NEURONswap D-1


🚨NEURONswap D-1🚨

Hello! This is NEURONswap!

🚨Participate in Launchpad and receive Rony Box🚨

NFTs obtained from Rony Box can be worn on your avatar in NEURONswap metaverse to show your influence. NFTs are also tradable in the market to generate additional revenue.

1) First 1,000 participants to receive a Rony Box!

(more than 1,000 Klays)

2) Rony Box NFT rewards according to the deposit amount.

TOP 1-5 : 128 box

TOP 6-20 : 16 box

TOP 21-40 :  4 box

TOP 41-100 :  2 box

*You can participate in 1) and 2) at the same time.

- Date: 2021.12.13 (Mon) 10:00 A.M — 12.14(Tue) 09:59:59 A.M (UTC )

* Please note that launchpad will be held for a limited time(24 hours).

- Token quantity: 2,390,288 NR

- Tokens that can participate: KLAY, KETH, KSP, KORC

- Participate: 

For more details, Read below

Docs | Medium | Twitter | Telegram


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