AMA Recap Crypto Library with ThreeFold


On 16th September 2021, ThreeFold conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Benjelloun Oussama and Geert. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about ThreeFold progress. The ThreeFold team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into ThreeFold.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : Alrighty! my name is Benjelloun Oussama, born and raised in Morocco, and made in different parts of the world, currently working on the blockchain ecosystem at ThreeFold.

Geert (ThreeFold) : I'm Geert, Belgian, I'm with ThreeFold since 2 years as I was all excited about ThreeFold's ideas (and realisations back then already) to re-decentralise the internet!
Crypto Library Team : What is ThreeFold? and how is the story behind the ThreeFold project creation?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : ThreeFold has developed the largest and most advanced peer-to-peer internet grid in the world, which enables individuals and organizations to build and deploy their web2 and web3 applications in a complete decentralized, private, sustainable, and autonomous environment. TFT is the official medium of exchange for internet capacity on ThreeFold. We have a beautiful story to tell, as our founder KrIstof, was early pioneer in the internet space, with multiple exits valued at more than 500M. we gathered the most impecable team to tackel down one very important problem, which internet decentralization and the infrastrucure that powers it - ThreeFold is a pure infrastrucuture player, providing decentralized internet/decentralized cloud computing, with decentralized storage and computer to empower all kind of web2 and web3 apps. 

Geert (ThreeFold) : We have a vision that the internet should be back in the hands over everyone on a equal base, not in the hands of hyperscalers, able to control our data and take financial benefit from it. Equality, sovereignty, sustainability (as it's way more scalable compared to classic industry) are core values.

Crypto Library Team : What features and products does ThreeFold want to offer? And why should we choose ThreeFold?

Geert (ThreeFold) : We don't want to offer, we're already up and running with quite a lot of exciting stuff, in the cloud space. Cloud in all its aspects: compute, storage, networking, all nicely combined using a peer-to-peer operating system. The operating system is there (called zero-OS), it can run in any form factor, allowing big and small hardware providers to connect their capacity and get rewarded with TFT. And also on user side, we have our VDC (Virtual Data Center) ready, where people can rent capacity to run any application (as a container or in a Virtual Machine). Next step is the digital twin, where you as a human can be represented 24/7 digitally and, as we say, 'Be the Internet'. As you have full control over what you run, what is the data you share and with whom you share it.

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : more info here:
Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $TFT token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and where we can buy it?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : Great question, so TFT is the medium of exchange for decentralized internet capacity - to reserve for capacity and as an incentive mechanism for our farmer ecosystem ( Miners) not your yield farmers lol. This is the main functionality of TFT, more info here around the use cases: 
In a nuthshell, TFT is what powers the decentralized internet we have built. Where you can buy it: 
And on Liquid exchange, one the top 10 exchanges worldwide. TFT is currently on Stellar and BSC, and we plan to support more blockchchains ( more DEXs) in the near future.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : Great question, in terms of milestones, we have acheived a lot already: we have expanded the grid to over 90 Petabytes of capacity, and 20K+CPU cores, making it the largest decentralized cloud in the plane. In terms of milestones regarding partnerships, we have built probably one of the largest ecosystems of blockchain Protocols, that are all using the grid to power their nodes and their infrastrucure, naming a few: Polygon, Skale labs, Harmony, Digibyte, Neo, Dash, etc.. Roadmap and future plans: we want to expand even more our internet capacity across the edges, in every country potentially, to make it the most distributed internet (now we're at 28 countries), to onboard more applications that will use our DeCloud and product suite, and most importantly, to further grow the community.
Crypto Library Team : I read that #ThreeFold claims can save up to 90% energy consumption. How can your infrastructure achieve this? And can you explain about the Digital Twin concept?

