AMA Recap Crypto Library with Liquidify


On 03rd October 2021, Liquidify conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Liqiudifyer. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Liquidify progress. The Liquidify team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Liquidify.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : About myself, I am part of the international marketing manager team of the project with more then 10 years experience in event/start-up and community management, I personally got myself into the crypto-space around 2017, and since then I am personally invested, since I believe in the growth and adoption of future technology.
Crypto Library Team : What is Liquidify? and how does it work?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : We like to state that : "Liquidify - is the world’s first Liquidity Accelerator for Long-Tail Crypto Assets". Let me share our official introduction video, I think this gives a pretty neat overview:
When we look at the crypto market today, it is pretty obvious from looking at Coinmarketcap that the concentration of capital and liquidity is very significant. Bitcoin alone as the leading asset currently makes up over 40% of the whole market capitalization of cryptocurrencies (and up to 70% at times). Probably way over 90% of capital is currently concentrated in the Coinmarketcap top 100. So this is what we call the “head” of the market, mainstream assets. But what about the other 8000+ assets currently listed on Coinmarketcap? Those form a vast “graveyard” of largely forgotten assets and small-cap coins, which we call long-tail crypto assets. Many crypto users are still “hodling” these assets, sometimes because they still have faith but often also because they are simply not able to sell as there is no liquidity. This means that there is still a lot of potential in such assets in terms of community resources. So how is Liquidify going to solve this? The idea stems from the traditional finance industry, specifically how non-performing loans were restructured in many Asian economies after the Asian crisis of the 1990s. Typically bad loans were repackaged together with high-quality loans to make them more attractive and then resold to investors and institutions. Liquidify will do something similar with crypto assets, we will allow people to lock up long-tail assets and also mainstream coins according to different valuations and receive LAT (our protocol token) and LFY (governance token) for that. We call this synthetization/collateralization mining and the architecture in which this happens is called the “liquidity accelerator”. To finish this up: Liquidify is a decentralized protocol that is designed improve the liquidity and growth potential in long-tail crypto assets (assets with low liquidity, low trading volume, and low market capitalization).

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some reason why should we choose Liquidify?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : Our competitive advantages are:

1. With our excellent connections in the crypto market we will be able to attract many projects to work together and join our protocol. On the other hand, our connections in traditional finance will help us to design better products for institutional customers and in the long run it will help us to extend our product reach to include assets from traditional markets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and so on.

2. Our extraordinary team
The team behind Liquidify consists of 20 professionals, all with long-standing experience in technology, finance, and crypto. Among them is a champion from the Google Coding Competition, winner of a DoraHacks Hackathon, as well as a number of team members with work experience in Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, Alibaba, and Google.

