AMA recap Crypto library with MoonScape


On 16th November 2021, MoonScape conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Erlan Reverol and Kerel Verwaerde. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about MoonScape progress. The MoonScape team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into MoonScape.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Erlan (MoonScape) : I am Erlan Reverol, game designer of Moonscape. I have been working in the gaming industry for around 7 years, and consider myself a gaming enthusiast with a massive collection of games.

Kerel (MoonScape) : My name is Kerel, i m the CMO of Seascape Network a gaming platform specialized in blockchain, DeFi, and NFTs. I ve been working in marketing for 8 years, primarily in gaming, and fell in the crypto rabbithole back in 2017 and have never looked back ever since.
Crypto Library Team : What is MoonScape? and how your team begin the process of creating this project?

Erlan (MoonScape) : Moonscape is a twist on resource management strategy games. Players explore a futuristic moon, enhancing their towns, and receiving rewards for their time spent in-game. In this online strategy city-builder will allow users to collect resources and plunder rival cities, and work together with allies in the pursuit of Moon-domination and unending profits! Moonscape will allow NFTs to be obtained and used directly in the game, and DeFi features are available for staking and earning. Related to the creative process. We love strategy and resource management games and decided to incorporate common features from the game genre but add various DeFi features following a P2E philosophy. You can take a look at the trailer here:
Crypto Library Team : How to play MoonScape? And what benefits will users/players get?

Kerel (MoonScape) : First of all, players don't need to connect their wallets to start playing the game. Which should make the onboarding of non-crypto players much easier contrary to many of the current blockchain games out there. That also means that no wallet, crypto, or NFT of any sort is needed to start playing. But the players will be highly incentivized to use those to unlock the many DeFi functions that the game has to offer. Many players of strategy games spend hours or days improving and upgrading their bases and vehicles. In Moonscape you can take that hard work and turn it into an NFT that will contain all the data of your city or vehicle, and trade it or sell it. Similarly, you could earn through your playthrough using the DeFI functions and bonuses you got from your buildings and commanders.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $MSCP token! What are the token use-case, distribution, and how to buy/get it?

Kerel (MoonScape) : $MSCP is the token used in Moonscape, the first IDO launch on the lighthouse. But also the very first Player Created Coin (PCC). Players can use it in the game to obtain the premium resource MoonDust, which can be used to increase resource harvests, speed up DeFi features, and purchase rare rovers. And also cats as an incentivized yield token for the DeFi functions of the game, with no team or advisor allocations. Neither does it have any large private investor allocations. For more information on the token distribution you can visit our websie at: 
Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Erlan (MoonScape) : Basic roadmap would be: IDO, Token release, closed beta, open beta. More information will be available in website and social media of our most important milestones to date:
1. Moonscape game is already in internal beta, client is almost ready, most of the functions are ready or on track.
2. We are working closely with Seascape Network for all the DeFi gameplay function. Seascape offered a lot of help in smart contract side and we already build most of our defi gameplay contract, will be soon send for auditing.
3. We already received grant from Seascape and many support from some private investors. We are looking forward the success public sale in Lighthouse.
Crypto Library Team : In Moonscape, users do not need cryptocurrency wallets to play and enjoy. What is the return for the network if it is designed to allow traditional players to participate without any commitment to blockchain technology? How do you explain what a Metamask wallet should have?

Erlan (MoonScape) : Moonscape can be played without the need of a wallet, but players that does not use wallet will play a traditional game. In order to use any of the DeFi/blockchain function, a wallet is needed. So, if a player does not use or connect a wallet, they won't be able to access anything blockchain related. But we encourage even traditional gamers to create a wallet and use in the game. We will give a free NFT just by connecting the wallet to the game.

Crypto Library Team : I read that in your game I can develop a city without spending anything and then transform it into a NFT and sell it, so what benefits will the users who buy these cities have? Is this NFT city creation only for low income players? Can you give me details about selling cities?

Erlan (MoonScape) : Moonscape is a city building game, and players can build a city and develop it. Each city contain buildings, and such building have different functions and player can upgrade such functions and the levels of the buildings. If the players wants, they can export that city and turn into a NFT, that will contain all the data from the in-game city. These NFT can be traded or sell in our NFT store. If another player buy and import the NFT to their game, they will enjoy all the functions and higher levels immediately. And levels affect DeFi functions, so more earnings.

Crypto Library Team : Many people here are quite interested in the $MSCP, so how does $MSCP work as a utility token for the network? How does it benefit for both the platform & the owner? Is there any reward mechanism for holding $MSCP and what the benefits of token holders for the long-term?