Geert (ThreeFold) : The infrastructure is based on a Linux kernel but everything around for networking has been rebuilt from scratch, both for storage, compute and networking. It allowed us to get rid of the ‘layer on top of layer’ way of working in the IT industry (security layers, context switching, OS running inside OS, …) making that only about 20% off your application is really useful for an application. Simple example: hard drives can be turned on or off way more dynamically so no consumption at all when not used. Moreover, the classic hyperscalers have densely packed servers in one big room, which requires huge amount of cooling. Nowadays, big data centers are being built with power plants next to it to feed it. A ThreeFold node can be big or small, making that it can be simply air cooled, requiring way less energy. Moreover, being small, it can run in every house, and therefore also perfectly fit for running ‘at the edge’. When data doesn’t need to go around the world, there is a) less latency but b) also requires less energy to make it circulate (routers, …) and the cabling infrastructure is far less saturated.

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : For the Digital twin, in a nutshell, is an app, or more as a space, that lets you own your data with maximum privacy, with some P2P messaging and browsing functionalities - basically revamping the most common internet services , and them truly yours - all powered by the ThreeFold decentralized grid. More info here:

Crypto Library Team : With 3Node we can earn revenue through the Triple Token offered. Is this income 'worth it' with the electrical requirements of this equipment?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : Correct! Our intertnet farming model enables you to mint TFT while you provide internet capacity by plugging in any hardware that is intel or AMD, and with some storage on it, we have the 3node that is commercially available ( there was a lot demand recently on this one). A better and more sustainable form of mining, with an actual utility - with providing internet capacity in exchange for ThreeFold token. more info: 
Geert (ThreeFold) : Nodes are general IT equipment, the small nodes like the Titan produce about 30 Watt (if no workload running on it)-200 Watt (when fully used), so no more than a computer. Having your capacity connected to the grid generates tokens (varies, depending on the size of your hardware infra), but that covers largely the energy consumption. Next to that, when capacity is reserved, a farmer also gets part of the earnings for the rented capacity. There is a lot of info on:
It explains how farmer gets rewarded and also contains a link to a calculator that simulates what you earn, depending on the capacity you connect. There you can see there is a multifactor ROI for connecting your hardware over a period of time (like 5 years).
Crypto Library Team : Can you tell me where can I buy $TFT tokens and is there any on the exchange market like on DEX,CEX for those $TFT tokens, can you provide a $TFT smart contract?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : Yeah Absolutely! you can get $TFT on pancakeSwap or on Liquid.

Crypto Library Team : NFT is really a hot topic in the cryptocurrency market now. So how is your project planning to develop NFT then how is your project planning to integrate it with DeFi?

Benjelloun (ThreeFold) : Absolutely, NFTs are booming right now, and we're in discussions with multiple NFT companies to enbale them, and their users, to safeguard their storage and have them on of ThreeFold's decentralized storage. Same thing with DeFi applications. ThreeFold can power literally any kind of workload and store any kind of object/data etc..

Crypto Library Team : Given that there are several centralized and decentralized storage clouds, what guarantees does Threefold provide that it is the safest place to save data?

Geert (ThreeFold) : Our dispersed storage mechanism makes that a hardware owner/farmer has no clue about what data is stored on his infrastructure, as there is only chunks of the data on it. A user generally stores his applications and data over different owners. And only he is able to recollect the pieces. We claim the data is stored in a quantum-safe way, as even a quantumcomputer will not be able to calculate what is missing (as there is and endless number of possibilities). More info can be found in:
Be aware though that we don’t only offer cloud storage, but also compute and networking, in the safest way (with end2end encryption and channels only opened from the inside, controlled by an individual user’s private key)

Crypto Library Team : When you are creating your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands? 

G(ThreeFold) : The project is open-source, and we are indeed open to contribution by many. See and

Crypto Library Team : How can the COMMUNITY supports and help in the success of your project?

(ThreeFold) : Great initiative, whether you are a developer or non-developer, everyone is welcome to the ThreeFold community and everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute, as it is all Open-source. We need more community members who want to be become internet farmers, builders, or advocates, join us on Telegram and chat with us.