XPLAY is launching their Open Beta


#XPLAY is launching their Open Beta ⚔️XPLAY MMORPG Game⚔️ at the end of 2021. 

The Play to Earn currency is showing daily progress on their game, and it looks promising. 

The game will be a huge open world game, where you could party up with friends, do quests, PVP, hunt monsters with other Xenonians, gear up your character & make use of the in game economy. 

The item displayed above, is the Xenon Shield. The Xenon Shield is part of the Xenon Item Set which will be a rare set in the game.

#XPLAY is the next #AXIE.

The #XPLAY currency still has a relatively small Market Capitalization. 

If you compare the #XPLAY currency to #AXIE, this would still be able to do a huge Multiplier. 😉

More Footage: 💠@XenonPayCommunity