AMA Recap Crypto Library with Melos.Studio


On 12th November 2021, Melos.Studio conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Mr. Yalu. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Melos.Studio progress. The Melos.Studio team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Melos.Studio.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : I am Yalu. My first crypto investment was in 2017. I joined from the very beginning of Machi X in 2019. Machi X started as a music copyright marketplace ecosystem where fans, collectors, and patrons can buy and sell music copyrights. I was in charge of the operations dept and handling song IP purchasing, legal, and etc. Co-op directly with music creators, singers and their agents. We listed 59 songs from Golden Melody Award-winning artists. One of the song was listed on Binance DEX. That was the time i learnted a lot  about the music industry and blockchain applications. And i also met Jim, the other co-founder of Melos.Studio. Jim is a senior developer. He was one of the first to work on Java virtual machine in Japan, and has devoted his career to technologies. He has also been a musician since his childhood, own a studio that helped independent artists remix and record music, so.. after Machi X, we started talking about how music can look like on Web3…. hence Melos.
Crypto Library Team : What is Melos Studio? and how your team begin the process of creating this project?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Welll...During the pandemic last year. We saw the online video clip where musicians playing music on their balcony. And Jim was telling me that he has been thinking how to work music with friends in Tokyo and Vancouver. And it is difficult to co-work music during that time. The topic of conversation became how music can look like on Web3.0 as how we can utilize creation process of music over NFTs. Using NFT as proof of creation or co-creation. Hence Melos.

Crypto Library Team : What services and features are available in Melos Studio? 

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : So melos is a ecosystem for music creators and is the destination for creating, discovering and collecting original music on Web3.0. Melos is a new unique create-to-earn  music ecosystem on ETH, BSC and FLOW blockchain. The core vision of Melos is to create an ecosystem in which all fans of music can participate in the creation process and be rewarded for their efforts. From the casual music fan to the seasoned musician/producer, the Melos platform offers tools and features to take not only music enjoyment but NFTs to the next level. 

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $MELOS token and Melos NFT in detail.

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Melos uses NFT differently. Urrently, most NFT projects are using NFTs as merely a storage medium or static collection item. At Melos, we are using NFTs as a proof of creation or co-creation if you will, giving our NFTs a dynamic collaborative function as MusicBlocks within our DNA Tree system. 

As an example of how the NFT creation process works and how stage of the NFT chain is rewarded for their efforts and contribution:
  1. Pianist Aditi mints a piano tune as G0 NFT
  2. Bob sees the NFT and likes the tune, and adds his guitar riff to it and mints piano+guitar G1 NFT
  3. Camilia comes across the G1 piano/guitar NFT and adds his vocal chorus to it to mint piano/guitar/vocal G2 NFT.
In this way, all co-creators are profit shared. and you can see there is a new interatcion between fan and creators, as the fan can also be the creator. So there are afew key takeaways from the Melos Musicblock system:
  1. NFTs as an interactive collectible vs just a static item to buy/sell. Users can add/create value to an individual NFT and value chain, like musicians adding or remixing a tune or song.
  2. New relationships between fans, musicians, and producers as everyone now has access to a vast pool of musical elements to collect, be inspired by and build upon
  3. A new transparent and democratic create-to-earn ecosystem for music. Both originators and collaborators are rewarded every step of the way and the entire process is clearly documented on the Flow blockchain and Web 3.0.
Hence a new bread of economy / ecosystem. As for Melos Tokens… 

The $melos token is an utility token as well as DAO gov token. Utility to access functions on our platform. For DAO. There are 5 tiers of memberhips and 3 different topics of subject about governance but again. Please be reminded, we have NOT officially launched the tokens, so please be aware of scams if impersonators comes and offers you any deals.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : We've started in late 2020 and spent some good amount of time settling and polishing our thoughts and ideas. This has been a long journey and sweat breaking but it is worth the wait. We've worked to fit multi chain on ETH, BSC and Flow and have eco-support from both BSC and Flow. There are other chains that we are working to work with. We’ve lauched our website: 
And people are now there claiming Melos Dino Musician. We have more to come, including FLOW market NFT sales and BSC market NFT sales on Binance NFT. Please stay tuned with our socials for all updated info:
Crypto Library Team : How do you consider non-musician in Melos Studio? Do you have any workshop and musician that can teach to non-musician that want to explore more in your platform?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : We have Metis is the AI assistant in workshop. it  completes a song for you even if you are music newbie. You only need to key in a few music keynotes, and Metis will complete the rest of the song for you. You don’t need to have extensive music knowledge to use Metis/workshop.

