AMA Recap Crypto Library with Caduceus


On 24th February 2022, Caduceus conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Mark. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Caduceus progress. The Caduceus team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Caduceus.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

Mark (Caduceus) : I’m Mark, the team member of Caduceus and we’re a team of experienced researchers and engineers who’ve been working to develop new solutions for blockchain architecture. Caduceus Metaverse Protocol is a new, highly secure and reliable infrastructure for the metaverse and decentralised digital world. Our team ethos is to embrace new technologies and opportunities for innovation. 
Crypto Library Team : What is Caduceus Metaverse Protocol ? and how your team begin the process of creating this project?

Mark (Caduceus) : Caduceus is the world’s first metaverse protocol in a blockchain space. The blockchain solution for metaverse, if you like. It’s an infrastructure-level open blockchain platform specially built for the metaverse and the decentralised digital world. It uses xR extended-reality technology to bring developers, creators and users an unrivalled metaverse experience. From a systems engineering perspective, Caduceus is a truly developer-friendly, easy-to-use underlying public chain platform and it comes with its own complete set of development tools. We believe that blockchain technology will profoundly change almost every industry. The metaverse is going to be a hyper-real alternative world, complete with its own digital economic systems, in which we can all co-exist. Ultimately, it’ll be fully integrated with our material lives, but it’s still a long way from its mature form, mainly because the market is still at the technology accumulation stage. Caduceus Metaverse Protocol is special because developers can unlock maximum productivity at an extremely low cost. Second, users are not confined to a single role. In the Caduceus metaverse ecology, the creator plays an important part. Individual creations can be widely disseminated, and users, developers and creators are all able to be builders of this open ecology. Caduceus provides an open, inclusive and collaborative space. 

Crypto Library Team : What features and service does Caduceus Metaverse Protocol want to offer?

Mark (Caduceus) : Caduceus Metaverse Protocol adopts the MetaverseGraph structure, which has infinite expansion and large-scale parallel processing capabilities beyond the ordinary blockchain list data structure. In conjunction with BigBang's fully hardware programmable accelerated blockchain consensus system, StarRing transaction parallel execution engine, and Nebula’s infinitely scalable block database, Caduceus can withstand the task processing capacity requirements in a high-concurrency and complex environment. Second, the Caduceus Creation Platform VR tool gives users the ability to realise asynchronous communication and collaboration across space, and achieve reality-level fidelity through cloud rendering and xR extended reality technology. And unlike other open source blockchain projects, Caduceus provides the core components to developers in a modular form. If enterprise users have customisation requirements, they can implement the component according to the same interface and insert it into Caduceus to achieve customised improvement. With the underlying public chain,  projects need a systems engineering mindset, future insight, architectural vision and both micro- and macro-level focus to succeed. With a systems engineering framework design and a focus on commercial potential, performance, robustness, scalability, flexibility and reliability, Caduceus presents a versatile and very easily adopted underlying public chain system.

Crypto Library Team : Please tell us about $CMP and $CMP1 token. What are the token difference, use-case, distribution, and where we can buy/get it?

Mark (Caduceus) : The Caduceus token ($CMP) will be a vital part of the Caduceus metaverse ecology, we can see it as a value bridge connecting the real world and the virtual world, the $CMP enables assets and value to be in the metaverse world and real finance Connect and map various assets in the world and expand the flow area of digital assets. The different between $CMP and $CMP1 is that, $CMP1 is a futures token of Caduceus, which has no value at present. When $CMP is listed on the first exchange (dex/cex), we will announce the conversion ratio and convert $CMP1 to $CMP. As for now, you can earn $CMP1 for free by attending to our event! Our current event is the Caduceus testnet trial. Total giveaway 36,000 CMP1!For more event info, kindly refer to:
Besides that, our pre-sale is still being planned. Please stay with our official social media and community for the upcoming official pre-sale announcements. Twitter , Discord  and Telegram.

Crypto Library Team : Could you give us some information about your roadmap, your milestones, and also your future plans?

Mark (Caduceus) : We launched our testnet successfully in early December 2021. Please check it out: 
In addition to new iterations of the test network and the launch of the main network, we’re continuing to develop the xR-OS system with a view to deploying the xR terminal in the next round of testing, so that users can experience the metaverse more immersively. The hardware includes integrated camera binocular recognition, SLAM algorithm, 1080P high-definition smart-screen projection glasses, Caduceus xR-Glass supporting head tracking, plane detection, 6DOF spatial positioning, gesture recognition and other functions, and xR carrying tens of millions of traffic entrances. We’re also working on the blockchain smart box Caduceus xR-Box. We follow current mainstream operation interfaces so you can use Caduceus just like using the Android system. We’ve also prepared a one-click deployment tutorial for developers who are not familiar with the Caduceus testnet. You can view the tutorial according to the webpage prompts. We’ve got lots of developer and community activities happening at the moment and our current event is the Caduceus testnet trial. Total giveaway 36,000 CMP1 !For more event info, kindly refer to We’re also inviting developers and the wider community to build, create and connect via the Caduceus network, and be in with a chance of winning some great USDT prizes. You can check out all the developer and community events on Twitter, Discord and Telegram. Twitter, Discord, and Telegram. For the full detail of Caduceus Roadmap, you may refer to
Crypto Library Team : Backers, partners, and advisors are very important factors affecting the reputation and success of any project. Can you name who are the most influential partners on Caduceus so far? What plans do you have to expand the partnership in the upcoming time?