3. Our unique business idea, which was validated in traditional finance markets

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $LAT and $LFY token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and also where we can buy it?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : Liquidity Accelerator Token (LAT). LAT tokens track the combined prices of all long-tail assets collateralized via the protocol, plus speculation and utility value. Since the total amount of LAT is fixed, and the price-determining parameters include the volume of Liquidify’s long-tail crypto asset pool, it means that a larger asset pool will theoretically increase the LAT price. An example: the total supply of LAT is 45 million. If we have 45 million worth of assets locked in the pool, then the value of LAT would objectively be 1$ per LAT, not considering any speculation. Now if an additional 45 million worth of assets enters the pool while LAT supply cannot be increased, then the value of LAT would be 2$. There is currently over 70 BILLION worth of assets locked into DeFi applications. If the LAT token comes any close to the top 5 defi competitors, it will look like the following graphic: 
About the LFY TOKEN: Liquidify Token (LFY). LFY is the Liquidify protocol governance token. Token holders can exercise their own voting rights in the Liquidify governance system or delegate tokens to others for voting purposes. Any token holder can participate in Liquidify’s governance. As long as a user holds 1% of tokens via personal ownership or delegation, they can initiate governance proposals, including those that posit changes to the long-tail crypto asset pool allowlist, asset pool portfolio weight ratio, lock-up incentive policies, transaction fees, and other protocol-related parameters or variables. It is even possible to propose changes to the basic infrastructure of the protocol. LFY won’t be sold and can solely be obtained through synthetization mining, by locking up assets into the Liquidify asset pool.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : You can refer to our website for this. Essentially, in 2021 we plan to fully launch the Liquidify protocol in 3 stages:
Liquidify 1.0: Collateral Synthetization (April 2021) --> done
Liquidify 2.0: Long-tail Asset Pool Synthetization with Extended Allowlist (June 2021) --> done
So right now we are live with our protocol and you can already enter a couple of token into our protocol!: WEX, SAFEMOON, WSG, ETH, BUSD.
The next we will:
Liquidify 3.0: Long-Tail Asset Pool Synthesis with More Flexible Asset Pool Setup Rules (October 2021). We will allow more tokens into our protocol, right now we are looking for partnerships! and in the last stage. Liquidify 4.0 NFT Integration into the asset pool. We will allow for people to put their NFTS into our protocol.
Crypto Library Team : Liquidify has 2 tokens in its ecosystem which is the native token $LAT and the governance token is $LFY. Why did you choose to have a separate token for this? And what are the functions of both?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : Those 2 tokens I explained before, and basically they serve 2 totally different purposes. LAT is our protocol Token, LFY will be our governance token, since we are in DEFI. LFY will be used for votings etc once we turned the company into a DAO.

Crypto Library Team : Liquidify is presented as a solution for crypto assets with low liquidity, low trading volume and low market cap, representing the impact on DEFI, what is the expansion mechanism to make the project reach other sectors in the world?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : Well, there are different mechanics, interacting with each other! For expansion its for example usefull to go cross- chain. Now we are on Pancakeswap! you can buy right here:
So for now, we are on BSC, but soon we will move to other chains as well! ETH adoption is planned! But Liquidify, is not just for crypto assets, we also want to provide liquidity for other types of assets. NFTS comes next, later we even plan to include stocks, and other types of assets.
Crypto Library Team : The Liquidify protocol accepts long tail assets and in return delivers an amount of its native LAT token but if my assets placed inside the protocol were to go up in value could I get them back quickly? Once assets are placed inside the protocol do I as a user lose control of them?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : There are different functions in the protocol, if you exchange your tokens, You basically sell them. If you use the synthesize function, you will keep the ownership, and u will be able to swap back at any time. For exactly the same amount you entered into the protocol before. 

Crypto Library Team : Do you have a long-term listing plan on major tier 1-2-3 exchanges?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : Absolutely, Liquidify is a big project, we had a lot of privat and venture capital investors! So we have enough fundings for the longterm. We will list on a tier 2 exchange first, and later on an Tier 1 exchange ofc! If you buy LAT now, you are still very early, imagine the gains, once we will be listen on a TIER 1 exchange like Binance.

Crypto Library Team : How safe is your platform to use? Have you done a smart contract audit?? And what security measures are adopted from bugs and smart contract hacks? And what are our advantages as holders? And what is your strategy for dealing with supply deflection?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : We are doing an audit with CERTIK right now! it should be done this week.
CERTIK is one of the best cyber security company to analyse token contracts!
So once they are done, we are officially super safe

Crypto Library Team : As you said you are looking for partnerships, what type of projects you looking to have collab with? How your partnership with the upcoming projects create a impact to your platform?

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : Very good question, we are looking for partnerships with other projects, any crypto project which has a need to boost their liquidity can contact us any time. And we will look forward to cooperate together! We mostly look for smaller projects now, long tail assets. Small projects with low market cap!

Crypto Library Team : We mostly look for smaller projects now, long tail assets. Small projects with low market cap!

Liqiudifyer (Liquidify) : We also have international communities which you can join to communicate in your local language. and at the end i also have a surprise to announce. We have a meme challenge on going at the moment. With prices up to 250 USD: