Launchpad from NEURONSwap


Launchpad Announcement! World’s First Metanance Project NEURONswap!!

NEURONswap is an innovative decentralized financial protocol based on the Klaytn mainnet that introduces “Metanance” for the first time in the world.

Date: 2021.12.13 (Mon) 10:00 A.M — 12.14(Tue) 09:59:59 A.M (UTC )

* Please note that launchpad will be held for a limited time(24 hours).

Tokens Quantity Offered : 2,390,288 NR (0.47% of Total Issuance)

Tokens that can participate in : KLAY, KETH, KSP, KORC


The amount of KSP / KORC / KETH is converted and calculated at the KLAY exchange rate.

What is Metanance? check out our DOCS below.

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