Kerel (MoonScape) : MSCP as we discussed before is both a utility tokens for De>>Fi and in game mechanics. In-game you would be able to use it to buy moondust which would provide you different bonuses. But it also works for the numerous DeFi aspects of the games as staking coin and/or as rewards. So staking rewards, but through moondust ( bought with MSCP) you would also be able to benefit in game which should allow you to do better and get better bonuses for the DeFi aspect too as you improve your buildings. Lastly, we expect the cities and rover NFT to be bought and sold using MSCP too. If you have more question concerning the distribution, as noted earlier there is no team or advisor distribution and most was given back to the community in our IDO. To register for the IDO there s only 1 day left so be sure to do it now at

Crypto Library Team : Moonscape is a DeFi resource strategy management game that takes place on a futuristic moon. However, I think it is important to highlight the "DeFi resources" for a more detailed explanation about it. What do you mean by DeFi resources in a generalized way? What kind of drops?

Erlan (MoonScape) : Moonscape is a resource management city building game. It has DeFi features, but the in-game resources are purely traditional gaming. However, many DeFi/blockchain features will influence the game, and some will work to give earnings to the players. The token MSCP, as Kerel mentioned, can be used to buy Moondust and use that to increase resources, obtain rewards, and even help your fellow players. Rover and cities can be turned into NFTs and traded. And inside the buildings, players will find a variety of DeFi features to earn while playing.

Crypto Library Team : Reading about Moonscape I could see that the game is being created on the Moonbeam network so could you explain me why they decided to use this network compared to others like BSC, ETH or SOL? Could you give me more details about the relationship that Moonscape has with Moonbeam?

Kerel (MoonScape) : Moonscape is a Moonbeam exclusive game that was made in direct partnership with the team, the EVM compatibility and low gas fees of the network as well as the integration in the polkadot ecosystem seemed like a perfect fit for a game that required fast operations with cheap gas. And most importantly the Moonbeam team has been extremely responsive for us which helped a lot for the development of the game. So the game is a direct partnerships, and an exclusivity of the Moonbeam network, hence why it was not developed on other networks. 
Crypto Library Team : In reading your website, you talk about building our city to improve power, but I did not acquire information on how to grow the city. So how can we buy the materials and tools needed to build our cities? Do you establish the market function?

Kerel (MoonScape) : With only up to 8 building slot per city, you would have to choose which building to build and improve their levels. Depending on the combinations, if it searched for at this moment, and the level of your buildings, the worth of your city would fluctuate. To build and improve your buildings you would have to use the in game resources you harvested or collected by looting other players.

Crypto Library Team : What will make my vehicles valuable? Will my hard work by upgrading vehicles and turning it into NFT be meaningful and will it have a value in the market?

Erlan (MoonScape) : Upgrading rovers will take time and huge amount of resources. Additionally, some resources will be obtained in game after completing difficult challenges and mission. The value of the rover NFT could be for players looking to enjoy high level or difficult to obtain rovers but does not have the time to focus on the game for so long.

Crypto Library Team : I read that Moonscape also free to play Games, then i still wanna know is there a different features that locked for free player? what is the different between free player and players who invest in the form of $MSCP?

Kerel (MoonScape) : Anything blockchain would not be accessible for the players until they connect their wallet, so that includes the DeFI and NFT part of the game. However, an interesting thing is that players could start with as little as $1 for the DeFI part, on the contrary of other games which require hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of assets. But even better than that, you could level up your rovers and cities and sell them as NFT without spending anything, and use the proceeds as your initial investment in the DeFi aspect, hence never actually paying but earning from the game. 

Crypto Library Team :  I read that users can get a free NFT at first, but could you tell us how we can get it? Also, how many NFTs or resources am I required to have in order to play the game?

Erlan (MoonScape) : In order to get the free NFT, a rover, players simply need to connect their wallet in the Profile section. Moonscape is totally free to play, players don't need to own NFTs, tokens, anything blockchain related. Just enter the game, create an account using an email, play. Just remember, in order to use all DeFi/blockchain features you need to connect a wallet.

Crypto Library Team : After I read that Moonscape is the first project launched through Lighthouse. So, why did you choose to launch at Lighthouse? What are the main impacts and benefits that Lighthouse brings to your platform especially in terms of gaming and for Moonscape gamers?

Kerel (MoonScape) : Moonscape is indeed the first project launched through the Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a new IDO platform that specializes in games with blockchain, DeFi, and/or NFT mechanics, and is used by seascape to help launch new games for their ecosystem. As such the platform offers a number of advantages for both projects and the users:

1. Only high quality sieved through projects that the Lighthouse and Seascape will back are launched

2. No "launch and forget" from the IDO platform as projects are followed through by both teams and integrated in the ecosystem, the object is not to launch X projects, but to ONLY have good projects.

3. Multi-chain, the raise for moonscape is only happening on Moonriver, but the tier requirements, and later raises, will happen on several chains.

4. Lastly and most importantly Lighthouse has a very unique functionality with its auction Pool, where everyone is GUARANTEED some IDO tokens as long as they register and participate in it. This feature really attracted the team as it meant more people could join in and get something.