AMA Recap Crypto Library with YooShi


On 26th September 2021, YooShi conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Vincent. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about YooShi progress. The YooShi team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into YooShi.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Vincent (YooShi) : 
Crypto Library Team : YooShi, which is frequently seen on media platforms these days, has always made great efforts to develop. It upgraded its brand and successfully incubated two blockchain games. However, there may be some friends who don’t know much about YooShi, can you introduce it and sort out the ecology of YooShi?

Vincent (YooShi) : YOOSHI's current orientation: NFT-based platform for IDO and game incubating, the games launching platform in the future. YOOSHI will continue to develop in this direction in the near future. YooShi has three major sections:
1)YooShi GamePad
YooShi GamePad is the first NFT-based gaming IDO platform on Binance Smart Chain. YooShi GamePad will allow gaming developers to raise funds by pre-selling unique in-game assets in the form of NFT
2)YooShi Labs
YooShi GameFi Labs is an independent game incubator in the WEB3.0 era. It provides game developers with the complete GameFi game design system and technical support to help the game developers to finish blockgame development more easily.
3)Play To Earn Guild Alliance
P2EGA is a Play-to-Earn gaming guild alliance. We hope to help millions of low-income people to gain more profits through “Play-to-Earn” games and bring more users into the game!
YooShi's current ecology can be understood as two major parts
YooShi's expansion of NFT, Farm, and incubation project participation privileges based on its own deflation model.
  • NFT: With YooShi's own NFT, NFT holders can stake to participate in Farm, and there are NFT minting activities from time to time. Using lower-level NFT can mint higher-level NFT with a certain probability, which increases playability while realizing NFT deflation. In addition, in the last project StarMon, those who hold YooShi NFT and meet the corresponding requirements have enjoyed the privilege of blind box purchase. However, whether there will be corresponding welfare activities in subsequent projects shall be announced by authorities.
  • YOOSHI: YooShi’s token YOOSHI can be staked in Farms to earn. In addition, YOOSHI will charge a 10% fee for each transaction, which will be used to subsidize the mining pool, repurchase and reallocation. Also, it will also be burned when the YOOSHI holding address meets the corresponding requirements. All of the above have been written into the contract, open and transparent. We welcome the inspection and supervision from community members. Projects Incubated by YooShi
  • IDO: The GamePad of the three sectors mentioned above allows game developers to raise money by pre-selling in-game assets in the form of NFT.
  • Game launching: Users can enter the game through a specific YooShi page and enjoy it. YooShi Game Guild: P2EG was also explained earlier, YooShi will form its own guild, leading guild members to enjoy quality projects (not limited to projects incubated by YooShi) while earning actual revenue.
  • NFT: Trading and auctions in the NFT market.
Crypto Library Team : As mentioned in the theme of AMA, the new version of YooShi 2.5 is ready to be released! So what exactly got updated in version 2.5? What are YooShi's plans for 3.0 after 2.5?

Vincent (YooShi) : YooShi official website has been upgraded to the version 2.5 Friends part has been updated and classified. Recently, you can see that YooShi has carried out many cooperation announcements in the official community. While carrying out deeper cooperation with existing partners, YooShi will expand more partnerships. Classification of YooShi Friends: Friends, Media, Community, Venture Capital, YooShi Games, Security Audit.
  • Media: BSC Daily, NFT Daily, CryptolA and so on have been added, which will greatly help YooShi in activities and brand publicity. Recently, BSC Daily conducted a special report on YooShi, making Yooshi recognized by more people.
  • Community: Excellent communities from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions: covering more than 300,000 people.
  • Venture Capital: Well-known investment institutions such as TK Ventures, Coin98, AC Capital will conduct detailed research on project information, which is also an affirmation of YooShi's future development potential.
  • YooShi Games: We currently incubated two projects, DNAxCAT and StarMon, and have received thousands of applications. YooShi will incubate more high-quality projects on our website.
  • Security Audit: Yooshi respects the rules of the cryptocurrency market, YooShi has been audited and attaches great importance to security issues.
  • Help Center Section: you can check various YooShi-related information: token economy, burning mechanism, and YooShi wallet tutorial to help users have a deeper understanding of YooShi.
The NFT Market section has been merged, enabling both auctions and market trades in this section. Through the display window at the top of the page we can see the Total Turnover, Total Transaction Time, Total Auction Times, and Total Auction Commission, which provides us with intuitive feelings about the NFT market. YOOSHI NFTS, DNAxCAT, and StarMon are all updated on the NFT BOX page. The total NFT supply, circulating supply and number burned are all displayed, providing players with a reference for the supply and demand of the NFT market. The Farms section has also been optimized: the staked value amount will be displayed on the interface and updated in real time according to the market price, and the page becomes smoother. YooShi 3.0 is under preparation now. In consideration of the great significance of version 3.0 to YooShi and the arduous preparation process, the upgrade of version 2.5 is a compromise. The YooShi team will take the lead in publicizing on the official website and the official community of YooShi after the preparation is completed.

