SOY Finance Referral Program


Welcome to SOY Finance Referral Program 🚀

Invite your friends to discover SOY Finance and get rewarded 💰

⭐️ Prize Pool: 400 000 $SOY / ~350 000 USD* ⭐️

💰 Referral Program Rewards 💰

🗣 Referrer: 15 SOY

👤 Referral: 25 SOY

To participate, you're going to complete simple tasks, for every task you complete; you'll receive $SOY tokens 💰

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💸 Rewards will be paid in 10 waves of 40 000 SOY tokens waves, based on one wave every two weeks starting from 13/11/21.

👻 Fake or empty users and spammers are deleted after verification.

*Value on the market on 5/11/21.

About SOY Finance 🌱

SOY Finance is a DeFi platform combining a safelist for audited tokens, decentralized insurance, and the most advanced token standard to provide the community with a rock-solid platform without KYC restriction!

To learn about SOY Finance

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