AMA Recap Crypto Library with DePocket


On 27th November 2021, DePocket conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Himitsuko. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about DePocket progress. The DePocket team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into DePocket.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Hello. I'm Himitsuko - DePocket's CTO. I’m looking forward to tackling some of your great questions.
Crypto Library Team : Can you talk a little about the team? How experienced are the team with respect to the setting up of DePocket platform? 

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Thank you for this first question, it give me opportunity to introduce about my team. We have 4 main member in leading team:

- Hoang Le (CEO): INDUSTRY LEADING PROFESSIONAL IN THE ICT industry, specializing in IT with  7+ years in R&D related to Blockchain.

- Nabi Klover (CMO): 8+ years in Digital Marketing & Cryptocurrency; Former Havas Global Agent, My Defi Pet. 

- Tuan Hoang (CTO): 5+ years experience in blockchain and software engineering

- Huong Phung (CBO): Business development at KAOPIZ Corp. 7+ R&D experience in Blockchain;

That all of our leading team now.

Crypto Library Team : Can you briefly at a high level explain what Depocket is about before we dive into some deeper questions presented by the community?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Absolutely! The World of DeFi In your Pocket Easily manage and optimally invest your Crypto assets across ALL DeFi platforms.

Crypto Library Team : What’s the problem that your project saw that wasn’t being solved by another? And can you tell us some innovative features of DePocket and its value for users?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : That's a great question! We are driving into blockchain with the "Bring the Defi world to the real world". *All DeFi in your Pocket** - This is our slogan. We are making DePocket one of the most unique & potential projects in the market. We will help users easily manage and optimally invest across all DeFi platforms from just one place. And that place is DePocket, I think our DePocket of the most unique & potential projects in the market. DePocket have some innovative features like:
  • DeFi Dashboard:
- Manage Crypto assets on all DeFi platform in one place
- DeFi with multiple wallet management.
  • DEX Aggregator:
- Support user swap token with the lowest gas fee and have a best price
  • Optimal Invest:
- Optimize interest for users with the Auto Farming, Auto Staking
  • OnChain API:
- Help the developer get our data from our indexing engine to help them develop more and more apps based on it.

Crypto Library Team : Read in your whitepaper that security is your priority concern. Your code is open sourced but is your platform audited and secure?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Of course, DePocket always care about security of our clients. We cooperate with reputable audit parties like Certik to do audits for the project, and they use the following method: CertiK will examine Customer's source codefor syntactical, semantic, and logical errors with a methodology including but not limited to:
• White box code review 
• Static Analysis
• Expert Manual Review

Crypto Library Team : As we know, the IDO day is really close already. So can you let our community know, What are the Utilities of your tokens?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Yeah, quite interesting. I think many people would like to know, so this is a good opportunity to share: The DEPO Token (DEPO) shall be used for the following:
  • Feature unlock: DePocket shall provide most of the free-of-charge functions to all users. However, some premium functions are only offered to DEPO holders.
  • Governance: DEPO holders may join the decision-making on platform functions such as which DeFi apps are supported by the voting tool.
  • Staking and Liquidity Reward
  • Payment: Developers need to pay in DEPO token for each API call when using DePocket’s on-chain API. Premium DeFi utilities, such as Yield Aggregators, also charge DEPO tokens as a usage fee.
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us more details about this sale round?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : "About the sale round, here is information: 
**DePocket on OxBull:**
Date: 29th Nov at 2 PM UTC
Tier: We will have 4 tiers: 
-> Tier 1, 2, 3: only for OXB holders (it means that you have to buy and hold OXB). Kindly refer to this Medium of OxBull for detail: 
-> Tier 4: for Depocket Communities, no need to hold OxBull token, but you have to win the ticket from the Whitelist competition. Token Purchase for Tier 4: First come first serve. Each user who wins the tickets will have the chance to a chance to purchase $85 BUSD in $DEPO (~50% chance) 

Distribution time: 2 hours after Listed on Pancakes Wap (tentative at 7 PM UTC -  30th Nov).

**DePocket on DuckDao:**
Date: 2 PM UTC - 30th Nov
- Tier: We have 6 Tiers 
-> Tier 0: for Depocket Communities, no need to hold DuckDAO token, but you have to win the ticket from the Whitelist competition. We will announce the whitelist winner, the winners have to do the KYC on Blockpass (we will provide the link later). Then the winners will be added manually and directly to the platform to purchase a $DEPO token. Token Purchase for Tier 0: First come first serve. Each user who wins the tickets will have the chance to purchase $50 USDC in $DEPO (~50% chance). 

-> Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: For $DLP - DuckDAO Holder. Kindly refer to this Video on DuckDAO and update from their Medium, to know how to join these tier: 
Distribution time: 2 hours after Listed on Pancakes Wap (tentative at 7 PM UTC -  30th Nov).

