AMA Recap Crypto Library with Dragon MainLand


On 16th October 2021, Dragon MainLand conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Jason Dekker. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Dragon MainLand progress. The Dragon MainLand team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Dragon MainLand.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation.

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : My quick background is I started off as a stock market trader in the late 1990’s trading Internet stocks. I did very well and started my own hedge fund and ran it up to $300 Million USD at its peak.
Then I was a founder of a Biotechnology company sold to a publicly listed Nasdaq company. Had an organic food and beverage company sold to my former business partner.
Then I was the CEO and Founder of a Blockchain company called GoChain. We successfully raised $15 million USD in our ICO in 2018 and won the Binance community listing vote by the largest margin ever. The ticker symbol is GO. 

At GoChain we partnered with several Fortune 500 and public companies like Microsoft, Dish Network, and Enviva. GoChain has primarily turned its focus to Supply Chain with its Chainsparency platform. GoChain built a great ecosystem with its own DEX, NFT platform called Zeromint and much more. 

Now, I’m the CEO of Dragon Mainland!
Crypto Library Team : What is Dragon MainLand? and how your team begin the process of creating this project?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : Dragon Mainland is a brand new “play to earn” game that’s a fully immersive 3D encrypted NFT collectibles game.

The idea of Dragon Mainland came from How to Train your Dragon. Dragons have long captivated both Eastern and Western cultures. Most recently with movies and TV shows like Avatar, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and many others.

We feel like the idea of breeding, raising and fighting Dragons 🐉 will captivate gamers and is something exciting.

We aim to create a fully decentralized community or a DAO . The community will be able to validate all transactions and activities inside the game which provides a level playing field for everyone.

It’s the intersection of gaming + DeFi + NFTs in a Dragon Ecosystem
Crypto Library Team : Could you please provide information about Dragon MainLand's earning mechanisms?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : There are several ways to earn:
1. Complete daily tasks - login, play 5 PvE and 10 PvP games and earn Tokens 
2. Stake/Pledge DMS to earn more DMS 
3. Liquidity Mine by adding liquidity to our DEX for DMS/BNB, DMS/DMP, BNB/DMP pairs
4. Win Ladder Tournaments
5. Win PvP games
6. Breed Dragons and sell them in the marketplace  
7. Trade NFTs for a potential profit
Players can earn money by competing in ranked battles (PVP), challenging the environment (PVE), and breeding dragons for sale. Many in-game assets such as the dragon skulls (NFT), DMP, and DMS, can be obtained through playing the game. Tokens can be sold on the dex, and NFTs can be sold on the marketplace.
On the other hand, some people may be interested in passive income by staking and we will be opening a large number pairs for liquidity mining.
There are many many to earn active and passive income!    
Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about the Dragon Eggs sale? How to join the Eggs Sale? And is there a limit of buying the Dragon Eggs?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : There are a total of 10,000 Genesis Dragon eggs. 9,500 for users to purchase, 100 as airdrop rewards, the remaining 400 for the community rewards later. 

At present, the first round of 1000 Fire dragon eggs were sold yesterday at a price of 0.1 BNB. 

The second round of dragon eggs will be for the Water dragons and launch at 12pm UTC on the 18th. There will be a total of 1900 eggs sold.

Each wallet and account can only buy one dragon egg. Players who want to participate in later purchases will need to change their email address and wallet (the official account will be open to internal transfers functions at a later date)
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : We are just about to release the first version of the game and we are already hard at work building versions two and three of DM. 

  • Genesis Dragon Egg Rush(2nd round) October 18, 2021
  • Follow on Genesis Dragon Egg sales will be every few days. Check our Twitter and Telegram for more info on dates and times. 
  • Launch IDO November 2021
  • DEX Listing November, 2021
  • Launch Marketplace, Breeding System, Liquidity Mining   November, 2021
  • Launch blind box, training system     November 2021
  • Launch Combat System PvP, PvE  December, 2021
  • Launch Land and Building system   February, 2022
  • Publish the updating introduction of V2.0 of Dragon Mainland   March, 2022
Crypto Library Team : Many blockchain-based NFT game projects implement the play2earn model. What is your strategy to improve experience & global adoption of play2earn gaming model? What makes investing in #DragonMainland fun & profitable for users?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : It’s turn based strategy card game where there are 5 different types of Dragons. The Dragons have different attributes that differentiate them from each other. 

Some have more speed and other are smarter and some are better at defense. There are also 3 levels of skills for each attribute that can be upgraded during the game play. There are both PvE and PvP to keep things interesting. There are 150 different cards so the potential outcomes are vast. 

There’s a dual token ecosystem with DMS being the ecosystem token and DMP being the utility token used for many activities like breeding. Players can earn DMP by completing daily tasks and in through battling and combat. 

We’ve added 3D graphics, more cards with less advantages, blind boxes, the ability for stronger Dragons to swallow weaker Dragons, and have much more advanced functionality like AR Dragon hunting coming in version 2. 
We’ve also brought on a deflationary token ecosystem which should increase returns that players can make while playing the game. Weaker Dragons are also able to be swallowed which should keep the proliferation of too many dragons down and should help them hold their value.
Crypto Library Team : In Dragon Mainland there will be PvE and PvP battles in the game. What characteristics will PvE and PvP combat in the game have? How do they work to not become a boring NFT game, what innovations will you do to keep your loyal community?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : PVE:
Battle unit: 3 dragons on our side, and up to 3 dragons from the enemy. Each can attack multiple times at a time.
Attack rules: If there are no special card effects, priority will be given to attacking the dragon closest in front of the enemy. 