Crypto Library Team : GameFi has just emerged with great potential for future development. YooShi ecosystem is in its early stages and has not taken on the shape. Obviously, it is full of opportunities. So how can a new player/investor participate in early investment on YooShi?

Vincent (YooShi) : At present, players/investors can participate YooShi in the following ways:
  • YooShi platform token
YooShi’s current positioning has been mentioned earlier. YooShi is a NFT-based game IDO and publishing platform, what YooShi does will be related to its token YOOSHI. Incubating projects and the change in positioning are all to give YOOSHI more energy. Through careful observation, you can find that the blind box sales, market sales and auction in the NFT market are all associated with YOOSHI. And there is always some of the funds flowing into YooShi from auctions, rebates and the auction of blind boxes of the original incubated projects.
YooShi also has its own economic model. After the number of holding addresses reaches the corresponding requirements, a destruction will be carried out, and 10% will be charged for each transaction, which will be distributed to YooShi holders and injected into NFT Farm at a ratio of 4% and 3%. The other 3% is generally sold for BNB to add liquidity with the other half injected into the pool.
  • YooShi NFT
The YooShi NFT was also mentioned earlier: YooShi has its own NFT which can be staked and also has minting gameplay, and will be auctioned from time to time. In addition, a round is added to the blind box purchase of StarMon, the second project incubated by YooShi. It is specially prepared for users who meet the mining power requirements of YooShi NFT. This is also a benefit for YooShi community members proposed by the YooShi team and the StarMon project.
  • Projects incubated by YooShi
The projects incubated by YooShi are also related to YooShi, and many new users get to know YooShi through the projects incubated by YooShi. Although YooShi maintains an independent relationship with its incubation projects, the YooShi team will also give some suggestions and help solve some problems during the game development process. Therefore, some of YooShi’s attributes will be implied in the incubated project, and users' participation in the YooShi incubated project will also make a certain contribution to the deflation of YOOSHI token and the expansion of the ecology.

Crypto Library Team : Earlier this month, PlayToEarn Daily published a data graph showing that YooShi token’s market performance was ranked No.1 in its sector. First of all, congratulations to YooShi for being recognized by the market, but the question is what is the specific economic model of the project token and whether it can support the continuous appreciation of the token?

Vincent (YooShi) : Based on YooShi's own deflationary economic model, YooShi will continue to be strong with the energy given by incubated projects. YooShi's own deflationary economic model destruction mechanism: At a certain number of token holders, 2% of the total supply will be burned. Secondly: a 10% fee will be charged for each transaction, which is distributed to YooShi holders and injected into NFT Farm at a ratio of 4% and 3%. The other 3% will be generally sold for BNB to add liquidity with the other half injected into the pool.
Support from YooShi incubated projects:
  • The market performance of YooShi's NFT is eye-catching.
  • Total Turnover: $16,108,186  
  • Total Transaction Times: 31,527  
  • Total Auction Times: 9,465
  • Total Auction Commission: $587,104
  • Market auction: After the successful auction, the platform will charge 3% of the publisher's earnings as service fee, 40% of which will be put into the mining pool and 50% will be purchased as YOOSHI in the market and burned.
  • Commission return mechanism: The platform receives 20% of the commission returns, 40% of which will be put into the mining pool and 50% will be purchased as YOOSHI in the market and burned.
  • Blind box initial release: 10% of the proceeds from the first two rounds of Sale of StarMon will be purchased in the market as YOOSHI, 50% of which will be burned and 40% of which will be put into the mining pool. 10% of the proceeds from DNAxCAT will be used to purchase YOOSHI, 50% of which will be burned and 40% will be put into the ore pool.
All the above mechanisms have been written into the contract, and the wallet address has been announced and can be verified. Those who are interested in this can calculate the specific amount, which will be a large sum! Plenty of YOOSHI will be repurchased and burned. YooShi has only incubated two projects at present. Afterwards, YooShi will cooperate with more high-quality projects. Then the NFT market will grow exponentially, and with the launch of incubation games, more new users will definitely notice YooShi and participate in the ecology, which will give YooShi great energy.

