing nothing except holding that token. This is exactly the purpose of the BNB Rewards. A lot of people are looking for new tokens each day to put their money in and hoping to get a nice profit out of it. But also don't forget that most of the time you dont succeed because you end up being rugged or it's a honeypot. You can't trust most of the project out there, you'll rarely find a project who are doxxed as we are, so your investment is safe. And like I said, you dont have to do a single thing and still get rewarded. The next thing is that we truly believe in this project and our community that we will take it up to a next level which will end up by you making x1000 profits. And enjoy your rewards after 10 years.

Crypto Library Team : SIONIX the Bridge between Crypto and Charity. What charities is SIONIX working with? How do you ensure that donations reach the people who need them?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : We don't want to limit ourselves to 1 sector. We want to cover all sectors, so thats basically different charities all around the globe. As for now we have picked Action agains hunger as our first charity to donate too.. they are running a good project atm by supprting/providing food to victims of the earhtquake in Haiti. W emake sure the donations reaches the the people by doing a lot of research and contacting the person in charge. We also try to be involved within the certain project ourselves to which we donate.

Crypto Library Team : When you look back to the day when you have started this project? Do you guys feel satisfied by seeing your progresses and achievements till now?

Daryl Tirajoh (SIONIX) : We only started a week ago when we launched on Pancakeswap. And it has been great so far. Lot's of support from the community and since day 1 we broke an ATH every single day. We didnt care when it dipped, we recovered like crazy and kept on going. Its all because of the coooperation within our team and the community. If that's doesn't make you proud then I dont know what will. Remember we launched a week ago. It also shows that this is not just a project but a long term movement has been started;) Like I said we have the best community, I love them. You guys should join and I promise you will have a laugh every single day and make money while doing so.