If the enemy's foremost unit is side by side with another the restraint unit will be attacked first among the two. If there is no restraint, priority will be given to attacking the parallel units below the enemy.
Preparation: In this stage, players play the five skill cards in their hands according to their own energy points. Some skill cards require energy consumption, while others do not. 

The skill cards played correspond to the dragons one by one. At this stage, only the player manually enters the next step before entering the round battle phase.
The battle among the players focuses on the player's choice of placement and strategy for each round.

Players: Both sides can only supply 3 dragons.

Preparation: In this stage, players play the six skill cards in their hands according to their own energy points, some of which require energy consumption and some do not. 

The skill cards played correspond to the dragons one by one. There is a countdown at this stage, and it will automatically enter the round battle stage when the countdown ends. 

The round battle phase is the same as the PVE round battle phase.

We are hard at work on versions two and three to enhance the gameplay to make sure it’s not boring. We will also make adjustments in real time based on the feedback from players. 

To keep our community loyal we plan to commit to two things:

1. Game innovations 
2. High payouts and multiple ways to earn revenue with staking and other DeFi activities
Crypto Library Team : DragonMainland has dual token; $DMP and $DMS. Can you elaborate more about this dual token? Why do you choose to have dual token? And are their token supply is the same or fixed?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : Dragon Mainland has a dual token model DMP and DMS: 

Dragon Miracle Potion (DMP) is the utility token issued by Dragon Mainland. It doesn’t have a fixed total supply. It can only be obtained through game dungeons and completing daily quests. It will be consumed during dragon breeding, dragon bone absorption, and devouring other dragons. 

Dragon Mainland Shards (DMS) is the ecosystem and governance token of the Dragon Mainland. The total supply of DMS is 1,000,000,000 and no additional DMS will be issued. 

It can be used for: payment (buying dragons or dragon skulls in the marketplace), governance (platform ecosystem governance), staking, liquidity mining, Dragon Raising(dragon breeding, dragon skull absorption, devouring other dragons) and Marketplace dividends.

The full release will take place over 5 years or 60 months.

Token Allocation:
Mining Rewards 45%,
Foundation Reserve 15%,
Team 21%,
Advisor 4%,
Token Sale 15%

Team, Advisor, and mining reward tokens are locked and released monthly in equal increments over the 60 months. 

There is a fixed max supply or DMS but we have several mechanisms to make sure our DMS supply is deflationary to protect the value of it over the long term. 

The advantage of holding DMS is that if you stake your tokens and participate in our DeFi opportunities you will earn more DMS! 

Next, 50% of the marketplace revenue will be used to buyback DMS and permanently freeze it. This means that there will be buy pressure from gameplay on a daily basis and the overall available token supply will continue to decrease on a daily basis. 

The more people play the game the more DMS tokens that will come off the market. This in itself should drive investors to stake the token and hold it AGAIN decreasing the available supply on the market. 

We strongly believe in deflationary token ecosystems to create long term value for our holders and we believe in rewarding our token holders that stake their tokens to earn bigger returns. 

We feel it’s a very strong model and one that aligns the incentives of the players, investors, and the ecosystem.
Crypto Library Team : How much % will your project team get from this project Dragon Mainland , what will you do with that % and do your team intend to stick with this project for a long time?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : The team token Allocation is 21% distributed over 5 years. This is given to all the executives, developers, and employees of the company. The token unlock is evenly distributed over 5 years. 

For all the internal team we plan to stake our tokens to earn more tokens. We feel very strongly the deflationary token ecosystem will be one of the most profitable in the whole GameFi space. 

High payouts are great for everyone and align the incentives of all stakeholders.
Crypto Library Team : Reading your page I could see that there are 5 different types of dragons so could you explain me what are the main differences between the 5 types of dragons and how does one kind affect another?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : I am going to answer this with two images that give the proper answer to your question.

Those two images give all the info that answers your question.
Crypto Library Team : Is your project only for elite investors, what about others with small funds, is it open to everyone?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : Our GameFi platform is for all crypto skill levels. It’s more of a game and you won’t really even know you’re using crypto. 

We are definitely targeting the mass market and as such we need to make it as easy and user friendly as possible to do so. 

There’s no way to gain massive user adoption if it’s only for super experienced crypto veterans. 

Outside of the game itself there will be tons of tutorials, support groups, YouTube videos in many different languages to help make it as easy as possible to learn every aspect of the game.
Crypto Library Team : Do you have strong team to achieve ambition and vision? How well experienced team background do you have?
Jason Dekker (Dragon MainLand) : I personally have 25 years of business experience with 6 years in the Blockchain Crypto space. The rest of the Executive team has roughly the same Blockchain and Crypto experience and some even more. 

We also have a gaming studio that has been building games for many years. Our dev team is very large and because of the experience of the Founders our resource advantages are very strong. 

Our team is a fusion of gaming and blockchain Founders and developers. We think that’s the perfect combination for a super successful GameFi platform. 

We definitely have all the knowledge, skills, abilities, background and experience to be one of the best teams and games in the space.