AMA Recap Crypto Library with Human Protocol


On 16th December 2021, HumanProtocol conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Hajyot Singh. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about HumanProtocol progress. The HumanProtocol team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into HumanProtocol.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : Sure; I’m Harjyot, I’m originally from India, moved to the UK for education. Studied AI at University of Edinburgh. I have a Masters in Entrepreneurship from the University of Oxford (Saïd Business School). Main focus on AI & Blockchain technologies. I founded Provenance Labs, a tech start-up that tackles misinformation, which involves  semantic labeling modeling, not only to see what is fake, but what the bias is in it. After selling that startup I was approached by an Investor in my previous startup to begin a new project - Human Protocol; my expertise in the AI & Blockchain industry & mix of entrepreneurship meant that we were able kick start the project in full gear. Currently I serve as the Technology Director - helping human with tech, product, marketing, partnerships & ecosystem development.
Crypto Library Team : Tell us, what is HUMAN Protocol? What is the essence of HUMAN Protocol?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : HUMAN Protocol is a software infrastructure that supports the creation of decentralized markets for all kinds of work. Its current focus is on data labeling work. At HUMAN we are building a pluggable backend technology to build marketplaces where entrepreneurs & companies can really focus on the marketing & dynamics of the marketplace they might launch. The nature of HUMAN is multichain; the chance to build blockchain 3.0 - meaning a truly interoperable ecosystem for applications to run on. HUMAN work demands that kind of interoperability & it is the very nature of the product. HUMAN Protocol is the software infrastructure that supports the creation of trustless, blockchain based markets. On these markets, any kind of fungible human task can be tokenized and traded - whether that is a lawyer looking over a contract, or an accountant over your expenses. Right now, the first job markets on HUMAN Protocol are data labeling markets, in which Requesters submit data to be labeled, along with a sum of HMT, and Workers earn HMT for completing that work. HUMAN Protocol is the software that manages and automates everything in between, from data safety, to payment security.
Crypto Library Team : What is the HUMAN app?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : The HUMAN App is the first way "earners" can find jobs that are on the Protocol & get paid from them (in HMT). We are beginning with simple data labelling jobs e.g., CAPTCHA, more & more will be added. The HUMAN App: the first gateway into the HUMAN ecosystem, and the first means through which individuals, located anywhere in the world, can directly earn HMT for completing tasks. TO NOTE that the HUMAN app is not quite a CAPTCHA app: it allows many kinds of tasks to be performed by people:
Crypto Library Team : What is the advantage of HUMAN over similar projects? Or other protocols?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : HUMAN is a blockchain native, and that distinguishes us from the vast majority of similar services. We are also currently building out the future of blockchain 3.0 by creating a seamless L1/L2 interoperability while applications run on the top. That ecosystem is unique to HUMAN. This kind of permissionless-ness is a vital asset to HUMAN. HUMAN has an immense domain expertise in the ML Space. The Protocol is developed by experienced people in this field who understand & have experience on both sides of the marketplace – the data requesters & data labelers (the latter of which we already have a network of millions!) HUMAN is a multichain native and that gives HUMAN an edge over the existing competition. With the HUMAN application layer, we are building out, a business will be allowed to choose which chain they run various parts of their business on, like building blocks. They can choose Ethereum for one thing, Solana for another - and HUMAN would facilitate all the cross-chain token transfers, and the information transfers, which makes these micro services on individual chains possible. HUMAN is building a technology that utilizes the 2nd wave of L1s, it is really targeting utility on the application layer, on the business-logic layer. The 3rd wave of blockchain will lead to a future where people shouldn’t care about what L1 a project is using. (Just as, when you're using a Google product, you don’t care if there is PostgreSQL or MongoDB in the background.) 
Crypto Library Team : What changes can HUMAN Protocol bring to our life?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : For most individuals, as the pandemic has taught us, traditional jobs can be quite temporary and we all might have skill sets that allow us to earn money from just access to an internet connected machine. HUMAN Protocol and its affiliated marketplaces will bring these jobs to you based on an individual's unique skill sets. And guess what? We won’t control how you get paid, how much you get paid and when you get paid — it’s all handled by various public contracts you can see. A good example I like to drill the last point is, would you rather trust your country’s bank to process an overseas money transfer or a software system that will do it in seconds with no hidden fees?
Crypto Library Team : Is the platform suitable for crypto newcomers? Will it attract newcomers? Or does it only appeal to professional users? Can it meet the needs and expectations of the people?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : Of course new comers are welcome. As new marketplaces are added, people with any skillset that's suitable can participate and earn. The Human App which functions as the portal for earners is very user-friendly. If you come as a job creator, the story stands the same.