Crypto Library Team : After learning the whole development process, economic model and ecological condition of YooShi, I believe that many friends are very interested in YooShi’s future development direction and path. Could you tell us the short-term and long-term planning of YooShi in detail?

Vincent (YooShi) : Near-term planning:
The implementation of the brand publicity: YooShi has released global AMA activity on its official platform, and it has been advancing the progress of the project and has achieved some results during this stage. The YooShi team considers it necessary to share the latest information and achievements of the project with the YooShi family to help everyone better understand YooShi. YooShi 2.5 has been upgraded and adjusted on the official website. The official will collect users’ feedback on social media platforms and communities to fix the problems. Technical support for incubation projects, pre-launch stress test. Long-term planning:
  • YooShi 3.0 upgrade: The website will undergo a major upgrade and transformation. By then, the development direction of YooShi will be clearer. You can log in to the game at YooShi, more in-game item trading markets will be opened, more cooperation will be announced officially by well-known partners, and larger scale marketing will be held, etc.
  • Game guild: YooShi will establish its own guild and recruit established small game guilds or individuals who have some knowledge and interest in blockgames. This will be a huge expansion of the ecology and become the moat of YooShi ecology. It will also become one of the charms of YooShi to attract more high-quality projects to participate in the ecology of YooShi.
  • Project update: This part is often asked, and we received comments and private messages from Twitter. YooShi still pursues quality rather than quantity, and strictly reviews the project. There are many points to refer to for the project update: the maturity and development progress of the incubated projects, the quality of the application for incubation cooperation projects, the review of team members, etc., so as to seek steady development and build high-quality YooShi IP.
It has been said before that thousands of projects have submitted application forms to YooShi. As for whether the next incubation project will have YooShi NFT purchase privilege, and there will be the corresponding conditions, please keep a watchful eye on the official website. Any news announcements are subject to the official website, but one thing is confirmed: the YooShi team will definitely fight for benefits and privileges for community members, for we can not obtain today’s achievements without the strong support of users. Finally, I want to say that: at present, due to the popularity of YooShi ecology, many fake and counterfeit projects have appeared on the market under the name of the third project incubated by YooShi. I would like to remind everyone again that all news is subject to the official website. The official website will post the latest news as soon as possible, so beware of being deceived!
Crypto Library Team : About the NFT Marketplace you are building right now, is it open to every project or only projects you work with? Can NFT makers also sell their NFT in your market?

Vincent (YooShi) : From the NFT market on our official website, you can see that several sectors are all NFTs related to YOOSHI and NFTs of partners. YooShi NFT official website has YooShi Family StarMon Badge、DNAxCAT Crystal、YooShi Friends. What will happen in YooShi’s NFT market in the future? Please refer to the information published on the official website.

Crypto Library Team : Do you plan to expand non-crypto users in the future because there are still many gamers who are still not knowledgeable about blockchain? Can you explain your strategy in this aspect?

Vincent (YooShi) : Regarding this, we cannot give a definite answer, but YooShi will have its own game guild. For those who are not familiar with encryption and chain games, but are full of interest, YooShi will try to help everyone understand chain games and lead everyone to play and earn the world of encryption.
Crypto Library Team : How can I buy this tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

Vincent (YooShi) : You can follow this guidline: 
  1. Open and Get in 【About YooShi】
  2.  Click “Buy $YOOSHI“
Step 3 Get in PancakeSwap Exchange, connect wallet an enter the amount of tokens you want to buy.
YooShi PancakeSwap Pool: 
Suggestion Slippage: 10%-12%

Crypto Library Team : Where does the project name came from? What does it means for you and why did you choose that name?

Vincent (YooShi) : The name of the project is based on the team’s previous experience.

Crypto Library Team : Do you have any Telegram channel, or Twitter for this project? From where we can learn something?

Vincent (YooShi) : Here's:
Crypto Library Team : You just mentioned that thousands of projects have submitted application forms to YooShi. So, can you explain what characteristics or requirements these projects have to have in order to be accepted into the YooShi platform and ecosystem?

Vincent (YooShi) : This needs our team to study. The specific information needs to be announced by the official, and everything is subject to the official.

Crypto Library Team : How many people are currently working on developing the protocol? How many more do you plan to attract people?

Vincent (YooShi) : We are mainly the Korean team and other members from the world. We want to attract more people to know YOOSHI. In the future, we will strive for some benefits for those who hold YOOSHI.