AMA Recap Crypto Library with LycaX


On 16th November 2021, LycaX conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is LycaX Team. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about LycaX progress. The LycaX team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into LycaX.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

(LycaX) : LycaX is a blockchain+satellite storage system, where people can store their data and decentralized socializing and also NFT marketing. LycaX want to help the world to be well connected under one where people can have easier way to manage their digital asset,communicate with each other and do business with anyone around the world. LYC token is the official utility token for LycaX project,and there are many ways to play,manage and earn with LYC. LYC token is the official utility token for LycaX project,and there are many ways to play,manage and earn with LYC. LYC token is the official utility token for LycaX project,and there are many ways to play,manage and earn with LYC. LYC token is the official utility token for LycaX project,and there are many ways to play, manage and earn with LYC, LYC token is the official utility token for LycaX project,and there are many ways to play,manage and earn with LYC. Above is the brief introduction of it, to learn more about it,please have a look on the White paper.
Crypto Library Team : What is Lycax (LYC)? and how does it work?

(LycaX) : LycaX is building a BSSS(blockchain satellite storage system)and it helps people to store their digital asset like music video documents and so on in the BSSS. Also connect the world under dAPP and do NFT marketing.

Crypto Library Team : What services and features are available in Lycax (LYC)?

(LycaX) : Our services:
  1. BSSS 
  2. Defi Wallet 
  3. NFT marketplace 
  4. Decentralized social izing & chatting 
  5. DEX 
  6. Education&News 
  7. Charity 
  8. Multiple- LYC rewarding pool
Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $LYC token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and how to buy/get it?

(LycaX) : LYC token will be utilized as the utility token in this system. To understand it in a easier way is like people go to game center and buy the game coin to play their games. So similarly LycaX welcome all kinds of token,but to have the maximum benefit from using the system, LYC is the only official token which will bring you value. The token will be deployed on BSC ERC TRC and develop the crosschain bridge for people to use. LycaX is now focusing on building up the community and encourage more and more people to understand and identify with LycaX Mission and Goal and use our system. In that case once LYC is listed on ICO and IEO,the price/value of the token will be increased greatly and the LycaX project will be promoted and supported well and also help the price go up. Now LycaX is in initial stage,we welcome people who understand and are interested in us and want to become our strategic partner to help the community grow. And we offer them the minimum price in the seed round stage. Seed round investment will finish by 31st of November and we welcome strategic marketing partners to join and work together. 

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

(LycaX) : Roadmap:briefly speaking is 1. prepare for the ICO and IEO, launchpad and exchange, launch Defi Wallet and Dapps next 6 months 2. after 6 months will massively building up all the functions of the ecosystem and announce one by one,hopefully by 2023 all ecosystem will be built up successfully. To know more about the details about roadmap you can read our whitepaper or visit Some of the functions and Dapps already under construction and in test stage and we will announce the news and launch them one by one according to the plan. Our goal is to connect the whole world under one to make life easier. And for the technology part, we are hiring experts from all over the world and it will be 50-100 experts working on the project, for business part, we are focusing build up the community now and later on we will have ambassador for each area to help on the community management and charity part.
Crypto Library Team : LycaX offers NFT Market Place, Defi Wallet, social media platform and NextGen MetaVerse, however being a very new project how do you guarantee the commitment of your team and ensure that it is not a possible scam?

(LycaX) : Yes:
  • There are many people working on this project and some parts of the system are ready already under the testing stage, and in the future will hire more experts around the world to work on the project. 
  • We never push any person to invest in LycaX or LYC but we welcome you to join our community to keep updates with us. If you want to be part of us, you are welcomed as well.
We refused many VC to invest in us since the project started, because our goal is not for money but to build up our community to let more people know about us and use our system. So we most welcome people who have similar concept and logic and will help to promote us and build up LycaX Community.

Crypto Library Team : They say on their website that they will develop a DeFi Wallet to store their token and other cryptocurrencies, but I would like you to inform us what will be the advantage for users when using their native wallet to store $ LYC and not have it in any other wallet?

(LycaX) : You can use your own defi wallet,but to use our wallet you will be able to have some extra bonus from LYC and will be easier to connect with LycaX system to use. But It is up to you which wallet you prefer to use. We will introduce all functions once we officially launch the project. Defi wallet.

Crypto Library Team : Lycax's vision is to build the best decentralized database for individuals and businesses with enhanced data security and efficiency. In this case I would like to know how the security offered by Lycax is built and shaped, can you tell us a little bit about your security system?

(LycaX) : Here's:
1. It is built up on blockchain(decentralized)which means your privacy is 100% protected. 
2. Your data is also storage in the satellite so you dont need to worry about the data lost if u store your data in BSSS and using Ka band to make the speed faster

Crypto Library Team : You can earn LycaX by mining and trading my assets stored on Lycax. Does this mean that the earnings I generate on the platform will be based on the time I have my digital assets stored on Lycax? Or could I only generate from the storages I own on the network?

(LycaX) : It has multiple ways to earn rewards:from NFT marketplace, from education, News, from Charity, also from the time. And the more LYC token you have your business will be promoted on the top of our system as well. You dont need to invest any money to promote your business or yourself in our LycaX system, we will announce how to use LycaX system in more details later around ICO and IEO stage, so please join us and keep uodates with us.

Crypto Library Team :  On your platform's Marketplace, people can exchange their digital assets with the LycaX token and other cryptos. But exactly which or how many cryptocurrencies can provide this opportunity on your platform? In making these exchanges, will you have to pay fees for each exchange?

(LycaX) : In marketplace you can set up your own crypto payment,like btc bnb eth usdt and provide your any wallet address there. There is no fees, if you use LYC as the payment, both parties can earn extra bonus LYC from us. And the more LYC token you have, you will be listed on top advertising place, and remember this is your token which you have your full control on it. You decide buy, sell or hold. We will focus on community to encourage more people know about us, use and do transaction with LYC to make the value up. And the experta will support project to make sure users have a good journey with us. So thats the reason we welcome everyone to join our community.
(LycaX) : Thanks for your asking, let me go through them and hopefully my answer can cover most of your questions.

LycaX (LYC) is now in initial stages,before ICO we wont disclose too much information to the public to protect the whole project with privacy regarding business and technology purpose, hope everyone can understand. So to have more storage in BSSS, yes if you have more token in your wallet you will be able to have more storage and be promoted on top in marketplace. LYC is a global project we want to connect the whole world together and as I mentioned we already refused elite investors but welcome people who understand,like us and want to be part of us to grow the community. So if you want to join the project/purchase LYC at the seed round stage please ask @GuduRas_LX He will communicate with you and guide you the procedures. Again we dont want just investor but strategic partners to work with us helping on the building up the community. If you want to be part of it and work on it, LycaX welcomes you with full respect. LycaX Token (LYC) will be deployed on BSC ERC and TRC networks, we are keep updating all the time as well. Please follow our Twitter, Medium account: LycaX_Official to get updates, we wont announce all information at one time, but we announce information step by step, especially on ICO and IEO stage. If you want to grab the opportunity now, you can join now, or you can join and follow us, and purchase LYC once it is launched on ICO and IEO. Thanks to everyone for your interest on LycaX, please do follow our social media and website,in the early stage we would like to keep some key information to protect the project safely, and once it is launched we will run big event to announce exiting news.