Crypto Library Team : What are @human_protocol top priorities in 2021? Could you share some plans for the upcoming year? Which part of the project are you most focused on right now?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : Although I can't go into the specifics, our 3 main priorities for right now are:
  • Get a bigger, more diverse community on various social channels via the Ambassador Program, DevBounty program
  • Reach a specific target number of jobs, and introduce new types of jobs on the Human App
  • Invest in few great projects via our Grants Program
Crypto Library Team : I understand that with the Human application we can earn HMT by recommending friends, will you create a program that rewards people with a certain percentage for recommending your app? What are the verified countries in which we can use the app to earn HMT?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : The referral program is obviously designed to increase the number of earners of Human app, with suitable rewards for referrals in place. The T&C's & Referral Policy at covers it, including mentioning the list of countries where Human app is not allowed to function.

Crypto Library Team : What do you think is the balance point for humans and machines to connect safely and automation does not end up covering more ground than humanity itself?

Human Protocol : Machines help us do things, but they can also help us be things. Machines can help people be more creative, faster, and freer. The goal of HUMAN Protocol is to enable machines to help humans be more creative and productive. It is built to support global job markets in which machines submit work and complete work submitted by other machines, relieving human workers of the repetitive and uninteresting.
Crypto Library Team : What makes you feel confident about the survival and success of your in near future? What competitive advantages do @human_protocol platform have that you feel most confident in?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : Survival? We are looking at growing and thriving . As I mentioned in the previous answers, we are decentralised, multi-chain by design, we've got millions of earners and quite a few job creators, we are expanding our ecosystem with exellent intitiatives like grants, ambassador/ developer programs - bringing in excellent people to work with us and help us improve, our partnerships list is ever growing.
Crypto Library Team : What are the important social media links to follow announcement of your projects?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : You can find all our Socials below:
Crypto Library Team : I have seen that you have done many AMAs, my question is, what do you expect to get from so many AMAs and what are your goals with the community? Do you consider the community to be a fundamental role in the project?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : Community is a vital part of HUMAN. We highly value work done by humans. Humans have a lot more capabilities than machines – creativity, ingenuity, imagination. Our core thesis running a decentralized company is to drive the community to new avenues in the ecosystem.
Crypto Library Team : Is the ambassador program still available now? if still, Where exactly can we register and what are the benefits? 

Crypto Library Team :  I read that a few days ago you launched the HUMAN DevBounty program, could you tell me if this program is still open? What requirements must I meet?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : The DevBounty program is an open-source opportunity for developers to contribute to the building – and continual improvement – of HUMAN Protocol. The program rewards community members for contributing to the development of HUMAN. We are looking for state of the art contributions from the developer community; decentralized work for a system that supports that very kind of work. The program is live since Dec 7th and you can learn more about it here: 
Crypto Library Team : Do You Have AUDIT Certificates Or Are You Working To AUDIT Your Project.? To Make It More Secure And Reliable?

Harjyot (HumanProtocol) : We have gotten all our code audited by multiple 3rd party auditors - the best in the class - like CertiK; You can view all the reports on our github: 
Along with this, we believe in open source first approach - so we get a healthy amount of feedback and quick fixes from the wider community, which we also incentivize via a lucrative bug bounty program!