AMA Recap Crypto Library with Utopia


On 29th July 2022, Utopia conducted an AMA in the Crypto Library Community. Our guest is Utopia Team. Lots of questions as usual from the Community about Utopia progress. The Utopia team took part in a very interesting AMA session which included introductions, questions from twitter, and a live AMA session with the Crypto Library community. If you missed the AMA in person, read this recap for a deeper insight into Utopia.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting points of our conversation. 

Crypto Library Team : So, before we start the AMA could you please introduce yourself to our community?

(Utopia) : Utopia P2P is freedom, anonymity, and censorship-free driven ecosystem designed for secure communication, anonymous payments and truly free Internet without borders.


Crypto Library Team :  Can you briefly describe what is  UtopiaP2P ? We would like to know more about it and how it works.

(Utopia) : Utopia P2P is a unique decentralized ecosystem that solves Internet security problems. It ensures the anonymity and privacy of each user. The project doesn’t use an ICO, and it is self-funded. Visit the official Utopia website to download the ecosystem: 
Utopia P2P is built on a peer-to-peer network. Such a network is an association of computers, which is based solely on the equality of all participants. The more devices involved in data transmission in the ecosystem, the faster and safer it works. In the world of cryptocurrencies, the project is unique because:

1. This is a finished product unlike many others.
2. There is a strong community in the ecosystem.
3. There are 2 available crypto coins.
4. About 1800 websites and services already accept CRP (CRP is a main financial unit and token of Utopia P2P) as a means of payment and there will be even more.

Besides, Utopia P2P combines separate tools for messaging, browsing, and even mining in one incredibly user-friendly product. In addition, you can send confidential documents using the built-in email. All messages are encrypted and stored on individual user servers. 

A user's online activity in the ecosystem takes place in incognito mode and without tracking IP addresses. You can create anonymous sites within Utopia, all visitors and readers of which will also be anonymous. You can learn more details about the ecosystem in the promo here.

Utopia has an internal cryptocurrency (Crypton) that can be mined in an eco-friendly and non-energy-consuming way in the ecosystem. All coins can be exchanged or sold on an internal ecosystem’s exchange, where everyone can change Cryptons to USD and vice versa. You can find the ecosystem’s exchange here. Besides, you can find CRP on several other big crypto exchanges. The full list is here. An ecosystem is a platform that does not store users’ data and does not track users’ Internet activity. It does not restrict each Utopia participant's freedom of speech and expression, so there is no censorship. At the moment, the project is fully ready and usually operates. More than 100,000 people have already joined us. Moreover, Utopia is successfully implementing its project of eco-friendly CRP mining, which requires only the Internet. Join the community of people who value their freedom and safety! Subscribe to us in social networks, follow the updates, and take part in weekly giveaways:
Crypto Library Team : What are the game products that the Utopia P2P team is focusing on developing? 

(Utopia) : At the moment, the Utopia P2P ecosystem’s team is focused on finalizing the mobile version of the ecosystem: 

It is currently available as a beta version for Android, but a full online version will be released soon. Keep in mind that the desktop version has been online for a long time and provides users with the arsenal of built-in tools and functions. Besides, the Utopia P2P’s team develops its own Utopia Launchpad. We think you know that releasing a Launchpad will attract many coins creators, and with them additional traffic and popularization of Utopia P2P project.

Crypto Library Team :  What are the benefits of owning the UtopiaP2P project's Pack? how to buy it? 

(Utopia) : Utopia is a unique system that stands out from the variety of different platforms today. It provides comprehensive online security for each user, fully protecting against various web threats. 

Ecosystems are a free network that raises serious questions about anonymity and privacy on the Internet. All you need is to download the ecosystem on your PC or mobile (Android), install and enjoy it. There are no limits or restrictions for the use of the ecosystem. There are some significant points that distinguish the ecosystem:

1. Utopia is a ready-made project that is already functioning and protects users from various online threats. It is absolutely anonymous and free from censorship, surveillance and online attacks.

2. Utopia has everything you need inside the ecosystem, so the user does not need to leave the site in search of another tool to perform the task: chatting, browsing, data transfer, playing, etc.

3. The unique mechanisms embedded in the ecosystem allow it to be regulated by the community without users innervation.

Crypto Library Team : Can UtopiaP2P team please update some UtopiaP2P latest news or major events to attract more users ?

