B12 Token



B12 Token a digital currency is creating an effective and scaling digital one-stop-shop market place economy with sustainable economics powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency achieving real-world value with equal wealth distribution 

Project information:

We are launching a crypto wallet that would greatly reward all it’s users, the B12 wallet is classified as decentralized and considered as a revolution in crypto! by providing users the opportunity and ability to get rewarded in B12 Token for every transaction they make,

Also. B12 wallet supports more than 500 different currencies and tokens and it’s designed to be simple and secure 

B12 Token provide amazing features such as,


We seek as a team to maintain the stability of the Token through a fair distribution of tokens, as we will protect the tokens from falling under the control of the dominant

The distribution will be as follows

30% of tokens available for presales 

10% of tokens will delivered for founders and team by every quarter

5% bounty and overhead 

20% management 

25% wallet 

Low transaction costs:

Because of B12 Token’s scalability, transications for both developers and consumers is kept low per transaction Unlike other crypto currencies that require huge portions per transaction. 

Decentralized solution :

 And mentioned before! Not only B12 network very quick and inexpensive but it is also censor-shop-resistant. This means that the network will always be available for programs to function freely on it and that transactions will never be halted around the clock. 

Highly scalable:

Once you have integrated, you will never have to worry about scalability again using the B12 Token, scalability is ensured amongst ecosystem projects by preserving a single global state even as the network grows in size, so your money is safe wherever and whenever! 

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