Mark (Caduceus) : If the underlying technology of Caduceus is water, then the builders, collaborators and participants of the ecology are life on the water, and only when they combine can they form an ocean that nurtures all things. Therefore, in addition to the technology itself, we are also actively carrying out cooperation in the global market. At present, we are negotiating cooperation with some top institutions and connecting with resources from many industries. I am very happy. We have received a lot of responses so far, which will help The Caduceus metaverse ecology go further. For the latest announcement regarding to our partnership will be “Jackdaw Capital Announces a Strategic Partnership With China Merchants Securities to Launch the $1 Billion Caduceus Venture Funds” for more info you might refer to: 
Crypto Library Team : The Caduceus blockchain can technically accommodate up to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS). It's my first time seeing a blockchain with such a high TPS. So, can you explain how each Caduceus block works and functions to get such a high TPS?

Mark (Caduceus) : Caduceus pioneered the technology of separating transaction consensus and transaction execution, which is completely different from other blockchains. MetaverseGraph consists of two networks: transaction consensus network and transaction execution network. The consensus process of the blockchain is a complex distributed process, which requires broadcasting messages and blocks on the P2P network, and negotiating repeated confirmation (PBFT) through the consensus mechanism or consuming computing power for competition. Under high TPS, the execution process of the transaction is also a time-consuming process, because it involves decoding the transaction, verifying the signature, calling the virtual machine to execute the contract, and writing to the state database. Thousands of transactions. To this end, MetaverseGraph separates transaction consensus and transaction execution. The transaction consensus network is only responsible for transaction ordering, and the transaction execution network is only responsible for executing and verifying transactions. In this way, the amount of data processed and broadcast by the transaction consensus network is very short and compact, the function is also very simple, and the execution process is omitted, so that the consensus ordering of a large number of transactions can be quickly completed in a short time, and the decentralization of 100K+TPS can be achieved. Transaction sequencing capabilities. After the transaction consensus network completes the transaction ordering of 100K+TPS, the remaining problem is how to quickly execute transactions on a large number of validating nodes. Caduceus has created transaction pre-execution technology and parallel execution technology, which can greatly reduce the transactions that really need to be executed in real time, and can eventually achieve 100K+ transaction execution performance.
Crypto Library Team : Many projects promise magic but never. publish any work product or prove any income in the short / long period of release. Is it like This? If not, can you tell us what makes it Different from other projects. Highlight those issues?

Mark (Caduceus) : In order to truly enter the metaverse, the core entrance to the future cannot be separated from VR/AR virtual reality technology and hardware. Caduceus is building the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol, a core blockchain platform that supports metaverse and digital twins, and has launched the virtual reality tool Caduceus Creation Platform in the network. Users can use this tool to achieve asynchronous communication and collaboration across space, and through the cloud Rendering, xR extended reality technology to achieve real-world realism, the emergence of the Caduceus Metaverse Protocol is a revolution in workflow and entertainment.

Crypto Library Team : Do you have a audit certificates?  or are you working to audit your project, so that the security of the project becomes more secure and reliable?

Mark (Caduceus) : The crypto field and the metaverse field have been iterating at a high speed. Caduceus needs more functions to keep up with the market rhythm, which means that there will be more smart contracts and code in the future. In order to ensure as much security as possible, Caduceus is cooperating with a number of well-known security agencies, and the agencies are responsible for reviewing the smart contract code. Before Caduceus is officially launched, at least two security agencies will have completed the code audit.

Crypto Library Team :  Do you have any plan for burning tokens in the future to reduce the supply of the token and increase its investment attractiveness?

Mark (Caduceus) : In the development plan of Caduceus token, an initial burning mechanism will be formulated according to market performance and ecological development, and in the subsequent stage, a new burning mechanism will be adjusted according to the voting situation of the community.

Crypto Library Team : Do you have any strategic partnerships with other defi projects that you can tell us about?

Mark (Caduceus) : If the underlying technology of Caduceus is water, then the builders, collaborators and participants of the ecology are life on the water, and only when they combine can they form an ocean that nurtures all things. Therefore, in addition to the technology itself, we are also actively carrying out cooperation in the global market. At present, we are negotiating cooperation with some top institutions and connecting with resources from many industries. I am very happy. We have received a lot of responses so far, which will help The Caduceus metaverse ecology go further.

Crypto Library Team : Which one is more important to you Community, Investors, Token Price? If all of the above is important to you, which should come first?

Mark (Caduceus) : All three options are our priority. We try to push forward all of them instantly.