(Utopia) : We are currently running weekly "Let’s Go Viral" and "Learn & Earn" campaigns on Twitter where we run giveaways. And this is just a beginning, very soon there will be more. 

1. We conduct several active marketing campaigns in Telegram, and publish various press releases on top sites.

2. We launched a platform for all talented and creative content creators: 

3. We conduct various traffic campaigns.

4. There is a special bot inside the Utopia P2P ecosystem that gives Cryptons once an hour to 3 random winners.

Besides, the last updates included such points as:

1. We launched a crypto exchange without KYC — Crypton Exchange + added several crypto coins there: 

2. We launched a Texas hold’em poker within Utopia P2P.

3. We added a “Crypton 2.0” mechanism.

4. We released the first anonymous UUSD Stablecoin.

5. We released a Utopia P2P beta version of the mobile app for Android.

6. We made more than 40 updates of the desktop version of the Utopia P2P.

7. We are developing a Utopia P2P Launchpad.

8. About 1800 websites accept Crypton as a means of payment.

At the moment, the number of active subscribers in the Telegram is more than 37k people; the number of active subscribers in the Twitter is more than 19k users; the number of active users of Utopia P2P is more than 100k participants.

Crypto Library Team : What is the development roadmap of the UtopiaP2P project at the present time and in the future?

(Utopia) : The project has been successfully functioning since 2019. However, developers are constantly improving it by releasing updates. In them, they not only correct errors but also add new functionality and technical capabilities.

Let's start with the plans for the nearest developments. First, it is the development of the stability and functions of the ecosystem. We spent the entire last year improving the stability of the network and the system.

For this year, we are planning some news about the economic component of the project and the stability of the financial part of the ecosystem, increasing its value, profitability, etc.

Don’t forget that we will focus all our actions on the development of the ecosystem:

1. At the moment, we conduct our advertising campaigns on Twitter.

2. We plan to publish articles about the ecosystem’s benefits on top resources. Also, we plan to interact with bloggers and influencers. 

3. We are ready to launch traffic (already launched) and PR campaigns (already launched). Besides, you are waiting for some big and pleasant news.

4. We plan to release a ready-made and perfectly working full-fledged version of the ecosystem mobile application for such OS as iOS and Android.
Crypto Library Team : Regarding marketing, what plans, ideas and next steps does your @UtopiaP2P project have to attract investors and users? Do you intend to leverage the popularity of social media to make your Project even more popular?

(Utopia) : Utopia is designed for those people who are not indifferent to online security and data privacy in the global webspace. 

For this year, we are planning to provide “Let’s Go Viral” and “Learn & Earn” campaigns on Twitter, AMA Sessions on Telegram; interact with the user on our resource for talented creators who create unique content for the ecosystem: 

We plan to release a ready-made and perfectly working full-fledged version of the ecosystem mobile application for such OS as iOS and Android.

By this time, only the beta version of the ecosystem for Android was released: 
In addition, we plan to continue developing in the Internet space and will list our CRP on several popular crypto exchanges.  So far, the current price and the presence of CRP on the exchanges can be viewed here. Also, about 1800 websites accept Crypton as a means of payment. At the moment, the number of active subscribers in Telegram is more than 37k people; the number of active subscribers in Twitter is more than 19k users; the number of active users of Utopia P2P is more than 100k participants.

Crypto Library Team : UtopiaP2P has the variety of outstanding features that allow players to earn $UtopiaP2P tokens. Could you explain more clearly about the Play-to-earn mechanism? In addition, what are the different ways that UtopiaP2P offers users to earn income?

(Utopia) : CRP is a main financial unit and token of Utopia P2P. Crypton (CRP) is a truly breakthrough Utopia P2P cryptocurrency that guarantees complete privacy protection from any regulatory-related risks, unlike other cryptocurrencies launched by any world-famous or even just public company.

