AlgoPad- First Launchpad For Algorand Ecosystem

AlgoPad is the first launchpad for the Algorand ecosystem exclusively concentrating on building a better Algorand ecosystem. Algopad enables the investors to participate in the upcoming high potential projects on Algorand before they enter the market. Algopad filters the projects on various criteria and brings out the best projects on which Algopad users can invest. 

Algopad IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform for fundraising, which is built on the Algorand blockchain with a reasonable entry barrier for participation.

IDO Launchpad:

Before Launchpads there used to be ICO, IEO, etc. The thing is, as it is centralized, it will have many restrictions for the users to participate. As decentralized Finance is the leading space in crypto there we have seen the rise of Launchpad in recent months to be precise this year more.

Launchpads streamline the process of attracting the crypto community and raising funds effectively. Many of the upcoming projects choose decentralized ways to raise the funds. So, the Algopad IDO Launchpad was designed with the speed of Algorand, trust of Smart Contracts, and flexibility of decentralization in mind. It is a truly decentralized platform aimed to take a better approach and help Algorand based projects garner crowdfund.

Why Algorand? 

Until 2021, the Majority of the DeFi products were being built on Ethereum Blockchain, However, there is a huge gas fee involved in every transaction you make on ethereum due to proof of work consensus. So, many users are unhappy with the high gas fees and they were looking for some similar blockchain to use DeFi products that costs less gas fee. In the same way, as developers considering the aspects of users(customers) they started to build the DeFi products on Algorand which runs on PPOS protocol. As compared to Ethereum, Algorand has a much higher transaction rate and very little gas fee. So interests in people and developers are slowly shifting on to Algorand. The transactions on Algorand are fast and cheap, the opportunity for interoperability is what sets Algorand apart and why Algopad opted for it.

Why Algopad? (For investors)

✨ALGOPAD will incentivize and reward all token stakers in a way to easy access to projects on our launchpad. This will be way more helpful for investing in the upcoming project based on their stake the proportion and possibility of allocation get increased.

✨ Algopad makes our work easy by filtering the best upcoming projects on the Algorand blockchain and choosing the best ones that can survive the blockchain world.

✨ALGOPAD has a unique two-tier mechanism that is implemented keeping the normal investors in mind.

Algopad Lottery System

Guaranteed Tier System

The lottery system enables small investors to get a chance to participate in Algorand filtered projects. Whereas the Guaranteed tier system is for true believers and heavy supporters of the Algopad project.

✨The main deflationary mechanisms of AlgoPad include a 5% fee on all token sales and early unstaking fees of up to 15%. This will help drive the demand for Algopad tokens where 2% of the tokens are rewarded for the stakers and 2% of the tokens are completely removed from the supply (Burnt 🔥) and the remaining 1% of the tokens from the fee collected will be added to liquidity which enables smooth trading of token. These factors help drive demand and maintain stability for the token price growth

✨Algopad has Super Low Initial Market Cap which opens the door for huge growth in the market.

Why Algopad? (For projects fundraise) 

Access for projects

The projects selected to list on Algorand will not only be helped by fundraising and also provide various other services for the project growth and support them rigorously.

Projects will have access to:

» Exclusive access to our marketing and KOL network

»Exclusive access to our IDO platforms for the ultimate launch

»Tokenomics design by Experts and creation of vesting schedule

»Valuable industry connections via our advisor and extended network

Algopad token:

Token : $ALGOPAD

Total Supply : 10,000,000

Initial Market Cap: $55,000


The token is going to be launched on BSCMEMEPAD, which has a team that has expertise with crypto marketing and launch.

With the super low initial market cap i.e, $55K, we can see a huge rise in the demand and the growth in the price of tokens. Those who get a chance in IDO will make good reasonable returns according to Mcap stats.

The $Algopad token has a deflationary mechanism and it helps the token to get high demand and we can see constant price growth. The main deflationary mechanisms of AlgoPad include a 5% fee on all token sales and early unstaking fees of up to 15%. In which 2% redistributed to holders to reward them for their trust and support for the project. 2% is burnt and removed from the supply forever which helps in an increase in demand and price of the token. 1% is added to liquidity which makes the trading of $Algopad more smooth on a Dex.

Tier Mechanism:

As we discussed above Algopad has 2 tier mechanism

1. Algopad Lottery System

2. Guaranteed Tier System

The Algopad Lottery Tier enables the small investors to take part in early investments of Algopad filtered projects. The Lottery System goes as —

Stake 5,000 ALGOPAD — 1 lottery ticket

Stake 11,000 ALGOPAD — 2 lottery tickets

Stake 15,000 ALGOPAD — 3 lottery tickets

The Guaranteed Tier System is for supporters and believers of the project who has a higher hold in terms of the token holdings. This Tier system goes as

Moon — Stake 20,000 tokens & Pool weight is 5

Mars — Stake 40,000 tokens & Pool weight is 10

Sun — Stake 60,000 tokens & Pool weight is 20


✔ Backed By The Industry Leader “BSC MemePad” which has an experienced team in project launching. Launching On BSCMEMEPAD 

✔ Algopad is partnered with BSCmemepad, KCCmemepad, NFTsolpad, which are the best industry leaders and have a good team. Even though launching on BSCmemepad It has partnered to give Whitelist a spot for $KCCM and $NFTSOL holders as well.


✔ Within 4–5 days of IDO announcement there is a huge surge in the demand for the whitelist spot, proving it there have been 300,000+ applicants applied for Whitelist.


✔ Algopad has gained a huge community and has 35,000+ Twitter followers and 27,000+ Telegram group members.

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