Crypto Library Team : I read on your web you said the mechanism "NFT Mystery Box with  this Can you explain more about it? How can users participate in your NFT Mystery Box? What are the special conditions for this? And what benefits will it get?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Mystry box is one of our idea about how to publish music differently. Traditionally, we can only publish music in the format of 1 complete song. But with NFT, we believe there is a chance to publish a song by segments. So for example, a song is divided into 4 segments/NFTs and the publisher can host a collecting game by hidding them in the marketplaces and let his fans try to collect them. Once completed the collecting, the song can be written under the fan’s name ( or other rewards ). This is just something that can help creator-fan interaction.

Crypto Library Team : MusicBlock DNA is one of the most attractive features of your platform, could you explain how this feature is useful for creators and how it is leveraged in art and profitability?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Yeah, MusicBlock is the foundation of Melos and the DNA plays a very important role. There are many reasons why MusicBlock DNA is important, but let’s narrow down to 2:
  1. DNA records the necessary info about creator and co-creators so that when there is an NFT sold, we can trace the co-creators and share the profit.
  2. DNA makes it easier to find the co-creators and show as proof of their creation/co-creation
These encourages the creators/co-creators to publish their work even when the work is not totally complete, but others can help add more to the music. Unlike in the past, a musician will have to complete a music all by him/her self… that could take weeks or months. This is why DNA is very very important.

Crypto Library Team : It is very difficult to manage a successful project and a good standing. What are your plans for the present and the future for your project?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : We’ve been working hard for the past year for this project and now it is finally launched. We have many things ahead of us. Starting with some avatar NFTs, Melos Dino Musicians. (Spolier alert) This is to help community form teams for battle in the next stage. We are opening up marketplace and the next is going to be workshop. As we are about music creation, we also want to work with other music projcts to present/stream play music. Then, we want to “incubate” musicians from our own platform. That is our goal.

Crypto Library Team : What is your top 3 things for priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Heres's:
  • 1st product product product
We believe in building products. the right product will bring right community… we understand that, as start up, we may have some occasional setbacks, but we will get there. of course thanks for everybodies paitience and support along the way
  • 2nd partnerships
We believe in making partners with others, and work/buidl together
  • 3rd incubate musicians
Explaned this in the preious question. this is so important to us and will proof us that our concept is right!
Crypto Library Team : Why this project named with "Melos"?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Aahaha, i’ve been waitng for someone to ask this quesetion! Honestly i am not linguistic but when we were naming, we want to find a name that is very easy to spell and pronouce and related to music. So i went latin. Melos means tune or melody in latin.

Crypto Library Team : COVID 19 has slowed down many economies around the world but as a crypto business, does it affect you negatively or positively? Are you still on track to achieve your goals or are you planning a new development?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Well, overall we are still on track. But we started the project during the pandemic, so i say there is no effect to us.

Crypto Library Team :  Do you plan for BSC or Your project in future?" Do have plans to add your project in various blockchians in the future?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Yes, very much so. Right now we have BSC, FLOW and ETH, but we should have more. However, this does bring more overhead to our tech/dev team, so this might not be so soon yet.

Crypto Library Team : Does your protocol have any strategy to avoid the misuse of the material already displayed on your platform, if any creator creates material through Melos, can they register it as their own and display it through other platforms or is this material exclusive to Melos Studio?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : Yes, in order to create music NFTs, you need to stake/deposit some Melos token, so if it is proven that your work is counterfit, then there will be punishment. Oh, even before you can do taht, you also need to be whitelisted.

Crypto Library Team : Does Melos have any assistance program to support people with creative  talent for activities related to their nature but without the financial and technological resourcees necessary to evolve in the area, what is the background and experience of Melos in the NFT space?

Mr. Yalu (Melos.Studio) : No, you don’t need to have too much expereince in music. We want everybody to be able to enjoy music by playing witht them, so we have many assistance to do that.