Crypton is a privacy coin available for internal mining within Utopia P2P. So everyone can start mining Cryptons without any initial investment. For that, you need to run a particular Mining bot that will automatically earn Cryptons in uWallet. Mining has almost no effect on your CPU or HDD load and does not increase power consumption. The Utopia Treasury mechanism automatically adjusts the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) rate to alter supply of Cryptons in the ecosystem's economy to make Cryptons the most stable currency with lowest volatility. All holders of Cryptons are eligible to receive PoS rewards according to the current rate and distribution schedule. Proof-of-Stake reward function add to each user's Minimum Monthly Balance. There is a special bot inside the Utopia P2P ecosystem that gives Cryptons once an hour to 3 random winners. Besides, users can earn money on buying, selling, exchanging of CRP on the Crypton Exchange:

Crypto Library Team : Can you tell us some of the use-cases of the UtopioP2P tokens in your platform? What are the uses of this tokens in your platform and in the market? What are the benefits when buying and holding UtopioP2P tokens for a long period of time?

(Utopia) : First of all, all purchases, sales, e-commerce transactions, or cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem using integrated payment APIs can be carried out both in the private coin Crypton (CRP) and in the anonymous UUSD Stablecoin.

Secondly, CRP is an anonymous, secure, and accessible cryptocurrency for every consumer. The digital currency is based on blockchain technology. No transaction data is displayed on the network. That's why they can't be tracked. 

As a result, no one will know the details of financial transactions, since the system is devoid of public access, and each owner of the cryptocurrency is anonymous. Thirdly, about 1800 websites accepted Crypton as a means of payment. Besides, there are opportunities for Crypton integration in various projects and websites.

Fourthly, both coins are ideal for storing savings in the digital version without losses or interest. The coin is ideal for storing savings in the digital version without losses or interest. Fifthly, CRP is reliably protected from any internal or external risks, thanks to the use of encryption. The creators of the cryptocurrency, the 1984 team, remain under this name forever. 

This way was chosen to avoid anyone influencing the team and to protect the coin from interference by government agencies or third parties. Therefore, there is no way to manipulate Crypton in the cryptocurrency market. Finally, Crypton has no analogs in the global cryptocurrency market. However, it still has some similarities with Bitcoin. Now the cost of Bitcoin is several times higher than Crypton. However, no one can say how the situation will change in a few years and what the currency will take a leading position. So, you can become an early adopter of CRP.

Crypto Library Team : Utopia activated a new treasury mechanism, "Crypton 2.0", which was developed to prevent mining malpractices and support the value of Crypton. How exactly does this treasury mechanism work and what specifically are the mining malpractices it manages to avoid?

(Utopia) : Of course, the recent ecosystem update affected the crypto side of the project. Namely, a new treasury mechanism “Crypton 2.0" was implemented. It should prevent the overuse of Crypton mining and support its value. In fact, this mechanism has a very interesting value for the economic component and the price of the coin. That is, now the network supports the mass participation of miners, offering a minimum requirement of 32 CRPs on the balance for this. So, in order to run 1 mining branch, you must have 32 CRPs. This means that you must buy them or use the ones that you mined earlier. 

So, miners do not drain all their coins, but distribute them equally between launching new branches and earning. That is, practically now, miners are long-term investors who not only make a profit but also contribute to the strengthening of the coin and the ecosystem itself. You can see that there is a bear market right now, but at the same time, the price of Crypton has not suffered so much. It's all about our strong community and not just miners.

There are currently more than 32k nodes in the ecosystem, which is more than many top coins have. Utopia is also preparing the release of a new feature that will allow participants to temporarily delegate Cryptons to the miner without losing control over the funds. Such a feature will help support the possibility of creating community-managed mining pools and processors. According to the plan, the feature will be implemented in the 2nd quarter of 2022 along with other updates.

Crypto Library Team : What steps has Utopia recently taken to improve the transaction experience for users? Can you tell us some of the features that you will offer users? Are Utopia users required to undergo KYC?

(Utopia) : Utopia and Crypton Exchange are no-KYC platform. Both registrations are anonymous. Users need to enter only nickname and password.

As for the transaction experience, the developers do everything necessary for the security and privacy of each transaction. Here is some data:

Firstly, the process of transmitting a transaction to the network is done under a cryptographic signature. The transmission over the system is also wrapped in encryption. Therefore, Crypton is reliably protected from financial fraud, which increases the trust of crypto wallet holders and confirms the digital currency's security. 
Secondly, all financial transactions are in the chain on master nodes. Also, it has used various hybrid technologies in the technical component, which increase the security and confidentiality of payments.

Finally, CRP based on decentralization. It means that it is not tied to any country or government agency, which allows cryptocurrency owners to make transactions without government supervision. No one can regulate, influence, or track financial transactions.