Crypto Library Team : What is the advantage of buying/holding $DEPO over the people that are using free service?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : DEPO holders will be able to lock their tokens or become liquidity providers on decentralized platforms such as Pancakeswap or Bakeryswap to earn great rewards through highly rewarding interest rates! And more like: 
  • PNL in longer time, 1M, 3M
  • Token price alert with unlimit
  • Liquid pools pernament loss
And more premium features are coming up!!

Crypto Library Team : How Depocket decide that which DeFi protocol will user route on? Is it user or selected by team? And what is the minimum Investment do it need to make to join the platform?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : At first, we will develop for our current community with the popular DEX to help them be easy to use. After that we will grow the DEX based on the demand of the users community. When you join us, there is free to join. Have some freemium features for you. I think it enough for the newbie. Further more, you only need begane our DEPO holder with a small amount for some premium features. You are also able to stake that amount of the DEPO to earn more. 

Crypto Library Team : Can you share with us your roadmap in the next 6 months?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : About the plan in next 6 months and road map, you can read our litepaper, reall details. Here is the link:

Crypto Library Team : Where can we find out more about Depocket on social media?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Yes, I would like to share our officially channel. So you can update about DePocket information quick enough:
Crypto Library Team : What is the benefit of using depocket for a new person in crypto? Or is it only for advanced users?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : We've been asking ourselves this question since the very beginning of DePocket development. As you can see, every newbie who driving to the Defi have a lot of pain point at this time, right? We brainstormed tens of problem around it. However, we thought that to solve the big picture of the problem, we need to solve each piece on it. You know, to avoid the loss at the first we need to manage and control our funds right? So at first, we try to help all the newbies manage their funds easier. And the professionals too. The solution is only needed to paste our wallet address and manage your funds on many dApps through DePocket. I think it's easy with all people. At this point, a user may be complicated with some things in Defi like DEX, Staking, Farming. So, the next thing we are going to do is the place to help our users easy to invest their funds. It is the DEX router, Saving, and Earning features that we are developing. To help our users can invest easily, no need to know what is DEX, Staking, Farming.

Crypto Library Team : I think DeFi is everywhere, but if compared to traditional Finance, we still behind them, so how DePocket will give a solution for that? what is you try to solve in the DeFi space?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : The first question: I think DeFi is everywhere, but if compared to traditional Finance, we are still behind them, so how DePocket will give a solution for that? I think it is the same as the Q1. So the answer is the same there. The second: We are trying to help the newbie in DeFi can drive to Defi world more easily, safe and controllable. Without a strong knowledge about the DeFi.

Crypto Library Team : According to what I've read, DePocket allows users to track the token farming/staking APY in a rank. So, how about the NFT APY ranking? Do you intend to collaborate with certain GameFi initiatives to assist their users in managing and tracking their NFT/Hero, among other things?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : At this time, we didn't have an intent to integrate the NFT APY. (But not in the future). For the second question: Do you intend to collaborate with certain GameFi initiatives to assist their users in managing and tracking their NFT/Hero, among other things? We did it. We are collaborating with some Defi games to support their user can manage NFT, Hero, NFT Box, etc... now.

Crypto Library Team : One of feature of DePocket is Multi-wallet management, when Tracking any wallet without password. Can you explain to this features? How secure and safe this Multi wallet when it says that tracking without password?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : At first, we are a non-custodial app (also called a non-custodial wallet). It mean we didn't keep or control your private key (or password in your question). So it is safe when using DePocket. Multiple wallet management means that you can manage your funds on multiple wallet addresses on DePocket.

Crypto Library Team : Staking program is very important for any project, Can i stake your token? Do you have any plan of starting staking program?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Yes, we are developing the DEPO staking feature. We have an intent to release it on 30th Dec. Stay tuned it will be a high ROI. Don't forget to join the IDO and token listing event to be owner of the $DEPO and to be apart of DePocket community.
Crypto Library Team : What are your plans for massive adoption of your project? looking at the nft boom, on your roadmap do you have plans for NFT?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : This is an interesting question. NFT is growing fast, we are considering about the way to gamification for our app. It help us to aquire more and more user with a strong adaption. Also help user to earn more. The earn will be announcement when the test version had been done.

Crypto Library Team : I really want to invest in DePocketFinance is there a minimum investment and minimum withdrawal limit can you tell us?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : You can join your IDO the amount is based on your tier between $50 - $100. Note that: your fund is in your control.

Crypto Library Team : What real financial problems is Depocket solving to its users? How will the use of this platform modify my financial management?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : As I answer in section 2. The Defi is fragment now. It hard for the newbie who driving to the DeFi world. So, our solution is trying to help all the newbies manage their funds easier. And the professionals too.

Crypto Library Team : How powerful is your team and what experience and background does your team have?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Our team have a long time experience in DeFi and blockchain, you can confirm it out there:

Crypto Library Team : Do you have a Token Burning plan to increase Token value and attract Investors to invest?

Himitsuko (DePocket) : Yes, we will use 20% fees for the onchain API feature to buy back and burn it out of the total supply.